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I nominate Perfumely. Because his threads and posts always hold a high standard, and he rarely comes with unnecessary and ignorant comments, and he's an overall nice friend.
I nominate Xerios3, good artist, and gives good constructive criticism.
Perfumly because hes enthusiastic about photography and the other forms of art in this section. He may not be the best photographer, but hes enthusiastic about improving himself and others. I think he has the potential to do a good job as CC moderator. :v:
I'd like to nominate [b]Beatzdawg[/b] because he's a p. nice dude who has been around facepunch for a while and he is a regular in the creationism corner.
Koolwhip. :)
Perfumly. He's a good photographer and knows his stuff. He also knows facepunch's workings well.
perfumly or beatzdawg
[QUOTE=1chains1;16319621]Koolwhip. :)[/QUOTE] This. I can't believe I forgot to nominate you.
The Shane because he is butthurt.
I nominate Perfumly because he is an art buff, I know him in real life and he is always going to art museums instead of going with me on double dates.
[QUOTE=Robbobin;16313632]beatzdawg, definitely. Pretty good photographer and generally a sound guy. Plus he's a regular and I'd say the majority of people know him.[/QUOTE] This + he has a cool dog.
Beatzdawg because he seems to give good advice and is always around whenever i'm on fp
Xerios3, he's helpful, and his artwork is awesome.
[QUOTE=wildturkey50;16323455]Xerios3, he's helpful, and his artwork is awesome.[/QUOTE] This. Xerios3 is a great guy, very nice and helpful.
Beatzdawg, friendly guy who takes awesome pictures.
Actually I pick Truewolf, he's a really cool person and helps out anyone with their drawings on the forum. He deserves to be mod.
k00lwhip, his guide is awesome and is helpful to anyone and on top of that he has great art and posts.
Beatzdawg, quite active and he's a cool guy
Dgg, I know he's not active alot but he always trys his best to give good constructive criticism.
Perfumly, a really nice guy with amazing photographs and gives back to the community.
[QUOTE=Sodah;16325911]Perfumly, a really nice guy with amazing photographs and gives back to the community.[/QUOTE] Is that your nomination or who you want to date. :v:
K00lwhip because he makes great threads, art and is an overall nice guy!
Well I'd say k00lwhip since we share the same hatred towards art-trolls on this forum or myself, wouldn't hurt to be a mod [editline]04:43PM[/editline] Also TrueWolF, cause he's friendly , active & helpful on this forum =)
Beatzdawg - Level headed, understands art/photography and has shown his "sticking-around" ability by being on the forums since he started puberty.
Beatzdawg - A regular poster and is heavily interested in Art & Design.
Beatzdawg because he has an eye for creativity and is quite active on the forums.
I nominate Prismatex because he seems like a good guy, decent mod capabilities methinks.
Xerios, because he's friendly and a great artist :buddy:
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