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..... maybe
That rig is supposed to be WAYYYY higher on your chest [editline]2nd March 2012[/editline] err, foos chest or whoever the fuck that is in the pic
Holyshit I didn't realize how many mags I had. [t]http://filesmelt.com/dl/photo431.JPG[/t] 11 M4 Mid-Caps. 10 M4 Hi-Caps 5 AK Mid-Caps 12 Shells 3 Glock 23 Mags Total of 26 Primary Mags. 21 of which are M4.
10 mp5 mids 4 g36 hi caps 2 ak 74 hi caps 1 ak 47 mid cap 3 rpk 74 mid caps 2 stanag mids 1 stanag hi cap
I honestly didn't know I had this many. I knew I had like 10 mid-caps and like 7 hicaps but than all the sudden I started to get all these extra ones. One came with my Type 89, my VFC, three came as extras in my Tavor deal and so on so now I have all these other mags.
5 pmags (midcap) 3 ak hicaps (2 plum 1 bak)
5 M4 mids, soon to have 1 high 5 G36 mids, 1 high 3 USP mags 1 MAC-11 mag
4 10/22 mags 3 WA 1911 mags (shits fuckin expensive) 10 MP40 midcaps 3 STANAGs
5 bakelite mids 1 plum high :downs:
[QUOTE=Timebomb575;34955175]That rig is supposed to be WAYYYY higher on your chest [editline]2nd March 2012[/editline] err, foos chest or whoever the fuck that is in the pic[/QUOTE] It wasn't adjusted because I let my fat friend use it.
[URL="http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_KWC_KWC_P226_ABS_Version_Black.htm"]http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_KWC_KWC_P226_ABS_Version_Black.htm[/URL] Hey guy's/gal's is this gun a good purchase ?
No. That will break in no time. Invest in a decent GBB by TM, KWA and if you must WE or KJW.
3 VN midcaps 2 STANAG midcaps 3 STANAG hicaps 1 STANAG box mag 2 AK hicaps hahahaha I feel so poor now.
You guys and your reasonable amounts of mags... 10 EMag mids 10 STANAG mids 4 STANAG hicaps 2 STANAG extended hicaps 1 AR drum mag 30 AK 5.45 mids 6 AK 5.45 hicaps 1 AK 7.62 waffle mag 2 UMP hicaps 3 MP5k gbb mags 1 HiCapa mag 5 VSR mags I sold some recently, glad to have that extra room.
3 30rd stanag hicaps 8 30rd black 5.45 mids 1 45rd 5.45 hicap 1 rpk drum clipazine 1 m60 boxmag 2 p226 mags 7 trishot shells 2 aug hicaps 1 mp5 hicap
2 ak midcaps 1 ak highcap :(
3 AK hiaps 1 AK midcap 7 shells 1 M9 magazine 2 glock magazines (1 standard, 1 extended) 5 m1911 magazines 1 PPK/s magazine 1 WA ProKiller magazine
3 STANAG high caps 1 mag from a Both Elephant springer M1911
[QUOTE=notrabies]400 shotgun shells [/QUOTE]
wouldn't be suprised, when I played with him he had a 2 big pouches full of them
To be fair, he probably only has like 389 :v:
I actually have more than all of those numbers you guys suggested.
5 black 74 midcaps 1 Light-shit 74 Highcap 4 Tri-Shots P226 mag. Hopelfully getting more shells and a sling holder with my next major purchase.
2 m4 hicaps 5 midcaps 1 pistol mag just wait, i'll be buying ~20 hicaps soon.
5 Pmags 1 ICS stanag extended Highcap 3 VN highcaps 1 VN midcap 3 20 rnd style Pmags 8 30 rnd shotgun shells
[QUOTE=JimmyA;34977214] just wait, i'll be buying ~20 hicaps soon.[/QUOTE] And then you'll be Mr. Maraca Man
[QUOTE=felix the cat;34977453]And then you'll be Mr. Maraca Man[/QUOTE] ill be so hard to be found when using stealth
I can't even keep count, with over 10 guns and all. Anyways, just bought a JG BAR10 from Dogtag Airsoft's reopening sale today. I regret selling this gun years ago, nice to have one again. Just need more mags.
I want to get a new AEG for somewhat of a support role. How well would the ICS L86a2 fit it? It is either that, or probably an m249 from a&k or something along those lines. Agree for: (ICS) L86 Funny for: (A&K) M249 Late for: Keep searching
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