• Learning to play the Guitar.. After playing piano?
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So. I've been playing piano for quite a few years. But how easy is it to start playing a guitar? I've tried, but I can't seem to make the chords sound right? Any tips or videoguides? (I know. "google it", I'd just rather hear if anyone's got experience with stuff like this, and if you've got any prefered guide or tutorial)
It takes a while to really get the hang of it, chords don't sound "clean" mostly because you are doing something wrong, that is completely normal when you are starting, as I said before, you get the hang of it but try positioning your fingers closer to the frets, not directly above them or use a little bit more of force in your fingers. I would link you to videoguides, but they are in another language, but most song lessons are fine, as long as you can understand them. I would recommend you having a teacher, although you still can learn by yourself, but you can encounter some limitations doing so later on. Generally, just be persistant with it and practice, we all get to the same place, but we all learn differently, the piano experience surely will help, but mostly on theory parts and sound.
it was pretty easy for me to transfer my knowledge of piano to guitar. you just have to think smaller in terms of chords.
[QUOTE=Freze;37179991]But how easy is it to start playing a guitar? I've tried, but I can't seem to make the chords sound right?[/QUOTE] welcome to the world of guitar where nothing is easy and everything is harder than it should be you just gotta press down harder is what I'm guessing your problem is your left hand needs to htfu basically
Learning piano was easier after I learned guitar, I feel like it should be that exact same for you. Fingers should already be limber. Once you build up the strength needed as well as the muscle memory you should be good to go, for me moving my fingers individually was the hardest part of learning guitar.
I learnt piano when i was 9, and forgot most of it. I then learnt the guitar and went back to piano. Theory wise, they are all the same, and can be transfered easilly between the two. Technique on the other hand is something you have to learn/develop yourself. As a musician, really, it doesn't matter how you play it, or what you do, you just want to make music, and make it sound good. Technique will effect this, but it's up to you.
I play piano for 9 years. I can handle some Chopin etudes as well, according to my experience piano helps you very much in a theoretical sense. But if we are talking about the required technique in both instruments that you have to achieve in order to play "clean and good" is completely different. If you wish to play some classical pieces on the piano your technique must be superior or if you wish to play some satriani on a guitar your technique must be superior too. The right question is which style of music you want to interpret if you are going to buy an acoustic guitar and going to play some alternative rock you can learn this in a few months by learning the all major and minor chords positions on the guitar but I suggest learn the notes on the fretboard too. Otherwise you will confuse yourself. If you are really able to play piano then you can "solve" any instrument but just solving is not enough to play clean.
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