• Prank Dial! Connect two people into a phone conversation
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I saw the other prank calling thread and was reminded of this... [url]http://www.prankdial.com/prankevil.php[/url] What it does: [quote]Evil Operator - Connect two friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other![/quote] The only problem is that you have a limited number of calls per day. There's also a 30 second talking limit, which is enough. I'm sure there's other sites that do the same thing, so feel free to post them if they are better. [b]EDIT:[/b] Here is how to get free tokens. Courtesy of TheNoss [QUOTE=theNoss;18192448]:siren:[B]All right, if you're wondering how to use Tor to get free tokens, then continue reading:[/B]:siren: [B]1.[/B] Download Tor (HIGHLY recommend Tor Browser bundle) [url]http://www.torproject.org/easy-download.html.en[/url] I use the Tor Browser and my normal home network browser at the same time for maximum productivity. You might be able to do this with the Tor download, not sure. Someone comment on that if you could. [B]USING TOR:[/B] [B]2.[/B] Go to [B]twitter.com[/B] and create an account [B]3.[/B] Go to [B]prankdial.com/twitterus.php[/B] and click allow and shit [B]4.[/B] Copy the token code you get [B]NOW, GO BACK TO YOUR NORMAL HOME NETWORK, SO RIGHT NOW YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING TOR[/B] [B]5.[/B] Go to [B]prankdial.com/prankevil.php[/B] and redeem your code! [B]6.[/B] Prank using your regular home network [B]7.[/B] Repeat [B]If you want, you could make bookmark tabs or w/e they're called in the Tor Browser for both twitter.com/logout (for creating a new account) and prankdial.com/twittershare.php for even more maximum productivity mode.[/B][/QUOTE]
Sigh, it's America only.
Do you know if this is completely free? [b]EDIT[/b] [QUOTE=doggunn;18175828]Sigh, it's America only.[/QUOTE] Argh, never mind..
Not worth it. Only one free call for 30 seconds, which includes the time it takes to pick up. If you didn't have to buy tokens, and it wasn't once a day, it would be better.
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5541494u2z2t2.php[/url] confirmed
So can I make people call 911?
[QUOTE=CanibalMonke;18175871]Not worth it. Only one free call for 30 seconds, which includes the time it takes to pick up.[/QUOTE] No it doesn't, mine went on for 43 seconds.
call this number tell me what happens, 666-8321. (Some random fuck told me to dial it)
Only once per day
proxy time
[QUOTE=Comcastic;18175885]So can I make people call 911?[/QUOTE] Probably wouldn't want to.
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/prankcalls.php?filter=eviloperator[/url] examples
Trying it, expecting nothing cool
:phoneb: :cawg:
Make fake twitters Get 2 tokens
I just sent one and friend said his mom was like "WTF WHAT IS THIS?"
God damn, it's so fun to call two separate Dominos and watch it all go down.
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5441484p2s2r2.php[/url] They think it's the FBI lol
proxy no work :<
[quote=rieda1589;18176181][url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5441484p2s2r2.php[/url] they think it's the fbi lol[/quote] lololol! Wow!
BAHAHAHA [url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5541494w2s2v2.php[/url]
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_54541464p203x2.php[/url] Hahaha oh my god.
Op is a god
Pizza hut called pizza hut. I did this btw. [url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5541494w2u2x2.php[/url]
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l5541494w2v2w2.php[/url] :3: They have such tiny little voices
Aha this is actually great. We need a way to farm tokens.
Proxies don't work, the site brings up a fake message.
[url]http://www.prankdial.com/hearprank_l54444f4x2v2u2.php[/url] Stop calling my bitch.
LMAO, this is awesome! Too bad its only for the US :(
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