• Facepunch IFAP Patches - I Rolled Nickles and now where MAKING THIS HAPEN
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[QUOTE=latin_geek;34843038]It would be considered incorrect because[I] the facepunch logo has the thumb on the left side[/I] but i'm not bitching.[/QUOTE] I wish there was a "Missed the point/joke" rating.
[QUOTE=metal man;34843052]Hey guys I got my patches herp derp. [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/dh91fm.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] this picture must be in the op of gd thread if you make one
[QUOTE=Stupideye;34843077]this picture must be in the op of gd thread if you make one[/QUOTE] I'll make it Monday and I'll do it. That's the deadline for IFAP orders.
Imma gonna be famous.
[QUOTE=latin_geek;34842109]you do know that's not a mouth right[/QUOTE] what how ive never realized
[QUOTE=Fish Muffin;34843246]what how ive never realized[/QUOTE] It's a boxing glove [I]punching a face[/I]
the patches are trippy as fuck if you look straight at them
I got my patch in the mail. My mom was like "Did you order a patch or something?" And I was like "Yeah, Codemonkey, that airsoft guy sent me it" And she was like "LMAO NERDE" then threw the envelope at me and ran out of the room.
People in Cali have their patches and mine aren't even here in Michigan yet? :C
Yo ur mom's a bitch.
How many are left? I need to get around my busy brother and my busy schedule.
Probably 60+ but on Monday I post a thread in GD and they may sell out fast.
wow i didn't get mine today
cuz ur in cali u fuc
wow i didn't get mine today either
[QUOTE=jomt1234;34846516]wow i didn't get mine today either[/QUOTE] You live in like fucking Russia or some shit
Almost, I only got gay Finland in between my glorious and victorious Sweden and the victorious and glorious Russia.
whatever fag I think I may post a GD thread tonight. I'll check my PM and if you asked for reservation I'll put some aside in addition to the 10 I have for IFAP. Also, Deathmog how many do you plan to buy? It may be awhile until I get out to the field again.
Guess my patches should be crashing into the ocean right now... Dammit
maybe if you werent godless commies and had liberty and freedom you could have patches too
Gow skrow yorselv yo kapitalistik amerikan dog.
I plan to get two, Code
With any luck i should get my patch before any of the other eurofpfags, unless the postal service decides to be useless and slow again.
God dammit mail man So i'm walking home from school right and the mail man comes driving by down my street and i get all excited and shit and he drops off the mail and i run up and grab the mail without looking at it i notice in my hand a thicker parcel than the rest run inside throw mail on the table thicker parcel is a college bullshit no patches FUCK
Woo, just got home, checked mail, and patches were here. :buddy: Pictures tomorrow.
[QUOTE=jomt1234;34846702]Almost, I only got gay Finland in between my glorious and victorious Sweden and the victorious and glorious Russia.[/QUOTE]fuck off we were russians at one point!
You fuckers have like two more hours before I post the GD thread. Reservations are: * Latin_Geek (1) * Deathmog (2) * AznSniper (1) * FishMuffin (2) * someguywithagun (1) * Nivek (1) * TaiwanesePrick (1) * Caboozer (1) * IFAP General (9) There will be (41) to be sold to GD. I will sell to GD in groups of ten, first come first serve.
If you can hold 4 for me, I've got cash in like 6 hours.
Noted, notrabies.
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