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Is there anywhere in the UK that you can get bottles of real sugar soda? When I was in Greece not long ago I had what I believe was real sugar Fanta, because it tasted so much more amazing and full of flavour than what you get here.
We have real sugar in our soft drinks.
Thought finding Cherry Coke was hard? Try getting your hands on this motherfucker: [IMG]http://theannoyingcokecan.webs.com/photos/fake-cokes/Diet-Coke-with-Bacon.jpg[/IMG] I promise you; this is the rarest soda ever made.
I gave up soda from my diet. Lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks.
[QUOTE=HazeFyer23;28426130]Not me in the picture, but I used to drink soda like that. Fuck yea then inhale the bag [img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3120/2554580460_5163568e6c_z.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] That soda just looks so refreshing and crisp looking ,goddam
I really love ginger ale. Goddamn that stuff is good. Also, pretty much any glass-bottle soda that actually has sugar in it is to die for, really.
Gotta love Fanta exotic. You can almost feel the sugar in your mouth.
[img]http://quirkspace.com/jsfr/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/SangariaMelonRamune.jpg[/img] Every now and then I go out for lunch at a sushi place, and afterwords, I always go across to a local Asian market, where I pick up exotic candy, plus this stuff. Love it so much. :v: Also, this: [img]http://ldopa.net/wp-content/uploads//summerpepsi.jpg[/img] But it was discontinued shortly after its release. I loved it, everyone else I knew hated it.
Am I the only one who thinks appleade sounds like the absolute best thing in the entire world?
The taste of this stuff brings back so many memories, the problem is finding it. [img]http://www.bandddesigns.com/energy/arch/Wired%20Energy%20Drink.jpg[/img]
[QUOTE=Glock Samson;30654878][img]http://static.gowalla.com/photos/6989006_high_res_320x480.jpg[/img] Sonic Ocean Water. Competition over.[/QUOTE]
dr pepper whats the wooooooorst thaat could haaappen???????????
here is my favorite soda of all time. although its a limited time thing its still my favorite. Dr.Pepper is my second favorite. my pic too. Thats Halo 3, WoW, and of course MW3 [IMG]http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj237/don78945/20120120_142356.jpg[/IMG]
Mountain Dew hands down is the best if yah ask me. Mountain Dew "Official drink of the south right next to alcohol" - Said by me and friends.
Also every things best coming out a glass bottle, no metal taste, no plastic taste, alllllll soda.
[QUOTE=Other650;34317819]Also every things best coming out a glass bottle, no metal taste, no plastic taste, alllllll soda.[/QUOTE] [img]http://www.creativemag.com/images2001/spIBC.JPG[/img] Best root beer out there.
Coke is the best, end of discussion.
Dr.Pepper, Cherry Coke, A&W Root beer( that's my all-time favourite)
[QUOTE=BlueFlash;34319717][img]http://www.creativemag.com/images2001/spIBC.JPG[/img] Best root beer out there.[/QUOTE] [img]http://www.kaminimusic.com/design/Kamini_Natarajan_print_gallery/images/virgils_root.jpg[/img] i have to disagree
[QUOTE=erfinjerfin;34587921][img]http://www.kaminimusic.com/design/Kamini_Natarajan_print_gallery/images/virgils_root.jpg[/img] i have to disagree[/QUOTE] I myself am going to agree with this rebuttle.
[QUOTE=erfinjerfin;34587921][img]http://www.kaminimusic.com/design/Kamini_Natarajan_print_gallery/images/virgils_root.jpg[/img] i have to disagree[/QUOTE] So creamy and fizzly delicious...
[img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_0ABKMuR6L4s/TT8alyS5jEI/AAAAAAAAAro/BUOIN83qHZw/s1600/guarana2.jpg[/img] Did someone have the opportunity to drink this? It's good.
Dandelion and Burdock is the greatest, can't find a decent picture however.
[QUOTE=Yakekuso;35072917][img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_0ABKMuR6L4s/TT8alyS5jEI/AAAAAAAAAro/BUOIN83qHZw/s1600/guarana2.jpg[/img] Did someone have the opportunity to drink this? It's good.[/QUOTE] yeah that thing is good. Used to drink that once in a while in Portugal. Now I moved out som I don't have that anymore. I tasted rootbeer and Dr. Pepper, both tasted bad to me. theres also something really popular here in Germany (Aside from everything having gas) [img]http://img.dooyoo.de/DE_DE/orig/0/3/4/6/2/346258.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.stupidedia.org/images/thumb/5/53/Spezi.jpg/180px-Spezi.jpg[/img] basically they're all the same thing. Cola + Orange juice. Pretty good too
If anyone lives near Seattle, there is a store up in Redmond that only sells rootbeer. It is amazing.
[IMG]http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y334/robopig00/498520b.jpg[/IMG] This soda is pretty amazing.
[QUOTE=Dankie;35158076][IMG]http://i1027.photobucket.com/albums/y334/robopig00/498520b.jpg[/IMG] This soda is pretty amazing.[/QUOTE] Fanta Grape is a better grape soda. [img]http://www.productwiki.com/upload/images/fanta_grape_1.jpg[/img] There's a candy store in the city centre here that sells it for $3 a can. Kind of expensive, but so worth it.
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