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redneck bbq at bradleys shop [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] i'll bring the roadkill
You couldn't eat it with your teeth :v:
Mother fucker, palm beach county. Let's get going!
You should all just come to Jesusville, its super cool, I promise.
Nahh, I prefer Skepticville.
[QUOTE=Second-gear-of-mgear;34592549]I'll go to the meetup if someone from Florida is going :D. I'll help with gas, cocaine, and prostitutes. Prostitutes of the high class, Russian ones.[/QUOTE] 1500 mile drive to oklahoma nah
tesla, i know we don't each other but we could drive together seeing as you live ~30 minutes from me. essentially halve the cost
sebring track day
[QUOTE=edberg;34594253]1500 mile drive to oklahoma nah[/QUOTE] 1500 isn't much :C
[QUOTE=edberg;34595000]sebring track day[/QUOTE] Yes! Just the short course. The long course is too bumpy.
Like I said I'd probably rent a track or some large lot out for a day and we could hang out, eat foods, party, sexually experiment with each other, party more, regret it in the morning, and then do whatever after that. Will probably be this track [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWzxHmnkuq8[/media] It's a big oversized gokart track, would be fun to just do some laps on it. Might be able to talk the guy into letting us use the 1/4 mile asphalt oval too for some GOOD OL' NASCAR HYUCK laps. It'd all be for fun, of course. I don't want anyone to get out and get hurt, or tear their ride up.
My brake fluid is right below the minimum line -_-.. So i need new/more fluid, or new brakes(soon), right? Should i just leave it until i change my brake pads, or should i add some fluid? The brake pedal is a bit mushy, but it could just be my imagination. The fluid looks really dirty as well. [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] I also feel i need new rear drum brakes as well, because my parking brake is very weak, and they make creaking sounds when i fully depress the brake. [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] Also, threshold braking is kind of tricky. My front right wheel always locks before the left. Hopefully i don't lock them up in case of a real emergency stop. [editline]7th February 2012[/editline] [sub]I just realized that is the side that shakes under heavy braking.. i hope i don't have an expensive underlying problem here. It felt like my other wheels had more stopping power when that one locks, it's just pushing it harder than the front left.[/sub]
If you lose fluid, you should very well take a look at your brake fluid lines. Important shit right there.
It never drips on the driveway as far as i can tell, i thought it was normal for the level to drop with brake wear.
Mine never dripped on the driveway, yet my dad once lost total brake, and I came back a few time without fluid, happened when I had to apply force on the brake, the leak was in the control units in the rear brake line, it was rotten and the line was too. Good think a foot of brake line only costed me about 0,17$, so I changed the whole thing up to the rear, the front was already done. Now it only has a very small leak due to wear, but it's very minime, hadn't had to put fluid back in since... a few months, well since I changed the line.
Has anyone here had experience with running open headers or Hooker headers? I'm getting ideas
I've run open header on a lot of things. My TE72, my Civic, my CRX, my old chebby racecar, my fucking lawn tractor what do you even want to know about it? It's loud and obnoxious. That's all you need to know.
We ran open manifolds on one of the cabs today that got totaled. Reason being we salvaged the good tires off of it as well as the expensive as fuck cats and put it back up into the parking lot so we could get a more important vehicle up onto the lift. I got to drive it up and park it and jesus fuck titties was that sucker loud. It's a police interceptor V8 Crown Vic, and if you think those vics with custom exhaust and shit are loud, think again
Wish I still had the startup video of the ole camaro when it had the 383 in it. No it wasn't open header, it was header-less.
[QUOTE=Watevaman;34594620]tesla, i know we don't each other but we could drive together seeing as you live ~30 minutes from me. essentially halve the cost[/QUOTE] I'd be down for that if I can go.
Anyone in Albuquerque interested in going to bradley's meetup deal? Obviously it's not even close to being in the planning stages yet but if it ever gets that far I'm interested in going, so i could either give 1 person a ride or we could sort of...Road trip over together i suppose. But i don't even know if I'm going to be able to go and again, it's still like just an idea everyone is throwing around so bear that in mind, just saying ahead of time. [editline]8th February 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Second-gear-of-mgear;34599576][video=youtube;XtNUKdMHCrs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtNUKdMHCrs[/video][/QUOTE] Basically yeah. But the guy in that video is pretty stupid lol...But yeah, it was crazy fucking loud, all the guys were stopping to look like "What the fuck is that guy thinking?" But trust me, video STILL doesn't do it justice. I mean seriously, just IDLING it was absolutely terrifyingly deafening, let alone BARELY touching the throttle to get it moving and still let alone REVVING it...
I know a thing or two about loud cars [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7REdXUaPy4g[/media] To think I used to drive that thing around everywhere...
[QUOTE=Second-gear-of-mgear;34599576][video=youtube;XtNUKdMHCrs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtNUKdMHCrs[/video][/QUOTE] holy fucking shit i would cry if that pulled up behind me while i was speeding [editline]8th February 2012[/editline] Oh yeah, My tank [I]was[/I] empty, although my choke is fucked. Just more excuses for a holley 4 barrel
MegaSquirt > Carb
pulling throttle and hearing carb suck air while yer veeyate shakes the whole truck > anything
[QUOTE=Second-gear-of-mgear;34599576][video=youtube;XtNUKdMHCrs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtNUKdMHCrs[/video][/QUOTE] <3 Davidsfarm
[QUOTE=Concur;34599997]pulling throttle and hearing carb suck air while yer veeyate shakes the whole truck > anything[/QUOTE] My ramcharger sounds like a monster truck. I've had to [I]yell[/I] to the person sitting in the passenger seat (Back when I had the emissions pass) during [I]idle.[/I]
[QUOTE=Tw34k;34599913]MegaSquirt > Carb[/QUOTE] You can go with this: [img]http://www.daytona-twintec.com/PC_Link_VRFI1.gif[/img] or you can go with that: [img]http://www.hotrodcarbs.com/images/largeparts/IMG_0567.jpg[/img] -but [I]this[/I] is where its at: [img]http://www.ms3efi.com/pix/ms3case-inside.JPG[/img] [QUOTE=Concur;34599997]pulling throttle and hearing carb suck air while yer veeyate shakes the whole truck > anything[/QUOTE] I suspect you'd get a similar sound from this: [img]http://www.compperformancegroupstores.com/store/graphics/00000002/307604P-500x442.jpg[/img]
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