• Bacon and Salmon Gratin - One of the best ways to eat salmon. Easy too!
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If I had any pictures of this, I would post it. Will probably take some images next time I will make it. Anyhow, the recipe is very simple. All you need is: [b]Some yellow onions[/b], depending on how much you want and how much you will cook. [b]Bacon[/b], a lot. If it's strips cut them to smaller pieces. [b]Salmon[/b], also a lot. You should be able to fill your "pan" entirely at the bottom with salmon. I recommend boneless. [b]Butter[/b], you need to grease up the pan. So you don't burn the salmon, and it'll taste a bit better. [b]Créme fraiche[/b], you need a lot, now I mean really. A lot. Because when you have put in everything you want to have in it. You are going to smear out the créme fraiche on top of everything until it's entirely covered. [b]Cheese[/b], choose a cheese you like. I'd prefer a mild cheese, because it's going on-top of the créme fraiche. [b]Broccoli,[/b] yes you need this. This dish won't be the same without it. [b]Salt and Pepper[/b]. Now, let's get cooking! [b]1. [/b]First get a big pan that you can use in the oven, grease it up with the butter properly. Also start the oven at 225 degrees Celsius. [b]2. [/b]Place the salmon piece(s) at the bottom so it covers it. [b]3. [/b]Chop the onions and cut the bacon strips into smaller pieces. Get a frying pan ready to fry. [b]4. [/b]Fry the onions and bacon together, use a tiny bit of butter, just a little bit. Fry them until the bacon and the onion have some color. Add some black pepper, you don't need to add salt because the bacon is already salt enough. [b]5. [/b]Salt the salmon and add some black pepper, pour the fat from the frying pan. Not all of it, but some of it ontop of the salmon then add the onions and bacon. [b]6. [/b]If you have fresh broccoli you should dice it down to smaller bits, and spray it over. If you are using freezed once, try to make them into a little smaller so you can add a lot. [b]7. [/b]Add some more pepper to it. Remember, not much at a time so you don't add too much. [b]8. [/b]Smear out the cremé fraiche ontop of the broccoli and everything else so you get a sort of thick surface ontop of everything, it should go out to the corners and sides so it covers everything. [b]9. [/b]Add the cheese of your choice. Add little more pepper ontop of the cheese. [b]10. [/b]Put it in the oven and wait 20-30 min, just check then to then how it's looking. And when you think it's done, just bring it out and look at it. The cheese should have a dark brown colour (not burned), but the colour of the cheese depends on what kind it is. Pasta or Rice is what you should have to this, pasta works the best. At leasts thats what my peers said when I served it to them. In short, this is an awesome dish that I love, and really recommend. I myself love salmon and fish in general, as well as bacon so it's a perfect fit for me. Well there you have it, if you have any questions ask! I came up with this recipe myself, although I will not be surprised if someone have done anything similar.
I suggest you try this with smoked salmon, because it makes everything better. Welp, I'm hungry now.
This is a bit weird since most Salmon is served straight as a cooked fillet when it is in substantial amounts. But I do admit I've modified a Lobster thermidor to include salmon.
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