• what game do you like best?
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[QUOTE=sam.clarke;30217883]Not so sure on that one. On a number of occasions I've gone into a but of understeer on the corner but a dab on the brakes shifts weight forwards and regains traction.[/QUOTE] It's not noticeable on the vast majority of cars, but I've had it happen to me when driving huge/old cars, like the Range Rover Sport or Corvette C1.
[QUOTE=sam.clarke;30217883]Not so sure on that one. On a number of occasions I've gone into a but of understeer on the corner but a dab on the brakes shifts weight forwards and regains traction.[/QUOTE] there's a tiny amount, but nowhere near real life. Take a Range Rover, totally stock, and chuck it into a corner. It has about as much bodyroll as a Ferrari would have in real life.
Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
[QUOTE=DMGaina;30229029]Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast[/QUOTE] This. I got it on PSP.
[QUOTE=Ldesu;30176681]Rigs of Rods[/QUOTE] Just downloaded that last night Most fun I've ever had
eh rigs of rods is shit its too retarded and buggy
It's got a LOT of bugs, but it [i]is[/i] only version 0.3 something or other. I hope it gets better and more vehicles are made, there are some I'd love to have with flex skins and crash damage that just don't have it. Right now the best damage model is the Accord, second best is the S-10 but it's the best driving one. My favorite is the one V8 car, it's like a generic powerful V8 car from the late 70s, early 80s era.
Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise. Funnest racing games on this earth.
burnout is fucking shit i really cant understand why it gets so much praise
The only thing I like about Paradise are the crash physics. And even those aren't too good.
[img]http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/bigboxshots/0/932850_75313_front.jpg[/img] [editline]4th June 2011[/editline] [img]http://maximum-overdrive.info/torrents/images/468.jpg[/img]
I can't wait for the new Carmageddon :allears:
Dirt 3 for sure.
I'm still annoyed at all the hipster it oozes. What's up with the annoying menus still? I don't want to see my car shitting out triangles across the screen. I want to select. They should also make the fucking hints optional. I know what every single race mode in the game is.
I play with Logitech g27 and what annoys me with dirt 3 is that you can't use a clutch or the shifter, just the things behind the steering wheel
blinkers lights wipers and washers?
[QUOTE=Second-gear-of-mgear;30203141]I never liked Forza games since they didn't have an interior view. Now I'm not sure about 3 but I know 2 didn't.[/QUOTE] 3 Does.
[QUOTE=evilweazel;30231625] Burnout Paradise. Funnest racing games on this earth.[/QUOTE] fuck yes play it all the time but it makes me awful at forza
[QUOTE=c0nk3r;30250719]fuck yes play it all the time but it makes me awful at forza[/QUOTE] my watt time is still better than yours
your a dlc buying faggot. [editline]4th June 2011[/editline] :> [editline]4th June 2011[/editline] Oh you apparently win that car well some day i will fuck you up man
Flatout Ultimate Carnage, it's fun as hell.
Rigs of Rods is fun [img]http://i.imgur.com/3OVrZ.gif[/img]
[QUOTE=Ldesu;30257198]Rigs of Rods is fun [img]http://i.imgur.com/3OVrZ.gif[/img][/QUOTE] what's that map called?
[QUOTE=SilverDragon619;30263681]what's that map called?[/QUOTE] Small Track the car and track is made by Penis Colada
I loved Most Wanted more then Carbon, U2, Undercover or Prostreet. Aside from NFS, I like the Gran Turismo series. Own the 2 first on the PS1 and the 4th on the PS2. Played the shit out of them, but sort of B-spec'd too much on GT4.
Prostreet was a different game than the rest of the NFS Underground series, Carbon or Most Wanted. It was a "professional" racing game trying to pretend it's Need for Speed Underground. Still a great game though, I used to rock a Honda team for all my race events, but then I switched to old school muscle and the '06 (Was it the '06 in this game?) GTO. Anyways as far as racing games go... Underground 2 for me, haven't got to try Carbon or Most Wanted yet. Prostreet is nice but I like the free roam of U2. If someone released a game with the modding capabilites of say, ProStreet, and the free roam of Underground 2, with crash physics from, I dunno, even GTA4... That'd probably be my favorite racing game hands down. Also I've been playing a lot of Need for Speed World. I have two drivers on there, one is Edsabbath with an S13 mostly stock, the other is Edsabbath2 with an AE86 turbo'd and with some special win-only upgrades. I've been hanging with guys in the 15-20 level range, and I'm level 5. :3 Game is really fun, but there need to be more free modifications. More mods in general. A lot of the stuff that looks alright (bumper lips, etc.) only come in a package with a nasty ass spoiler that ruins the look of the car. Also window tint costs boost points, which cost real money... So plan on rollin' with crystal clear windows unless you want to pay some actual dosh.
most wanted is the best nfs game [editline]5th June 2011[/editline] i remember when i was creaming myself over the bmw
is rigs of rods free?
Yessir, free of charge
link my lazy anti :google: ass
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