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[URL="http://www.nfljerseysusahot.com/"]cheap jerseys [/URL]The distance to the open day there are four days of the free agent market this year, today, the New York Knicks up excellent Chinese players to play Jeremy Lin out of a contract offer of the season, which officially became the team's restricted free agent. When the free agent market opened, the Knicks will be able to match the offer of any team to Jeremy Lin. Last week, the NBA players union announced that the player can still have experienced layoffs in the past years of the contract to maintain the Early Bird, or Bird, Jeremy Lin laws came into effect. [URL="http://www.nfljerseysusahot.com/"]buy NFL jerseys[/URL] This also means that the New York Knicks at present without regard to the cap space to match any offer on Jeremy Lin. But the Knicks can not get too excited, this favorable situation is likely only temporary, because the NBA official has been announced in the subsequent appeal this ruling will carry out the final outcome can not be determined. LinShuHao two years ago, losing in the NBA Draft, according to the latest labor agreement is called "Arenas terms of a special case of the average annual salary of his new contract can only be maintained under the league average annual salary or the middle-class contract This also means that the annual salary of Jeremy Lin's evaluation of the new contract is expected at about $ 5,000,000 after the league as many as seven teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, has been discovered on Jeremy Lin intentionally, but if the NBA can not overturn " Jeremy Lin rule, then the chance of the Knicks to retain Jeremy Lin will be very large. In an interview yesterday, the Knicks coach Mike - Mike Woodson also made it clear that the team will certainly retain that gave the world crazy about Jeremy Lin. [URL="http://www.mbtshoesukcheap.com/"] mbt shoes sale [/URL]In addition to Jeremy Lin, Landry - Fields, his team has also been the team's contract offer, he and Jeremy Lin is the same as the become a restricted free agent. Brook Lopez - the rest of the league team, the Brooklyn Nets up season most of the time is sidelined state out of the offer contract, Golden State Warriors Brandon - Rush out of the offer contract. Expected in the next three days, there will be more teams to the players in his team out of the purchase contract, in order to match the other teams on the free agent market in the future offer. [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Spambot" - Rusty100))[/highlight]
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