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onion bhajis from a stall down the high-street and a little raita i make (very basic, just natural yoghurt and a little mint sauce) yum! i love indian food
[img]http://www.bitterwallet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/kettle_chips.jpg[/img] how sophisticated of one.
I've been trying to perfect the mug cake in the microwave recipe and so far I've been successful, tip is to use butter rather than oil and grate chocolate into the flour and coco mix. So yeah, had a nice mug cake.
i made a peanut butter sandwich and put a kit kat in it. amazing.
Made myself a cheese burger. Bout to throw in a can of baked beans with bacon flavour. (i usually cook grand meals but I'm lazy and eating a ton today so I can't be bothered)
Cheesee Burga :3 [IMG]http://bluestatebbq.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/cheeseburger5.jpg[/IMG]
wholegrain bap with thin slice of grilled chicken and cucumber, yum!
Just some beef flavoured super noodles. They're cheap and not too nasty :v: ~student life~ [QUOTE=Autumn;33400735]onion bhajis from a stall down the high-street and a little raita i make (very basic, just natural yoghurt and a little mint sauce) yum! i love indian food[/QUOTE] Damn you, now I want to make a curry.
i'm making curry right now well, it's in the slow cooker
threw together a lazy dinner - cooked some farfalle, while it was cooking formed some meatballs out of some sausages with the skin removed, pan fried them, threw in some garlic, halved cherry tomatoes, peppadew peppers, a chopped fresh chilli pepper and some tomato puree. served with a nice big handful of baby leaf salad.
Earlier, I made a grilled cheese sandwich with 4 fried mozzarella cheese sticks in the middle. It was glorious.
I had an apple for lunch. I live an uneventful life. :v:
Sloppy Joe from a company that caters prisons......Canteen It was decent enough...I'm in 11th grade
Hell yeah! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yngEh.jpg[/IMG]
macaroni, meatballs and ketchup?
yes macaroni stew
Some homemade dumplings with sweet and sour sauce, it was delicious.
i had a fresh fig, which you don't often come across here but i think it was a bit overripe, and wasn't that great :c
just got home from this years first [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sm%C3%B6rg%C3%A5sbord#Julbord]christmas table[/url]
[QUOTE=Cuel;33524560]just got home from this years first [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sm%C3%B6rg%C3%A5sbord#Julbord]christmas table[/url][/QUOTE] aah, i want some now
I wish I had a decent camera, I would love to post some pictures of my food. I moved out of my parents house because of my studies. My cooking skills are increasing. Seriously once you live alone and try to cook something decent you really get better.
made some beer and honey marinade for chicken fillets very nice
i'm about to put some peppers into the oven - stuffed them last night but wasn't hungry so they've been in the fridge. exciting!
The last thing I ate was some country fried steak stuff with gravy. It was delicious.
[QUOTE=Cuel;33519940][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yovrg.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] That looks amazin
Canned soup and grilled cheese. Bland.
Fried Bread. I somehow failed so badly at cooking it though that it was a bit burnt, under-cooked, and oil soaked...
I did some fucking epic shepards pie for the first time. Never thought that I could make it so good for the first time. Tasted awesome.
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