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Engineer;"AAAAAAAAAARGHASHGJHGAAAAAAAAAAA" "I guess we got re-tweets."
Reverend DJ needs to fix the engineer.
"We're supposed to be talking about (BULLSHIT), but we're just gonna go ahead and take calls." He says this all the time and doesn't give a shit about the topic given.
What the fuck did he just do?
[QUOTE=Ninjarooster;30620212]He's a melting pot of friendship.[/QUOTE] Shut up you goddamn mexican.
He can't find his microfuck.
[QUOTE=Squarebob;30641993]What the fuck did he just do?[/QUOTE] We like to call it a "Tornado" when he hear everything near the mic clattering and shit...
Is he for real or is he just trolling?
[QUOTE=Squarebob;30642069]Is he for real or is he just trolling?[/QUOTE] I don't know, but he likes to bring up LulzSec and Anonymous alot, since those were topics in his shows for the last 3 days.
"LULZSEC AND ANONYMOUS" This'll be good.
I'm getting that the suspicion that Ghost and Engineer are the same person.
"I think they are cool guys" Really? LulzSec?
Ghost on LulzSec: "I think they are cool guys." Fuck this guy. [editline]22nd June 2011[/editline] Where are you from? "The catholic church!" Okay, hold on, let me hide my asshole. Go on...
Someone save the poor engineer.
:geno: Public education needs to go. Go Texas.
I sorta understood the Engineer. Oh god.
Yeaaaaah I'm turning it off now.
Ghost is also a rapper. Who knew?
Lyrical smackdown
"My asshole is 'Exit only', no entry!" I fucking lost it.
He used the word carpet bagger.. Who has legitimately used that word since 1865..
We are all jealous of Texas. [editline]22nd June 2011[/editline] Phil McCracken haha
Canadia oh god what [editline]22nd June 2011[/editline] Time for China, awright.
Oh god, Mr.Fortune cookie.
[QUOTE=kwk;30643108]Oh god, Mr.Fortune cookie.[/QUOTE] He'll be on Youtube in about half an hour. Maybe less, this video is rendering quicker than I expected
He speaks good german
Mr. Fortune cookie was hilarious.
What the fuck is going on I can't even understand this.
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