• No Fap November! Can you do it?
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Apparently, stupidity reigns supreme on Facepunch
Why would you do two consecutive months of no fap?
These threads are stupid as fuck and have no reason behind them.
gReplay, this is the first time ever I agree with you.
I survived no fap October (i haven't even stopped going yet) but NO-WAY will I do November aswell. I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
I'm sick of all these no fap threads. I want an all fap month, where you have to keep fapping for the entire month and you can't stop for anything. If you cum, just start again! You lose if you run out of sperm or your dick/testicles fall off.
You guys suck. If you have nothing to contribute :fuckoff:
Fuck off with the "No XX month". Please, just leave.
I'll patiently wait for that avatar of yours to grow bigger OP
this shit is fuckin retarded
Also all fap november as already started but is lesser known. :smug:
No. I can't. :v:
There was a No Fap September, October, and now you want us not to fap in November? I sense a conspiracy with nuns and the internet. :tinfoil:
Actually, it's supposed to be No Shave November, not No Fap November.
No thanks, I already did October
I hardly fap anymore as it is, so I'll do it.
Dude...its only No Fap February. All these other months are retarded. November is for only No Shave November. The rest of the months have no other meanings
I swear it's like the people on Facepunch never want me to fap.
I'm already on All fap November so no.
What do you hope to accomplish with this? No point at all.
Leave me alone I gotta fucking fap.
Mah balls feel like they are going to explode.
Just keep with December.
my nuts exploded, i cant! :(
Fuck that man, me and many other Facepunchers have already agreed to All Fap November
Last time you had a list of 40+ members and this time you have one page of rebels.
I lost.
Fuck this shit [editline]10:24PM[/editline] Also it's too late for me
how about a no porn month, you can fap, just no porn.
[QUOTE=UnidentifiedFlyingTard;18137231]how about a no porn month, you can fap, just no porn.[/QUOTE] But, the Hot Girls Thread in Fast Threads!
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