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It's impossible to make out if you play good or bad in the live videos because of the terrible quality, and your stage presence is really, really stiff. Don't do stuff because you feel that "it's part of the music" but do it because you enjoy the music. It looks like you're just doing the moves without feeling it.
No offense but stuff like this sounds all the same and you seem like another carbon copy of all the other metal whatever bands. You all have the same looks, the same moves... its pretty boring. This is just my opinion.
try practicing and try not writing awful fucking music
I let my little brother, who is a huge metal fan, listen to this music. He said it was bad and that he could do even better on his own (he's really bad - still better I guess). I'd say you drop the screamo shit and take on a new style. Improve your stage presence and image. Cut your hair off, put on some manly clothes and if you sing, sing, don't scream. If you take your band into a new direction it might turn out not to be bad.
If they enjoy this music then they shouldn't drop it, HOWEVER you are very much right about stage presence, it looks like they're just doing the manouvers without feeling it and it makes it look robotic. Take the music and do something new with it, surely you guys must listen to other music beyond Screamo? Try to take those influences and mix them with screamo, make it your own.
I didn't read the other posts because I didn't want to be persuaded by other peoples opinions. I honestly think the vocals suck. The whole feel of it was horrible too. The stage presence just blah. Everyone doing that little hair flip in time with the beat? Really? That doesn't look good. You have to get the crowed into it. Clearly the crowed doesn't care. I think everything could use a lot of work before you "make it". If you ever do. Also, I hope this type of music isn't the only thing you listen to. You need to listen to a huge variety to get a feel of different styles and use them. Take this band for example (shameless self promotion, I help out with this band a lot and am the official cowbell spokesman (it's a real job, shut up) jk). [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEtHgjz25TQ&nofeather=True[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJThnmup2cA&nofeather=True[/media] This isn't the same genre as you are trying to play, however I think it gives you an idea what I mean when I say try to incorporate other types of music. The songs take from different elements of different types of music and combines it into something pretty neat.
Well, just as a little update, the old band pretty much disintegrated, and we got a bunch of new members and became Reborn As One. New vocalist, bassist, lead guitar, and drummer. We opened for Lions!Tigers!Bears! last night, it was a pretty fun show. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAU7xzPvx3Q[/media] Edit: Our drummer joined a day before the show as a replacement since ours was forced to leave by his parents, we didn't really have time to get everything down on drums except for the third song, so the rest are KINDA derp on drums.
reminds me of that bullet for my valentine song, your band name that is
It all sounds exactly the same, I'm not sure if that's because of the terrible camera or because you guys however. Record some stuff profesionally(ish, you can just get one of those $100 recorders and record every instrument and put them together) so that we can judge your music, because it sure as hell is really hard to do that with the poor quality of the recordings.
still sounds like shit to me, but that might be just because i [i]really[/i] dislike this kind of music
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