• Facepunch IFAP Patches - I Rolled Nickles and now where MAKING THIS HAPEN
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You better not try and scam codemonkey into sending you 2 patches for the price of one
[QUOTE=TankMan;35763674]Got my patch back, turns out a kid really did steal it and decided to wear it.[/QUOTE] lmao what a retard did he give some lameass excuse tell us the whole story
in b4 lies
i still dont believe him
[QUOTE=TankMan;35786923]Well i can take a picture with timestamp of the one in hand. Im just glad I got to get my patch back and leave some for some people that may want some later on. And call lies if you feel compelled to, but i am giving you the story of what happened. I showed up during the big briefing saturday, and i went to go have a chat with a fellow player, I then was looking at this one kid with a night desert parka, and noticed that the kid next to him had the ifap patch, so i just asked him "hey thats a cool patch, where did you get it?" he says, "Blackjack" (local airsoft retailer). I said, "No you didn't, thats a forum patch, can you tell me what forum?" he replies, "He said it was facebook." So i just said, "No it's not, thats my patch, congrats on succesfully taking it from my gear box." he wasn't there after the brief.[/QUOTE] you shouldve said everything you said with a loud voice so everyone hears including the refs
new IFAP patch proposal [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14329594/wordandshit.png[/img]
operation refap
Are the pictures on your desktop you too?
[img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14329594/yofuckponies.jpeg[/img] dah
Hey look, I'm in tankmans picture :D
So this MunitionsCreation place isn't so great. I was under the impression it was going to be really good and it started off good. They said they couldn't use vinyl and they'd be able to make 10 for $6 so I was on board. Than days passed, no reply or email. Email them - "We needed to order more fabric stuff" Week passes. No email. Email them - "Oh we got it, we're making a test patch." Get the picture, looks pretty good - Bombshell. $7 a patch. Total for 10 was like $70 or something. Whatever - Email them back to start the order for less than ten. Few days pass. Email them again for a total and payment. Get an email "We're sending you a payment request." Never got a payment request. Sent them another email. Basically the customer service sucks. It's been almost three weeks of shotty communication. I liked their Facebook page and it looks like they're spending more time sharing pictures and hosting give-aways and polls than actually making patches or communicating with their customers. [editline]22nd May 2012[/editline] Oh you've got to be shitting me. They're using our patch as advertisement even though we still haven't received them and I'm an unsatisfied fucking customer. [t]http://www.mutinouscreations.com/uploads/1/8/7/4/187476/1813080_orig.jpg[/t] [url]http://www.mutinouscreations.com/vinyl-patch-vs-photatch.html[/url]
"PHOTATCHES" Ahahahahahah but yeah, that sucks donkey dick.
Decided to write them an email about our issues. I was polite but I gotta admit I'm pretty upset at how this all turned out. [quote] I would have added this in the last email but I checked your website afterwards and saw you put our patch in your advertisement. This wouldn't be a concern, and infact I'd be flattered but we feel the service we've received with this order is unsatisfactory and we're a bit disappointed you're using our team patch as marketing when we haven't even received them yet and we're not necessarily content with our order. I'd also like to quote an email you sent at the start of this order that I've included below. Now it says you could make "10 for $6" which implies that you could make 10 for a total of $6 rather than 10 for $6 a piece (which in the end came out to more like $7.50 a piece anyway) which brought the grand total up to $70~ which was why I reduced our order. Now, it wasn't such a concern when I felt like this order was going to be finished in a timely manner and I was very excited to find a place that would make small orders of economy patches so I assumed it was a typo (and I still believe so) but I wanted to bring this to your attention as I initially believed this wouldn't cost us as much as it does now. I also saw on your site that you offer 10% discounts for orders if we advertise on our site with a post. Initially you came to our website to advertise your patches to us but we were too committed to another company to try your service at the time. I would have advertised you on our sight but honestly I cannot recommend your products so far. So, even after all this I'd still like to continue the order if I could get a request for payment. As I mentioned previously this is a time sensitive order and I've waited three weeks through some pretty disappointing communication and now even if I wanted to try a different company our time-frame is too small to switch. Although I would like to request if you haven't started full production of our patch if it would possible to go and remove the two or three symbols that didn't show up well. (The "I" the Tool, the Clock and the Art Plate) and just fill in the spaces so it's centered again without those blank spaces. Or if possible, find a way to get those images to show up. Either solution is fine, originally we decided to overlook it but since I'm addressing concerns I wanted to bring this one up as well before it was too late to fix. I apologize if this email came off as harsh and I assure you that it wasn't composed to be so, we still look forward to possible business with you in the future but we had concerns that we needed to address. We hope that you'll work with us and we're looking forward to finally completing the order. Thank you.[/quote]
What the fuck. You better tear them a new asshole.
[quote] I would have advertised you on our sight[/quote] site?
[quote] Art Plate[/quote] Pallet. :eng101: And i feel sad for you, code. It seems you always generously try to provide FPair with lovely patches but always end up getting screwed over by other people and companies.
I noticed the sight/site typo after I sent the email. Also I wasn't sure what the art thingy was called and since I work in a warehouse I instantly assumed a pallet was what you used with a forklift. I got a reply. [quote] Photatches are a brand-new product that we are selling. Our normal vinyl patch design and turnaround time is much faster, as we have experience with it on several past orders, over several months of time. Our pricing for phoatatches is not yet consistent nor completely figured out. We are experimenting with different materials to find the most cost-effective material that does not compromise on quality, so our prices are currently changing right now. I apologize for not making you fully aware of the extra time it would take to make you these patches on an earlier date. The current price is $6.50, which for 6 patches changes the price by $3. We also charged you $5 for priority shipping which will cut down shipping to take only 2-3 days. Which is why your total came out to be $44. Ordering more patches will make shipping costs lesser per patch (and we have price breaks at 15 and 20 patches), but we require priority shipping for patch orders over 5 due to the deliver confirmation, so we know if you received your order. Please let me know if you are confused at all by this explanation of pricing. I wasn't aware you had not yet received your paypal request. I sent it to you on May 20, 2012. I have sent a reminder money request to your inbox, be sure to check your spam. It should say "Paypal Money Request From Mutinous Creations". We are a relatively new company and take issues with customer service extremely seriously. Please let me know the exact date you need these by. We will make and send the revised version of your patches (with fixed logos) ASAP after receiving payment, if you give us a date we will try our best to get it to you by that date. We have never missed a specified due date by a customer before.[/quote] They seemed to bring up the $5 shipping a lot like I overlooked it but I just threw it into the total because, well, I have the pay it regardless. I knew that $5 of the original $70 was going to be shipping, that was reasonable to me. I wasn't so big on all the running around between $6 patches to $7.50 and that sort of thing and the lack of email. I would have been happier to accept whatever they said regarding their new patches but instead I found myself having to email them to get answers when these are things that any other patch company would continually update you on. For example, the other patch company wouldn't have said "We'll make a test patch" and than go three or four days before I have to email them, they'd send me a reply right away saying "We have to order more fabric" it's stuff like that which makes the entire process fustrating. Anyway, only two of you guys are getting patches anyway since I only got two payments. I ended up having to spend like $30 of my own cash to get this order made.
I waited to be contacted so I could pay for my patch... SOMEBODY FORGOT.
You're not going to Operation Blacksheep, are you? I only had six made.
Oh you're talking about the blacksheep patches, i was talking about the regular facepunch patches.
So I might try to arrange a run of subdued FP patches. What color would you guys want? Tan or OD? I figure I'd give Munitions the design and have them put the patch on their website so you can order them directly from them instead of just me ordering in bulk and reselling them.
id like od
i'd be fine w/ either but tan is way more ambiguous than OD
OD for my Rossiafag bruthas out there. And for me. Because I'm a Rossiafag.
I'll vote OD because my Belt Rig is OD.
Tan because DCU.
Code should make a post saying like agree for tan, disagree for OD or you can just rate this post whatever
OD would be the tits.
either because it wont matter because I probably will never be able to get one.
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