• Linkin Park: New Divide.
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Just streamed on their website. I have to say it's awesome, it's like a a blend of meteora and minutes to midnight, hopefully their new album is like this. Heres the link [url]http://linkinpark.com/[/url]
I hope you know what you've done.
I like it! It's much heavier than Minutes to Midnight
I don't know, Minutes to Midnight was pretty brutal.
Only Given Up and No More Sorrow were heavy in my opinion, the rest were pretty mellow.
Okay, then I totally misinterpreted your post.
Anyone know when the new album hits stores?
In the End is awesome. I need to listen to the rest of their stuff.
It passes. Shall this album be present upon thou musique collection in the event of its release.
Indrion believes this isn't linkin park. He's telling me that isn't Chester's voice...Fucking idiot.
i didn't like minutes to midnight, Hybrid Theory and Hybrid Theory EP was the best.
Agreed with that, Meteora wasn't bad. But Reanimation was terrible. Some of the Jay-Z remixes were pretty catchy though.
Meteora = Hybrid Theory > Minutes to Midnight > Reanimation That's pretty much how I feel about the albums. That's not to say I don't like MtM or Reanimation, just not as much as the HT and Meteora. I've been a fan since the start, back in the HT days.
I missed their old style. Good to see it coming back.
I couldn't listen to it all, anywhere it's streamed on Linkin Park website/myspace?
Try this link: [url]http://download.wbr.com/bandbuilder/lp/media/track781577abIJ10kiIiIlllL.mp3[/url]
[QUOTE=Suicide Requiem;15124054]i didn't like minutes to midnight, Hybrid Theory and Hybrid Theory EP was the best.[/QUOTE] Minutes to Midnight sucked so much dick [editline]01:38AM[/editline] This sounds okay but a little whiney
[url]http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#new%20divide[/url] project playlist link
God dammit. I dislike the new Linkin Park. I liked the old stuff. Now they've become too...mainstream, and I dislike them altogether. Damn kids ruined it for me.
It says something about Linkin Park that they've kept about the same style from the start even when people say they suck. Mayhap there's more to them that meets the eye?
Sounds more like Meteora-era stuff. I like it. Can only listen to those first two records, though. New one was a flop for me.
Oh god, I didn't think they could fall any more than they did with MTM. Intro-ing a song with pop/r&b/hip-hop esque "digital/robot voice" filter's a bad idea, as is keeping MTM's poppy alt-rock simplicity in guitars. I'll stick with the first two albums.
Called it. I like it, mainly because I was one of 6 people to actually like Minutes to Midnight.
Wow. For a LP thread, I'm surprised at the lack of haters. The new song sounds somewhere between the old Hybrid Theory/Meteora LP and the new Minutes to Midnight LP. Most fans are normally split between the two styles, but this one manages to bridge the gap, and as a self-admitted LP fanboy, I like this song; not only because it's got the typical LP chord progressions and soaring vocals, but because it's a step in the right direction towards pleasing both spectrums of their fanbase. I hope their next album is full of stuff like that: music that mixes the best of both the new LP and old LP. Also, Arachnidus, make that seven, unless you count me as one of the six. Minutes to Midnight proved LP could do straight rock, contrary to popular belief.
Where are the other new songs? I can only see New Divide. But it's pretty good. A good surprise; while I liked Minutes to Midnight I did think it was a step backwards from their older stuff. But this is quite enjoyable. :dance: [editline]05:28AM[/editline] [QUOTE=TH89;15127366][img]http://www.4get2.com/thumbnails/mario.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] Haha, I love that animation.
Oooh I like this one, I thought Minutes to Midnight was abit too soft in some aspects and they cut down Mike Shinodas awesome rapping which sucked.
Aaand they're coming to play in my hometown in August! Can't fucking wait!
[QUOTE=Acezorz;15132111]Aaand they're coming to play in my hometown in August! Can't fucking wait![/QUOTE] I've already seen them on their minutes to midnight tour, they only sang like 4 of the new album but the rest of it was the old better stuff, they were amazing.
It sounds a little Minutes to Midnight-ish (the guitars etc sound different) but it also has this something from HT. I like it.
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