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My mechanic is quoting me over $1000 for repairs for my 240sx. I think I'm being jipped. He mentioned a water pump leak and some basic maintenance repairs for the engine like belts and some hoses. It's out of the question being that the repairs would cost more than the actual car itself. I think I may need to just let him repair the water pump for now and I can take care of the other things later on
belts being bad = all of a sudden bent valves up in this bitch. plus i'm quite sure getting the cam belts changed is quite expensive if that was one of the belts.. (also valves will only maybe be bent and only if it's the cam belt)
Maybe you should find another KA on craigslist and swap them.
or maybe just find an SR20 if he's going that way...
[QUOTE=Siminov;35784879]Maybe you should find another KA on craigslist and swap them.[/QUOTE] That's what I was thinking from the start, as a KA24DE twin cam goes for as low as $500 over here. It's just that I don't have the tools or expertise to do the swap myself so I'd have to pay for labor. SR20's are great, but out of the equation because my car would go to the crusher if I was ever caught with it in the bay. I'm gonna talk to the mechanic today in a couple of hours, I have to get this sorted out. The main problem is the water pump and intake hose. If I can repair just those for now and the other maintenance stuff later, I'd be set. I don't care about garaging my car for a while until I get enough dosh to pay for it. My girlfriend has been bribing me because she has the money to pay for my car. T.T Good news, it passed the smog emissions tests and I'm going to register myself as the new owner today!
Wish me luck, going to go get my driver's permit and I gotta take a test to do it.
[QUOTE=cardfan212;35785739]Wish me luck, going to go get my driver's permit and I gotta take a test to do it.[/QUOTE]Test is easy as hell, it's mostly common sense. I passed on my first try
I failed my first try because I went 40 in a 35. :| [editline]1st May 2012[/editline] Insta failed
Went to mechanic and he lifted the 240sx for me to see everything. Car is in working order. He was in the middle of fixing stuff so it was easy to see what happened. He got a new head gasket for the KA24E because it's broke. Some numbnuts forgot to torque the bolts on the right rotors, making the bolts fall out. The fan housing is cracked and unhinged. The intake hose for now has been ducttaped until I can find a new part. The water pump is just shot and has seized, explaining the poor engine performance. The wiring for the speedometer that is connected to the transmission is just done as well. Lotsa work needs to be done before I can safely drive it. :)
I remember how I scared the hell out of my instructor because of how tense I was being. For example when a person beeped a horn (not at me) I remember asking loudly, "Oh god what was that?". At the end he told me that I passed and to not be so tense.
lol kijiji... [url]http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/2979885438.html[/url]
On my driving test 4 or 5 years ago or so, i was prevented from getting a perfect score and lost like 5/50 points or however the fuck they do it because i was "holding the steering wheel the incorrect way at 10&2". Short of like, wrapping your thumbs around the wheel or criss-crossing your arms and switching spots, i don't really see how that's possible. But whatever. Guy was a dick, but aren't they all?
I just farted when the person that I'm skyping with was AFK. I heard it come from his headphones. I feel special.
[QUOTE=FoxDonuT;35787853]lol kijiji... [url]http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/2979885438.html[/url][/QUOTE] The markdown from 199,999 and the "What?!" that followed made me spit my drink. Hot damn I'm going to make an ad like that when I sell my bike.
I thought we were talking about the written permit test, not the driving one?
[QUOTE=NuclearAnnhilation;35790490]WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I DECIDE BETWEEN MUSTANG OR WRANGLER[/QUOTE] Make a pros/cons list and decide from there.
Get a 190E Cos. Same price range, but older. :v:
Mustang pros: Lots o power (and I love to go fast) Comfortable ride* Semi luxurious* Heated seats Decent gas mileage (17/26)* Classic muscle look Mustang cons:* They're quite common Can't drive like a retard (like park on curbs and ram shit like I all ready do) Not a lot of storage Wrangler pros: Off roading fun (which I love just as much as muscle)* I CAN drive like a retard and ram shit Can go camping with friends in it Mudding More cargo room It's like a badass convertible with the rag top Wrangler cons: Bad gas mileage (pretty much the same as now)* Bad highway ride (I'll be making semi regular 6 hour journeys to and from college and with a rag top, it'd get annoying)* Pretty fucking slow What do you guys think? [editline]1st May 2012[/editline] What the fuck are all those asterisks doing there
Don't forget dat straight six roar
I'd literally have the same engine as I do now
But less aids infested and therefore more powerful.
mustang mustang mustang mustang mustang mustang
Take the Mustang mudding anyways. Put a giant lifted truck suspension and huge offroad wheels on it or something. :v:
I have no idea why I rated you agree hell strike Like I just did. Anyway, yeah, it's fucking hard Jeep: [url]http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ctd/2975885230.html[/url] Mustang: [url]http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ctd/2974731902.html[/url] SO HARD
mustang manual? my comanche is pretty slow but driving it is a helluva lot funner than my grand am was.
Today my AirCon did not want to turn on (the fan never kicked in) So after like 10min of driving I'm kinda mad at it, I navigated my leg to the passenger foot-well and kick the shit out of my AirCon fan. IT STARTED SPINNING! Also it was apparently AUDI day at Walmart. I saw 6 Audi's today... talked to at least 3 of witch, 99 A4 2.8 Manual FWD 2003 A6 2.7T 98 A6 Avant 2.8 2 Q5's and 1 Q7 Normally I only get to see one a day, made my day when the A4 layed rubber. My bosses asked me if I knew him I was like LOLNO I wish I did we have the almost exact same cars. He thin later sayed "I better not find you doing that in the parking lot." ~The vultures are watching me~
Honestly, and you all can criticize me all you want, but I'm open to both. Whatever's the better deal, and I kind of would rather prefer an automatic since I'll be delivering pizzas for at least 3 months more
[QUOTE=NuclearAnnhilation;35791014]Honestly, and you all can criticize me all you want, but I'm open to both. Whatever's the better deal, and I kind of would rather prefer an automatic since I'll be delivering pizzas for at least 3 months more[/QUOTE] You can't be a real Mustang owner without a manual. Honestly, to me, if it's supposed to be a sports car then it needs a manual. Period.
Well try delivering pizzas in a manual. That'd be a real pain in the ass
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