• How I cleared my skin and became "a smooth talking pimp"
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[QUOTE=Drsalvador;34790249] [h2]what time is it mr joker RAPE TIME[/H2][/QUOTE] yes we get it you know how to use bbcode
[QUOTE=Dan2593;34790042][IMG_thumb]http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w154/Dan2593/PatrickStewart.jpg[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w154/Dan2593/CroppedRoom.jpg[/IMG_thumb][/QUOTE] Before Accutane: Pictured with Sir Patrick Stewart After Accutane: Not pictured with Sir Patrick Stewart I don't quite understand how you think now is better
goddamn smoothskins down here in necropolis
Tommy Wiseau. He was friendlier than Patrick Stewart. I mean look at that face. Look at it.
Here a picture of OP later in life [img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Klioi8_kr-E/S9DWXIWe4EI/AAAAAAAAAIc/ffMklPcSlG8/s1600/symptoms+of+a+heart+attack+image.jpg[/img]
it didn't even look that bad before, i could've guessed you just grew out of it how old are you?
[QUOTE=Clyde (Irish);34790444]acne =/= dirt so... washing =/= cure for acne[/QUOTE] If I'm reading this right you say acne doesn't equal dirt so... washing doesn't equal cure. I'm not sure of the point of your post.
Accutane improved my self-confidence tenfold, I was given various treatments for persistant, genetic acne, ranging from the usual clearers, to antibiotics, to a very strong benzoyl peroxide solution. None of them worked and I was getting to the point where I was refusing to go out in public due to how awful it was (years of bullying combined with heavy acne) but after 6 months of accutane, nearly all of the spots had gone, and I don't mind going out now. (though I still spend all my time inside like a sad shit) I've not got any pictures, but I've been off accutane for a year now, and I've only got mild scarring, from what could only be described as a meat feast pizza. Side effects of accutane were nasty, though, I've never had such dry skin, it was basically drying up and falling off, not to mention the extreme lethargy.
you fucking met patrick stewart and tommy wiseau
[QUOTE=Socram;34790821]If I'm reading this right you say acne doesn't equal dirt so... washing doesn't equal cure. I'm not sure of the point of your post.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE] or just fucking washing your face once in a while jesus christ???[/QUOTE] i was saying how that has nothing to do with how acne works on a side note: Im on accutane right now and it is the fucking shit, if you have even the slightest acne you take accutane for the 5 months and its totally worth it
Wish I had a magical drug that'd murder my allergies :[
[QUOTE=Levithan;34791266]Wish I had a magical drug that'd murder my allergies :[[/QUOTE] Heroin.
smoke weed erryday
Rat poison
Woah dude before your acne treatment you looked just like Patrick Steward! Why would you possibly want to change? ... oh wait.
As long as you take care of yourself by dressing nicely, not being a fat shit and grooming yourself then you'll soon find that the key to being a "smooth talking pimp" is simply being confident. The sooner you understand that, the better.
Is that a family photograph with Patrick Stewart?
I found the the best way to cure acne is take multivitamins, get plenty of sleep, drink a lot of water, eat a healthy balanced diet, and using a non scented soap and moisturiser. I found that overwashing and drying my skin out actually made it worse. I'm happy for you man, I know the horrors of acne and the anxiety it can cause. [QUOTE=geogzm;34790200]you are still unattractive[/QUOTE] I can bet you're ten times more unattractive just based on that sentence, nobody likes somebody with a personality like that.
Where are you from? I've lived in a few different states and three different cities, and I have never EVER seen anyone make fun of a grown man that had problems with acne. Even when I was in junior-high and early high school when I had some acne, nobody said a thing. Almost everyone gets it, and you probably would have grown out of it.
Good for you mate!
If people were making fun of you because you have 'acne', why'd you want to socialize with them in the first place? More than likely it was your reaction was the part they found fun, as is the case with all bullying.
[QUOTE=SCopE5000;34793207]Is that a family photograph with Patrick Stewart?[/QUOTE] its a convention i believe, dan was talking about it in the dw thread a while back. and i'm getting my bloodwork for it soon. i don't look too bad on my face but my back has the really bad nodular ones, so i can clear those right up
I think my acne was a lot to do with stress and depression at the time. Once I realised that no one really cared that I had acne I learned to stop caring about it myself. After that I became a much happier person, gained a bunch of confidence and set my sights on the next thing to fuck with my emotions. The Ladies. I don't know if just relaxing and not worrying about it has worked for anyone else though.
I hear all the time about how dangerous Accutane is, but my experience with it was actually decent. It cleared up my skin within a couple months. After that, I felt the exact opposite of depressed, I actually became slightly over-confident in my appearance I think. I definitely don't worry about my girlfriend finding a better looking guy, and whether it was related to the psychological effect of having clear skin or not, the average length of my relationships went from a couple months to a year pretty quickly. Took it Sophmore year of High School, now I'm a Junior in college... No more pimples. Totally worth it. I would seriously recommend it to anyone, but now it's associated with horrible side effects. It's sad.
Man I should take accutane, but whatever since I'm covered in goddamn scars anyway It sucks because the scars look worse than the acne, there are some operations to get rid of them though OP didn't even have that bad acne should have seen my face in sixth grade (I'm sure there are many facepunchers who agree) Still nice that you got rid of it, acne sucks
I actually took Acutane for more than a year and it did my Acne absolutely no good and made my health terrible for the entire year. I stopped it long ago and my health is still kind of ass, my acne is slowly going away over time though, the more I grow up the less bad it becomes, so I'm just giving it time.
i took accutane and now i'm able to shave my beard without loosing my entire face to sharp razors. also I didn't get hyper-cancer. net positive
does it work for ass pimples
I'm actually on my second round of Accutane right now. I'm prepared now so my lips won't fall off and I won't get nosebleeds at 4 in the morning.
glad everything worked out for you. i tell everyone to do accutane if their acne is that bad, never had it myself but i've only head amazingly positive things about it. that all the shit is worth it for nice skin.
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