• New AUSSIE perp server
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[QUOTE=G4MB!T;34444137]hey guys, im not sure how many people will remember me from a few years ago when Epic Gamers HQ was up buut im back :) and trying to start up a new community. i have reluctantly decided (due to an increase in popularity) to run PERP. for those who play CGC Gaming perp you will know me as the coder. their perp is..well broken like perp by itself. i have managed to fix up their perp and im now running it on my server. sooo ye come and join :D server ip: link: [URL="steam://connect/"]steam://connect/[/URL][/QUOTE] Wrong section, we have a garrysmod section, but you're not even allowed to advertise there.
sorry :L
-snip- double post and automerge broken
-snip- wtf happened here..
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