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Ha, you sure did. ALREADY D'CLARED [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/rkss522.png[/IMG] Just before the newly built explodes via the use of a Riftbomb, they sent out this message: [RELEASE]EVACUATE, CODE 28603, ELXARI-[/release] As the TPN receives this message, they go into [b]LOCKDOWN 6[/b], this being the highest lockdown, and they broadcast the following message: [RELEASE]WE KNOW YOU ELXARI SCUM ARE OUT THERE, ANYONE EVEN NEARING OUR PLANET WILL BE OBLITERATED![/release]
Also, Greg, your first post on page four ultimately removed the stars. On my post before that it was still visible. Do you use Photoshop? It might be the problem, since All of my posts where I applied photoshop were darkened. DECLARE after Gregmaster. Oh, and that post you quoted had stars (Or at least it did for me when I zoomed in >.<) IN OTHER NEWS: Face, you warped in a very very very bad place. Going back to maybe the first 1 or two pages, you'll notice TERA Was a large, Long enemy of the ICSU, which supported Trantimir as a CUE planet.
I don't use Photoshop, i use paint.net. Mhh, just a thought, maybe i accidentally used the bucket tool with the color black, and the tolerance was at an amount that it removed the stars? I don't know...
I guess I should attempt to fire up my slipspace drives yet again. This will take a few turns.
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/9bo48x4.png[/IMG] Alright. Fixed my ships. And Things have happened over the turns. The Terraformer finishes the planet, and heads home to Agathar XI. It is again, named Agathar XIII (13) In sequence. One Small class ship is created there. The Fleet over at Agathar XII Is finished, and sends out its two Medium Class ships, accompanied by two Small class ships to deal with The Trantimirians [release] Attention Unknown planet; You have warped into our Designated territory in this Galaxy. What is your purpose, and why have you warped to this Galaxy?[/release] The Agathar XI Fleet warps over the turns to Armagon, and forces a surrender. (Got permission from the guy who made the planet.) The Mining contractor's ships finish extracting all the Lapsium, and they begin to head back to Agathar XI. MEANWHILE: Agathar XI's science teams notice, after several Galaxy sweeps an Arterran landmass. They would know this Race is against the CUE, and attempt to contact the planet and its fleet. [release] Attention Arterran planet, We wish to set up trade and alliance ordeals due to your current standing with the CUE as they are a great enemy of ours as well. What is your response?[/release]
Declare [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/0r80781.png[/IMG] As everyone in the TPN is in disarray because of the oncoming threat, half of the fleet decides to assault Kreye. [RELEASE]HALT! PEOPLE OF KREYE, YOU ARE SUSPECTED OF CO-OPERATING WITH THE ELXARI, AND SHALL BE UNDER TPN CONTROL UNTIL THE THREAT IS NEUTRALIZED. ANY ATTEMPT TO ATTACK US SHALL RESULT IN THE DEATH OF YOUR SHIPS AND PEOPLE.[/RELEASE] Meanwhile, the TPN sends a message to their allies: [RELEASE]Allies, we are under grave danger, our greatest enemy, the Elxari, has found us. Please do not make any attempts to contact us for the time being and do not enter the area around Daelora.[/RELEASE] Aight, I'm off to bed, please don't do anything to the TPN whilst i sleep...
declare after gregmasterx: [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/9507127.png[/IMG] RWC have taken Kerberos under control and start building a medium ship right away. The fleet also advances towards TERA's territory to search for new unknown planets. RWC send a massage: [release]We mean you no harm! We are looking for new planets and artifacts![/release]
[release]In reply to the ships: We had to random jump here as our previous solar system is in turmoil, this is hopefully only a temporary jump as we are trying to adjust our advanced slipspace drives. We mean no harm, we are simply evading a major threat in our home solar system.[/release] [editline]21st January 2012[/editline] Also, declare after Milk.
Declare after Mr.Face
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/1ng72o3.png[/IMG] The Agathar XI fleet starts towards the main territory. Armagon builds a small ship. Agathar XIII Finishes a Medium ship, and builds an additional small ship. The Capital ship will be finished in 1 turn + 1 declare of mine. TERA Becomes suspicious of this Faction coming to look for "Artifacts and planets", but lets them pass. Agathar XII begins building an Orbital shield (5 turns)
Snipets of radio between ships are decoded: [release]From the frying pan into the fire. Fire up Super MAC cannons and load the depleted Uranium rounds. CSTS-364, charge plasma weapons. Prepare to fire if they so much as twitch in our direction[/release] [release]Captain, they're hailing us, they're curious as to who we are...[/release]
Milkdairy, I just realized you violated the rules. You have way too many small ships and 3 more medium ships then you should have. And don't say that those planets your planet generator thingy increased your fleet size, because that's cheating bullshit. The only reason Sarton will increase me planet size is because I put up those planets for everybody to colonize. Sarton was open for colonization before I got their. The planets you made were immediately yours. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/ps72604.png[/IMG] The Arterrans complete their smaller ships and work on their second Capital Ship. Meanwhile, the signal Trantimir: [release]Greetings empire of Trantimir, it has been a long time. You do not in fact happen to still be members of the CUE alliance, do you? Surely you abandoned them like we did once those terrorists attacked the Station. If you have in fact joined the winning side of the war, then please, let us make an alliance.[/release] [sp] In case you couldn't tell, the CUE alliance is crumbling. It has been nearly 60 years since the station's completion after the Crystal Wars, and 10 years ago the station was destroyed. Despite their expansionist ideals, the Arterrans had sided with the CUE since the CUE became a dominant military power. But a group of terrorist against the use of the Dark Matter Crystals somehow sent the station to an unidentifiable location. Ever since then, the CUE (which was only being held together by the station and the crystals) has been slowly collapsing. As the major NGA nations succeeded and the GTU and the Galacians respectively took their own piece of the alliance (each one calling themselves the "true last members of the CUE"), war began to break out. Because of their ideals, the Arterrans were one of the last empires to join the CUE and one of the first to succeeded. Ever since then they've been locked in a furious conflict with the remaining CUE forces. That's the backstory for what's happened between the last thread and this thread.[/sp] Also, a message is sent to (Whoever Greg's forces are) [release] Ah yes, one of the empires of this universe caught in the endless squabble of warfare and conquest, like all small Empires. Look, I'll cut to the chase, our people need food. Our stores will only last us a few more years. A planet like Kreye could provide lots of food resources. What do you say to, dual ownership, perhaps? We can offer something in return: Our military strength and mineral resources as well as industrial goods. We could have an alliance. Think about it.[/release]
Oh, Damn. I was running off of the early discussion rules (1 Big, 2 medium, 5 small per planet), and as far as I am concerned, Terraforming is not cheating. If you want me to take 20 or 30 turns to make a planet, so be it. I realize this. I'll dock most of my fleet next declare. In addition, I'll create a domination window, So others have the chance to try and take it. -EDIT- I added a new rule.
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/lk9f9uq.png[/IMG] The Plasma core is heated and fully charged. It will obliterate the fusion core of one of the TERA ships if any attack happens. The Super MAC cannons are loaded with Depleted Uranium rounds and prepped for firing. For the time being the shields of the SFO class ships are weakened to allow power to surge into the MAC cannons. [editline]21st January 2012[/editline] [release] This is the TNS Pride asking that you stand down and allow us to dock to our planet [/release]
Never mind my declare i have to do something.
By the way for anyone concerned with the fate of Oneiroi during the "intermission" it was teleported away. A great big mass of tentacles just went poof during the war. No reason why, just poof. If anything concerning Oneiroi comes up during the story then just consider it a mystery since an outside force caused it to disappear.
Trantimir's current state: Politics Political Structure: Democratic Strong Influence: military Popular Issue: Alien enemy Stability: very stable Personal Freedoms: Average Scandals: almost nonexistent Foreign Relations: average Main Export: technology-related Main Import: machine-related Technology Focus: Weapons Trade: major surplus Strength: strong and improving Wealth: evenly distributed Planets Spanned: Was 9, 8 were glassed leaving it's home planet that has warped into this system. Preferred Climate: Temperate Wilderness: 5% Wild Animals: rare Natural Resources: good amount Highly Values: wealth Known For: a specific scientific discipline Popular Entertainment: art shows / museums Respected Profession: athlete Major Social Ill: Rebellions Military Strength: Powerful Superweapon: Thermonuclear Bomb - Plasma Torpedoes Focus: Survival Main Unit: SFO Class ships Soldiers: mix of draftees, volunteers Main Use: Defense Rank: elected by public ----------------------- Population Urban: 79% Rural: 21% Literacy Rate: 100% Gender Ratio: 1.09 male(s)/female Fertility Rate: 3.7 children/family Life Expectancy: 80.6 years At war with powerful alien race.
Declare after cpt. rolfcopter: Edit: By the way Gamma Plasma your scaring me. I don't want another tentacle invasion.xD -snip-
[QUOTE=Copedown;34332179]Declare after cpt. rolfcopter: Edit: By the way Gamma Plasma your scaring me. I don't want another tentacle invasion.xD Edit: Guys help here. Did cpt.roflcopter cancel his declare or...?[/QUOTE] Yes he did.
Forget my declare, i'm going to sleep.
I think I'm going to use Mr. Face's system to describe the planet, if he doesn't mind. [release] Basic Description: The Arterran Empire was created when scientist made a breakthrough in space and weapons technologies during their own industrial revolution. Therefore, their normal technology is similar to human's during Earth's industrial revolution. There is a lack in consumer based electronics or other consumer technologies. Though advanced electronics systems and consumer electronics exist, they are reserved for the government, military, and the upper class. The Arterrans favor imperialism and expansionism, preferring to gain control of as many planets and dominate the galaxy through war rather than through alliances and trade. They are almost %100 self-reliant, save for a lack of agriculture. Arterrans value Science above almost all other things, and thus people are highly educated.[/release] [release] Species and Planet Description: Though the Arterrans have several planets under their control, their homeplanet is their center. Arterra received its name from humans when they discovered that the Arterrans had the closest resemblance to humans out of all the currently discovered alien species and that Arterra almost perfectly resembled Earth. Arterra is a planet constantly covered in smog. The smells of waste and factory run-off permeate it's air. Residential buildings are typically 30 story tenements made of bricks of stone or clay. Marble is often the choice for buildings of a higher status. Almost all things are made of stone or some form of metal, as the wood and even dirt have been removed, re purposed, or buried under the numerous cities. If any wood-like material is necessary for building, giant mushroom stalks (grown in the underground caverns) are often used instead. Factories for producing goods are a constant sight. As for the Arterrans themselves, they resemble humans but with much more pronounced, almost cartoonish, features. The men commonly have broad shoulders, wide jaws, and large muscles while women have more pronounced eyes and a more sleek figure. Because of this, interspecies sex and marriage is common, as almost all young Arterrans are strikingly good looking. They stand a good 5-6 inches taller than the average human. Arterrans are always Caucasians, and are rather pale.[/release] [release] Planet History The Arterran homeworld resembled earth for many years, but with smaller oceans and larger rivers. Throughout it's history, science and warfare were held as the greatest aspects of Arterra. Eventually, through war, the planet became united under one flag and technological progress excelled. As mining and crafting became more efficient and medicine grew, the planet became more and more populated and cities eventually covered it's surface. Mushrooms are the most common food and are the planets only real source of agriculture. Arterran medicine has not only extended their lives, but it cures almost any ailment. Arterran medicine is by far the best known to man, and thus more and more people managed to survive. Eventually, a total ecological breakdown happened, and Arterra has changed little since.[/release] [release]Arterra's bio: Political Structure: Constitutional Monarchy Rank: Elected by Popular Vote for Parliament, Monarchy is Passed from Parent to Child Current Economy: Very Strong Major Exports: Manufactured Good and Mineral Ores Major Imports: Agricultural Goods and Fuel Wealth: Belonging to the Upper Class Class Percentage: Upper-Class: 1%, Middle-Class: 24%, Lower-Class: 75% Industrial Tech Rating (out of 100): 89 Average Pay: 1.3 Placcines ($4 USD) an Hour Most Popular Professions: Miner, Laborer, Soldier Civil Rights: Average Major Social Issue: Even Food Distribution Average Health: Healthy Entertainment: Art, Theatre, Orchestrated Music Civilian Tech Rating (out of 100): 23 Fertility Rate: Average of 4-6 children per family Respected Profession: Politician or Military Commander Literacy Rate: 98% Average Education: Very High Life Expectancy: 195 Years on Average Dominant Religion: Atheism (100%) Popular Opinion of Government: Poor Diplomacy: Average Interplanetary Trade: Decent Relations: Often at war with smaller empires Best Relations: Has best relations with Human Empires Military Rank: Average Military Tech : 75 Military Experience: Excellent Total Military Size (in soldiers): 18,000,000,000 Recruitment: Volunteers, may utilize conscription in war time Total Ships: 12,650,000 Common Ship: Victori Class Capital Ship Superweapons: None Military Based Industrial Output: Outstanding Common Use: Offense Primary Weaponry: Ballistics Most Common Ground Based Vehichle: A74z Light Tank (over 1,230,400,000 in use) Most Common Unit: Infantry Usual Tactics: Establish Firm Defense Systems as Trenches, back with artillery. When on offensive preliminary bombardments are common, and "creeping barrage" close range artillery support is used with tanks and infantry. Rotary aircraft (such as helicopters) are used for quickly striking targets or for air support [/release]
[IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/9g383o0.png[/IMG] [release]GAMEPLAY NOTE: I added a red color scheme to civilian ships so you can differentiate them from TERA's Military ships. I will have a decent amount of these ships appearing, and due note they do not adhere to the ship limit. I do not technically "Control" Them and the only way they will attack you is if you attack them. They may attempt to trade with you, or other things. Think of them as NPC's.[/release] The Joined fleet backs off so the Ships can dock in Trantimir. [release]We do not wish for war.[/release] The Mining Contractor does another project for TERA's government. They begin mining the Takari Debris. A Fleet of Civilian traders flies from Agathar XI to [B]Trantimir[/B]. [Release] Hello! We are the Kerran Trading Corporation! We would like to offer you machinery in exchange for Titanium, if you have it. Do you accept our offer?[/release] Another group of ships from Kerran Corp. flies towards Realo. A Portal anomaly appears near Arterra. A Few Medium Class ships and Small Class ships go to investigate. [B]ALSO. I will use that chart Bananafoam made from Face's for Agathar XI.[/B] Population: 2,453,287,975,232 Political Structure: Propaganda Dictatorship Rank: Dictator Holds position for life. New Dictator chosen by people after Current's death. Current Economy: Unbreakable Major Exports: Anti-Matter weaponry Major Imports: Metals Wealth: Distributed across Middle-Class merchants, and Upper-Class Industrialist Men. Lower Class has little to none. Class Percentage: Upper: 5%, Middle: 72%, Lower: 23% Industrial Tech Rating (out of 100): 83 Average Pay: 18 Agu/hour (23 USD) Most Popular Professions: Small Local Business Owner Civil Rights: Above Average Major Social Issue: Citizens are Politically biased toward Dictator due to propaganda exposure since childhood. Average Health: Good Entertainment: Television, theater Civilian Tech Rating (out of 100): 63 Fertility Rate: 74% (2-3 children average) Respected Profession: Cross-Galaxy Merchant Literacy Rate: 100% Average Education: Superb Life Expectancy: 83.6 Years Dominant Religion: None Popular Opinion of Government: Good Diplomacy: Superb Interplanetary Trade: Abundant Relations: Only 1 current war. Tends to avoid wars. Best Relations: Democratic Planets Military Rank: Promoted by members in upper hierarchy Military Tech : 94 Military Experience: Good Total Military Size (in soldiers): 356,000,000,000 Recruitment: Volunteered easily due to High popular opinion of Government. Total Ships: 19,348,499 Common Ship: TL-86 "Medium Class" Ship Superweapons: Nuclear Anti-Matter Magnification Cannon Military Based Industrial Output: Very good Common Use: Offense, Occupation Primary Weaponry: Anti-Matter Most Common Ground Based Vehichle: HF-49 Armored Personnel Carrier Most Common Unit: General Infantry Usual Tactics: Defense: Establishes Deployable Ramparts w/ Mounted guns, Trenches in front w/ Infantry. Backed by Supporting Artillery. Offense: Infantry flown in at high rates using High-Velocity Air vehicles. Backed by Orbital Anti-Matter Artillery. Fast, decisive raids on Key points followed by Planning in-between.
Declare. [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] By the way, TPN has calmed down for now. [sp]I'll bring in the Elxari later.[/sp]
You nearly done Milkdairy? [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] A long awaited response to the Arterrans is made. [release] We haven't been a part of the the CUE alliance since the attacks by an alien alliance that is roughly translated into the Reclaimers. [/release] [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] It's been an hour, I doubt it takes that long. Give him five more minutes. [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] He's no longer viewing the thread. I say that you can go ahead.
Almost done with mine.
I suppose I should head to bed. Goddamn, it's 2:55 here. [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] Fuck you Shostakovich, you've kept me up.
[img]http://yourimg.in/m/p376pto.png[/img] The TPN Has taken Kreye, and sends the following message to Arterra: [RELEASE]Greetings, we have evaluated your offer, and also concluded that you could not have been working with the Elxari. We will share Kreye on two conditions: Firstly, an alliance, secondly, we would like to move our planets near to you, since that would be beneficial for both of us.[/RELEASE] (Btw, the place where i want to move my planets is the area under the TERA fleet closest to Arterra.) [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] I just noticed that Mr. Face skipped bananafoam's new capital ship being built. I'll reupload with that included. Re-up'd
Declare [editline]22nd January 2012[/editline] [img]http://www.1337upload.net/files/spacefail.png[/img] IC builds one military class spacecraft and newfound planet is being colonized.
declare: [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/9ncw559.png[/IMG] RWC has finished its additional medium ship, and two small ships. Omega X fleet discovers a planet. Its still under research, whether to take it or not.
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