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I have a pretty cool idea for a MS Paint thread where you use a european map and be a country, and you attack a nation and it sorta drops down to Pixel-War (Picture-War, Paint-War.) whatever you call it. And you can use your tech sheet, etc. On various cities maps, like Paris, Berlin, London, etc. etc. A map like this. [IMG]http://wiki.alternatehistory.com/lib/exe/fetch.php/blank_map_directory/grey_template_europe_map.png?cache=[/IMG] (Credit to the Wiki.Alternativehistory.com for this image.) I think it would play out in a whole new way then seen before, a little bit. So, I'm going to give this idea a try and see how it plays out. Application form: Country Name: Government Type: Government Leader: Capital City: Population: Tech: You're tech can range from cavemen to pretty much, 2012 era (I'm only saying 2012 to prevent God-mod with laser-nukes or some shit.) Army Sheet: (required, you may use your pixel-war sheet.) Land claim: (you may only claim 2 nations for your mega-nation, they must be bordering nations aswell.)
Sounds like Picture War's Civilization gamemode on a larger scale. I also get some Piercing the Veil vibes from it. I like the idea, I wish I could sprite atleast halfway decently though.
Sounds a lot like an E&R or MW setup...just with MSPaint.
[QUOTE=calebc789;37865170]Sounds like Picture War's Civilization gamemode on a larger scale. I also get some Piercing the Veil vibes from it. I like the idea, I wish I could sprite atleast halfway decently though.[/QUOTE] Spriting is pretty easy if you know how to shade properly and etc.
Spriting is about depth and detail. It's not all about shading.
[QUOTE=Milkdairy;37868065]Spriting is about depth and detail. It's not all about shading.[/QUOTE] Spriting is about shading, because to show depth and detail, you have to shade. Also this will probably die quickly, because as Calebc said its like a Civ. Civilization matches die because people get lazy. Also most people don't have a army on hand to represent a country.
Country Name: New-Francemark Republic Government Type: Republican Government Leader: Mr. Burke (From Fallout 3: a mission were you have to disarm or activate a nuke in a town) Capital City: Paris Population: 70,000 Tech: 1960 Era with a nuke still on devloppement. Army Sheet: W.I.P. (Sorry, im working on it ._.) Land claim: We own a part of the France. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/03AIe.png[/IMG]
-snip being a lazy fuck-
Is someone will post something? Plz? :pwn:
Country Name: Baltia Government Type: Monarchy Government Leader: Queen Nash IV Capital City: Copenhagen (62,521) Population: 152,778 Largest City: Copenhagen (62,521) Tech: 1970s, No active nuclear weapons, however they do exist. Army Sheet: 15,000 strong (5,000 Airforce, 8,000 Navy, 2,000 Army) Land claim: Parts of Germany, Denmark, and Poland (And an island or two from Sweden) Geological Advantages: Control of the Mouth of the Baltic Sea. [IMG]http://i.troll.ws/f8b865c9.png[/IMG]
We really should get this thread going, I'll get to work on my army sheet.
[img]http://www.1337upload.net/files/Suursuomi.png[/img] Country Name: Fennia Government Type: Democratic Government Leader: Ylipäällikkö Capital City: Helsinki (700,000) Nukes: Not yet Population: 24M Tech: 1990 Army Sheet: WIP
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/w9G8b.png[/IMG] Country name: Serbian-Albanian union Type:Socialism Leader: Aleksandar Vukoner Capital city: Priština( Nukes: Almost Population: Tech: 2012 and counting Land claim:Serbia and Albania,along with the moon they managed to somehow terraform and made it into a farm only land(So much people means no space on Earth for farms) Pros: Apperently super strong military Superior tech to everyone and a well developed space program(they are now attempting to terraform Mars) Architects best in the world Terraform tech(they could make Sahara a rain forest and Amazon a wasteland if they wanted to) Cons: Military slow,direct to a fault Extremely inflexible Inprecise as fucking hell Army sheet:[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/AkUju.png[/IMG] The only known military units are the basic sketches of an infantryman and an badly drawn sketch of a 300t super heavy tank with a missile pod. The country is keeping their military info very secret. Rumor has it that they managed to construct a tank that can be a submarine,boat,airplane and land vehicle.
No offence IPK, but you seriously shouldn't take part in this. Your army sheet is pretty shit, and your Nation's pros seriously outweighs the cons. You own the fucking MOON. You have 90 Fucktillion People in your nation, and no one even has that Tech in THIS year, let alone the players even having anything after 2000 Tech.
I took the liberty of fixing the map since somebody left Baltia out of the map. [IMG]http://puu.sh/1e9Bz[/IMG] Country Name: Serbian Yugoslavia (Srpska Jugoslavia) Government Type: Democracy Government Leader: President Aleksa Krstic Capital City: Aleksandrija (Alexandria) Population: 200,000 Tech: 1990s with chimp/human hybrid soldiers from secret Russian experiments during WW2 given to us by Stalin. Soldiers are faster, more agile, withstand pain, but often behave barbarically towards their superiors and sometimes refuse to cooperate. Army Sheet: WIP Land claim: Croatia and Bosnia. Enemies: Serbian-Albanian Union
Scrap my shit,no way ta fuckzillion of people could fit: Current situation:Capital city population: 3.000.000 Population:10.000.000 They DON'T own the moon,but do have a tiny baby lab up there. But they do have some pretty outlandish stuff. No terraforming tech tough Still have the good architects NEW Serbian-Albanian union army sheet: WIP Their shit is also somewhat of a mix between Steampunk,Brutalism,and cyberpunk No ethics at all,expect scare-bombs and crude dirty bombs Oh,and a question,can other unclaimed nations be claimed(join my union) later?
Country Name: Baltiatic Order of the Archminister (The BOA) Government Type: Autocracy Government Leader: Archminister Capital City: Prague (5) Population: 138,374 Largest City: Berlin (83,434) Tech: 1990s, Secret nuclear weapons project status: complete Army Sheet: 20,000 strong (10,000 Airforce, 1,000 Navy, 9,000 Army) Land claim: Parts of Germany, Poland, and The Czech Republic Recently separated from Baltia, the BOA currently is experiencing a golden age. There are still major land disputes between the BOA and Baltia. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/bfydM.png[/IMG]
[img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/29537932/Nations/w9G8b.png[/img] Country name: Glorious People's Republic of Iceland (GPRI) Type:Stalinist Communism Leader: Ólafur Goðrúnarson Capital city: Reykjavik (120,000) Population: (330,000) Nukes: Highly enriched uranium but no means to deliver it. Tech: Late 1970s but an amalgimation of tech from previous years aswell. Land claim: Iceland Army Sheet: [img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/29537932/Nations/Army%20WIP.png[/img] ((STILL VERY WIP, it's also my first time ever making an army in MS paint so if it's really shitty let me know and I'll go back and try again.))
WIP Serbian-Albanian union army sheet(with better detail!) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/66ngH.png[/IMG] The tank is the AV-A-1,a gigantic artillery cannon. The main turret is moved by 3 car engines,while the secondary rear turret is moved by 2. Since the main artillery is unprecise,a tiny artillery construct has been placed on top. It is used as a precision strike gun. While tanks don't present much of a threat from the front,thanks to the thick sloped armor and the spiked shape,the flat rear is the weak spot, but the engineers have made a defense:a big tank turret. Due to the expensiveness of the vehicle,only a few exist. There is a regular soldier there,for comparison,the soldiers usually are armed with an assault rifle or a high explosive rocket launcher that can switch to a underpowered mortar in a emergency. And don't worry,the union is not a war mongering nation,they know that being neutral gives big money,citizens are greedy narcissists because low and middle class doesn't exist.
Declare. [editline]13th October 2012[/editline] Undeclare
Again asking,can other nations join my union?
[QUOTE=IPK;38021218] And don't worry,the union is not a war mongering nation,they know that being neutral gives big money,citizens are greedy narcissists because low and middle class doesn't exist.[/QUOTE] How the hell can a nation exist with that many people and no middle or lower class? It's not fuckign possible.
[img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8589719/worlddomination.png[/img] Country Name: Switzerland Government Type: Federal Assembly Government Leader: Flavio Cotti Capital City: Zürich Population: 6.9Million Tech: 1987 (one year after the release of the nes/famicom) still developing nukes Army Sheet: W.I.P Land claim: Switzerland [img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8589719/wiparmy.png[/img] first time doing this :\
Well that's Unoriginal.
[QUOTE=Flarey;38023108]first time doing this :\[/QUOTE] My first time as well, might I recommend rather creating your own units and what not you use reference images of real life Tanks, Helicopters and what not. It has helped me A LOT
[QUOTE=Winters;38022590]How the hell can a nation exist with that many people and no middle or lower class? It's not fuckign possible.[/QUOTE] Actually it's a classless system. The government carefully watches all income,and divides it. Everyone has equal amount of money.
So their daily food and water ration is: 0,67 grams of grain and 0,8 milliliters of unpurified water. [editline]14th October 2012[/editline] More information about Fennia: [B]Economy:[/B] GDP per capita: $43,000 GDP: $1,032,000,000,000 % Of GDP Industry: 46% Services: 47% Agriculture: 7% Major industries/top export: Heavy industry. Electronic industry Mining Forest industry Shipbuilding Automotives Food R&D Top import: Oil Coffee & tropical goods Automotives Consumer goods [B] Major cities: [/B] Helsinki urban region: 2,200,000 [SUB]Helsinki 700,000 Espoo 600,00 Vantaa 550,000 Others 350,000[/SUB] Tampere urban region 1,300,000 Turku urban region: 1,200,000 Oulu urban region 1,200,000 Viipuri urban region 1,050,000 Kuopio urban region 1,000,000 Jyväskylä 600,000 Pietari 500,000 Lappeenranta 450,000 Petsamo 400,000 ... [B]Nation's stats: [/B]+Good infrastructure (Gives boost to economy and industry) +Industrialized +Lots of fresh water +Lots of resources in ground +Lots of forest+High level of education (Boosts R&D and economy) -large oil consumption and small oil production -Larger shipping costs due location -Higher construction costs -Pollution in major mining&industrial areas.
Uhh, i'll think you guys should fix your populations bit upwards. I'm starting to think(fear) that i'm running some kind of superpower. Even my nation is actually a common European state by population and economy.
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