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Ok, so I was at work today and we got sent to go replace a security monitor. So we went to Best Buy, bought a cheap 90$ 20 inch monitor with only one of those blue ports (Video), and went to the place. Turns out the old monitor uses these ports called BNC Input, BNC Output for Security Camera(CCTV) feeds. By the way, I'm not sure if it's called BMC, I know the first letter is a B. Anyway, was wondering if anyone knows if they sell those adapters for the blue video ports to these 'BNC' ports? Pic: The silver shiny plug is the BNC plug in. [img]http://www.allthings.com.au/Cable/diy%2020%20m%20BNC%20video%2012%20Volt%20low%20resistance%20power%20cable.jpg[/img]
The blue port is called a VGA port. You could try googling BNC to VGA converter, there is loads on sale in the UK but I am guessing your from America.
Sounds like you'll need an active converter, those usually run around $30. [url=http://www.dealextreme.com/p/pc-vga-bnc-to-tv-ntsc-pal-video-converter-adapter-65728]This[/url] may be your best bet if you're willing to take a gamble with quality.
Thanks for the info, forwarding to my co-worker.
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