• Question about Airsoft Shotguns.
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do Airsoft shotguns shoot lots of BB's or do they just shoot one?
Depends on the model.
Like the post above me said. UTG makes spring models that fire 1 and 3 BBs ACM makes 3 shot and 5 shot gas shotguns Marushin makes 8mm 3-shot gas shotguns G&P makes very high quality single shot models
so there are none that fire around 10-15?
Trust me, those cheap 3 shot shotguns will do the trick. I played at a CQB Field today using only my $40 DE M1014 shotgun w/ Eotech sight and I was owning people who were using expensive AEG's. I normally use AEG's but this shotgun has turned me the other way. They're insanely fun to use and it's satisfying to get a kill with it. I even convinced my friend to buy the same exact shotgun at the field, so we were both sweeping the streets with our shotguns. It was epic. Shells for these 3 round shotguns are insanely cheap too. You can get a 6 pack of 30rd shells for only $10. Make sure you get extras because you will need them, and a high capacity speed loader for them to use on the field.
ok... but i saw a video on youtube and they had a slow mo of some guy shooting his shot gun at some one and there were lots of BB's.
post the vid
Maybe the CL Shotgun(this can be different ,cause i don't remember the exact name).Look for the AATV review of it. EDIT: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDog48hEIhM&feature=channel_page[/media]
Those get expensive, custom shells, gas powered, 1 shell per shot. Sure it's realistic, but skirmish wise it's not good. You got to watch out for the shells being ejected and pick them up. Not to mention those shotguns cost at least $350-$450 stock.
Your spending atleast 1000$ to get enough ammo and shells and the gun to get it to last a skirmsh without having to run back or refill your shells middle game. The Dboys Kar98 spring verison is cheaper then that.
Are you sure it was a shotgun or just somebodies grenade launcher?
cant find the vid... it was at some place called "The Fort" i think it was in Scotland.
[QUOTE=$$>MUFFIN<$$;16453401]cant find the vid... it was at some place called "The Fort" i think it was in Scotland.[/QUOTE] Could have been a grenade launcher, those fire 24-220 BBs
I think I know of which video you're talking about. Unfortunately, that guy films at "The Fort" in over 100 videos so it would be hard to track it down.
I think I've seen that one. It was definitely a grenade launcher. It fired too many BBs.
no it was defiantly a Shotgun... unless you can attach a grenade launcher to one of em...?
Try and find the video and we'll let you know.,
Video of me CQB City using my shotgun. I'm surprised how well those cheap shotguns work, even against AEG's (they were limited to semi auto only, but still). [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sYT4sEvEnc[/url]
Damn, CQB city is huge compared to Tac City/Airsoft playground. Was your buddy who you convinced to buy the M1014 the one you were pairing off with a lot?' And yeah, even if they are on full-auto, shotgun springers really perform against AEGs. Kind of scares me though, considering you and I have almost the same play-style when armed with a shotgun.
Yup, the guy with the Desert DPM is the friend I convinced to buy the shotgun. My play style completely changed once I went to the shotgun from an AEG. I didn't hold back and try to get a lucky shot, I just rushed their ass and took them out. Wonder why I never did that with an AEG, maybe it's the fact that I don't have a lot of ammo for the shotgun compared to an AEG hicap.
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