• Looking for a Place to Buy Music Online - Can`t Find These Songs on iTunes
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I have searched and searched, but I can`t find several songs on iTunes (by a single purchaser of a song). And am Looking for a place to buy them, other then iTunes, unless I have missed it. The songs are: Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behinde, and Cold - With My Mind I have found Lunatic Calm`s song on the Matrix soundtrack but I don`t want to pay that much money for that many songs. Any help? Edit: I also live in Canada.
when it's easier to find an illegal download rather than an actual official one, you know the business is in the shit.
Chances are if you can't buy it on iTunes or Amazon, you're better just downloading it from a youtube URL or other less legal things. The Youtube Converting is completely legal. [url]http://www.video2mp3.net/[/url] That's a pretty good website (cept for all the ads on it). Just enter in the URL and convert to a HIGH QUALITY Mp3. Not a low. I use it whenever I can't buy anything off iTunes.
I don't see why it's shunned to make your own copies. It's exactly the same as frowning on people for using samples or recording from the radio. I suggest people get with the times.
bandcamp is awesome but not many artists out there.
[QUOTE=fritzel;36914299] not many artists out there.[/QUOTE] hmmm
downloads.nl I think it's from the Netherlands so American cops can't get you and go into your house and catch you downloading music, only Neth... Nether-cops can get you, but they're [I]all the way in the Netherlands[/I]. Bahaha. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Linking Warez" - Ninja101))[/highlight]
pay me and I'll get it for you but no
[QUOTE=AK'z;36914501]hmmm[/QUOTE] Yeah, couldn't find more than half of the artists I listen to. Glad that Mono is there: [url]http://monoofjapan.bandcamp.com/album/for-my-parents[/url]
[QUOTE=fritzel;37002335]Yeah, couldn't find more than half of the artists I listen to. [/QUOTE] I thought you meant overall in the world that there aren't many artists. :)
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