• Baldness and getting bald?
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Hey I was not sure if it is appropriate to post stuff like this here, but I think we need such thread. So as I would like to have this place open for discussions too, I also have a personal issue about this too, and here is my story, and I am looking forward for comments and hints; I have had long-ish hair for a few years now, and I like the lenghth and curls it has. My father and his father are pretty bald, my grandfather had no hair at all on top of his head, but on the sides he had, my father has these huge ''micky mouse''-shaped.. shapes? on his forehead that push his hairline in a mickymouseears-pattern. My mothers side never had any bald men, they all had thick hair with nice volyme. I am turning only 18 next month, but I have noticed during the past few weeks a significant hairloss, everytime I go to the shower and if I 'comb' my hair with my fingers, it looks pretty much like this:[IMG]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zcWbIPMVFf0/TgYrt_NpB1I/AAAAAAAAEKs/QOj89FqMseA/s1600/hiuksetlahtee.jpg[/IMG] I wash my hair maybe every three days with the Elvital Total Repair 5 shampoo + conditioner. At start I didn't really pay any attention to it, but today I noticed that my formerly really thick hair is thin, if I pull the hair on my forehead upwards, I can clearly see ''through'' the hair and see my scalp as somewhat maybe seen here [IMG]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/6135/20111125161757.jpg[/IMG] aaand here [IMG]http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/8877/20111125161938.jpg[/IMG] Also a big concern is that my hairline is also pulling back, altho I really can't recall how it is supposed to look like anyways, but this is what my looks like Image [IMG]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/1556/20111125161821.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/7657/20111125161922.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/5435/20111125161523.jpg[/IMG] These pictures may be a bit lying, as the light reflects to my hair that I would have 100% bald spots, but actually these spots consist of hair, but that hair is white-ish so it's not seen: [IMG]http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/6140/20111125161902.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/3505/20111125161556.jpg[/IMG] I am really concerned as my hair is really big part of me, am I just paranoid, or is there something going on? Any good treatment tips? I was thinking about starting to eat Finasterid-pills or something, any tips? Thanks in advance, Me. PS. Sorry for my english, it is not my first language. PPS. I just looked at the mirror again and noticed how my front hair really has gaps of like 1cm between hairs, that's it tomorrow I am going to the doctor and let him give me prescription of Finasteride
yeah thats nice and all but you forgot about the content
Show us baldness we shall discuss baldness
We need details about the baldness
It only bothers other as much as we let it bother ourselves.
yep youre going bald /thread
Nothing you can do stop being a bitch with your jesus hair and just let it fall out and be a man.
[QUOTE=Septimas;33453489]Nothing you can do stop being a bitch with your jesus hair and just let it fall out and be a man.[/QUOTE] actually, there's plenty u can do. you can either choose to chemically castrate yourself or you can deal with it like a man and shave your hair.
Finastride/Propecia is only a temporary solution, and one that isn't particularly nice either. Basically "munching fina" is p. dumb and it's your going to maybe perhaps somewhat halt the hair loss at the cost of inhibiting an important process in the body, as well probably getting the dreaded fina dick.
My brother was pretty much bald at 18. Nothing you can do about it. Shave your head and deal with it. shit sucks
Also get nizoral 2% shampoo, this should be available otc at a chemist/pharmacy (may be under a different trade name in your country). The active ingredient prevents DHT from forming in the scalp if used every day. If your hair loss is DHT related (high possibility) this will stop, or at least considerably slow down your hair loss.
how is this fitness related other than bitching about genetics?
If this doesn't help and the hair loss progresses considerably, then and only then, consider finasteride treatment. Just understand that DHT, even if it is oh so evilly causing your hair loss, is a very important hormone. Finasteride inhibits DHT.
[QUOTE=sp00ks;33493925]My brother was pretty much bald at 18. Nothing you can do about it. Shave your head and deal with it. shits awesome[/QUOTE] Fixed. Same boat here. Don't bother with all the anti-hairloss products, they barely work and are just a moneysink. Spend some money on a nice set of clippers.
Bit the bullet and shaved my head around 3 years ago. Never looked back. It's who you are bro, just embrace it ;)
OP keep in mind that most Facepunch users are 12-year-olds. :v:
rofl wtf [editline]15th December 2011[/editline] holy shit that picture [editline]15th December 2011[/editline] just shave it all u must look like gollum by now [editline]15th December 2011[/editline] [quote]PPS. I just looked at the mirror again and noticed how my front hair really has gaps of like 1cm between hairs[/quote] o m g
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I don't understand; I don't see a noticeable pattern of balding in those photos at all. (as a female) I have fairly long hair - almost down to my waist - and everytime I brush or wash my hair, more hair than in that first photo comes out. Remember that the human body sheds 100+ head hairs every day, but it's definitely more noticeable if you have long hair, as opposed to hair that's one inch long. There are a lot of things that can help with baldness, but if you've been abusing your body particularly badly as of the past six months or so (drinking excessively, taking a lot of illicit drugs, maybe even just eating a lot of shit food), then that can increase the hair loss until you stop. There are a lot of options, so don't give up, but also remember that at a certain point, it's a lot more attractive to women when you shave your head and just accept it. It's up to you to determine what that point is.
About a year ago (I was 17) I had pretty severe hair loss. I talked to my sister, who goes through "seasonal hair loss" (she loses some hair every Autumn) and she said that I'm probably losing hair to either a lack of sleep, bad diet, stress or all of the above. It was probably due to a severe lack of sleep. So anyways, I started going to sleep at 10pm or earlier EVERY night. Also, just in case, I stopped giving a shit about everything (no stress that way). However, I started taking these pills (vitamins?) and they really helped. 1 pill 3 times a day. [img]http://www.natural-herbsmarket.com/images/pantogar.jpg[/img] Took 'em for about 2 months and my hair went back to normal. New hair grew where the old fell out. Everything been fine since then.
Having the same problem mate, and im only 15.. Guess I'll have to take a Rooney and get some donkey hair transplanted into my skull :v:
you could have alopecia areata. but you probably don't i just wanted to post in this thread.
[QUOTE=Captain Bald;34044224]you could have alopecia areata. but you probably don't i just wanted to post in this thread.[/QUOTE] do u have any more music that i can have :'(?
[url]http://treverbennettandthearties.bandcamp.com/[/url] heard this?
if your hair was shorter, you probably wouldn't even notice it. either make the most of your hair loss or shave your head and embrace it, my friend did it after he noticed he was losing his hair and he never looked back and it did wonders for him, women actually found him more attractive bald.
A nice lace front wig will be nice once your hair loss has reached a severe stage.
looks like male pattern baldness you could try mathew gardsons method for activating dormant follicles my hair loss, i think, has been halted, now im trying to regrow on my middle scalp which is the only area with thin hair
good luck lmao
Genetics mate, your just gonna have to man up and let nature get on with it.
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