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I think its only but important that I mention the Tortinos pizza I just finished and the influence it had on Hap (now busy on his way to purchase a Tortinos pizza). "Tortinos - Just do it."
Bought ten pizzas because of you.
I'm about to try some extreme hot chips in about 15 minutes. Wish me luck and immunity to pain. At least my brother told me shit's hot as fuck. It's imported from USA. [editline]11th July 2011[/editline] Blair's Death Rain - America's favorite spicy chip. I don't like the name. Death rain, for real? [editline]11th July 2011[/editline] OH GOD I'M FUCKING DYING SOMEONE KILL ME
The only way to fix it is to drink lemon juice or coke.
Bacon and egg bap with couple of slices of tomatoes and garlic sauce. 4/5, not enough sauce, went dryish at the end. [img]http://castleoatcakes.co.uk/images/Menus/breakfast_bap.jpg[/img]
Bacon, cheese, and avocado sandwich. Quite good, actually.
milk c:
A ton of rolled oats with skim milk. I fucking love that combination.
[QUOTE=Mon;31059442]milk c:[/QUOTE] You don't eat milk, you drink it. Or did you eat the bag it came in?
Toast with Nutella spread and a glass of Sparkling Lemonade. It was nice.
It inspired that green apple flavour, the notorious Granny Smith [IMG]http://tenerifeonlineshopping.com/userfiles/image/Granny_smith_apple.jpg[/IMG]
Beef shish kebab with red onion and tomato on the skewers, man it was awesome. So much juicy goodness all over With some leftover baked lentils (with some cumin stirred in for extra flava) and salad. Yum! [QUOTE=iFail;30939483]I cooked up some scrambled eggs, intending to see how well tabasco would work if I mixed it in before I cooked them. Tastes dull, made the vinegar taste less noticeable, but it has no bite now.[/QUOTE] Tabasco sauce is a condiment like ketchup or mayo (it's closest to a vinaigrette I spose) and should always be put on last
I just made myself some macaroni-porridge. Pretty good, the milk puts a good taste on the macaroni.
Overcheesed Mozzarella(?) Quesedilla con a Coke. Absolutely fantastical.
Melted cheddar on a ham and barbecue sauce sandwich, twas delectable.
Mac & cheese mixed in with a can of chili.
I had a bowl of vector, which started out good till I realized that the milk was starting to go off. I can't handle that shit, haha.
Pork Roll Sandwich. Tasty.
[QUOTE=Hap;31076369]Mac & cheese mixed in with a can of chili.[/QUOTE] Mixed together? Why? I ate Lemonhead candy earlier. And might I add, this thread is Samson approved, because it should've been posted in fast threads considering we get the credit for quick mindless posts relative to what we last ate. Brilliant.
A nice chunk of Sticky date pudding i made myself :P 15/10, screaming-sticky-orgasm-in-your-mouth quality [editline]13th July 2011[/editline] i should post the recipe here some time, it's really easy and tastes just like i described above
[QUOTE=Glock Samson;31080538]Mixed together? Why?[/QUOTE] I had it that way one time when I went camping, and now every time I eat the combination it makes me think of that time I went camping. Also it actually tastes pretty good if you're in a cheesy/meaty mood.
[QUOTE=Hap;31080815]I had it that way one time when I went camping, and now every time I eat the combination it makes me think of that time I went camping. Also it actually tastes pretty good if you're in a cheesy/meaty mood.[/QUOTE] I see where your coming from. When I feel in a cheesy meat kind of mood, I always think of one thing. Hamburger Helper.
[img]http://i53.tinypic.com/ekoyls.jpg[/img] A tablespoon of Nutella. It was indescribably good. Also, sorry for the shitty quality of the picture. The iPhone camera is bad.
Just a few wheat thin crackers.
Peanut butter and nutella wrap. Aw yeah.
Pizza & Pepsi, so good
Cheez-It snack mix. Great flavor. Loved it ;)
[QUOTE=Autumn;30902580]i find it bizarre (but also interesting) to see americans calling ^ noodles i'm pretty sure in pretty much every other country in the world it's called pasta, as noodles are a different food item altogether. i could possibly understand a mix up between noodles and spaghetti (similiar shape?) but with the bows (farfalle) they're nothing like noodles. and if you call pasta noodles, what do you call noodles?[/QUOTE] I suppose we call noodles noodles. fuck that word sounds weird when you think about it. I assume we just associate the most common pasta we see (spaghetti) with the word noodles instead of pasta at a young age (due to it's appearance, and similarity to the actual noodles of other cultures.) and from then on regard other types of pasta as noodles because we regard them as such. Does that make any sense? Fuck this post made me hungry for hand-made thick Chinese noodles.
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