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[QUOTE=GeneralFredrik;32438487]So I went into the experiment log 914 from the SCP-914. [url]http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/experiment-log-914[/url] Input:1 Little Pearl Vibrator Setting: Very Fine Output: 1 small black box, bearing a red button. When the button is pressed, everyone in line of sight of the object except the holder experiences an overpowering orgasm. Note: The Very Fine has been confiscated by Oversight, due to potential for misuse. Note: Dr. Bright has been forcibly removed from any further experimentation involving SCP-914, and all output objects have been destroyed. This is just getting silly. -Dr. Kondraki :v: Input: 1x Can of Diet Coke Setting: Very Fine Output: One can of Diet Ultra Coke, sweetened with █████. Expiration Date 6/8/2147. Tasted by several researchers, who agreed it's "The best damn diet soda I've ever tried!" Attempts to isolate █████ and market it as a sweetener for benefit of the SCP Foundation are in progress.[/QUOTE] Name: Junior Assistant Ibor Date: ██/██/20██ Input: Five (5) issues of [REDACTED] pornographic magazine. Setting: Very fine. Output: [DATA EXPUNGED] of a naked woman. OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT CONSERVATION OF MASS OH GOD - Junior Assistant Ibor
[QUOTE]Input: Helium balloon, red Setting: Fine Output: Long, thin helium balloon twisted into a biological shape resembling SCP-682 Note: Experiments have shown that the balloon demonstrates a high resilience to attempts to puncture or pop it, but fortunately lacks the nihilistic vitriol against existence possessed by the original SCP and is, in fact, inanimate.[/QUOTE] 682 is wherever you go :v:
[img]http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-682-j/betslizerddiorama.jpg[/img] amg a lizard
[QUOTE=Odellus;32435453][url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/dr-clef-s-proposal[/url] best[/QUOTE] The addendum makes it oh so much better. [editline]23rd September 2011[/editline] [QUOTE]Output: 1x cube of unknown light-red metal, with a volume of 1.2 cubic meters. Size is three times that of the original input, suggesting that the input Telekill Alloy is three times more dense than the output. Metal has a melting point of 700ºC and an evaporation point of 1400ºC, matching with the 'Coarse' output, although does not show the same physical properties change when reaching 0ºC, like the previous output. [B]Metal, when touched by a sentient human being, inhibits all senses for a period of 30 (thirty) minutes after the first time is touched[/B] (that is, if the object is held for 5 seconds, the period of inhibition will last 30 minutes and 5 seconds). Witnesses have later described it as a "VERY unpleasant experience," and also manifested sensations of "wild hallucinations," similar to a near-overdose of Lysergic Acid. —SCP catalogation has been denied.[/QUOTE] Jesus christ that would be horrible
SCP-705 and SCP-093 are definitely two of the most unique ones. My personal favorite being SCP-705 for the fact it would be amazing to see clay troops fight to the death and progress as a society when I could also play god and strike them down :v: SCP-093 takes the place as the most thought out and overall best written SCP. If you read all of the tests you would understand why it crushes any competition. [url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-453[/url] I love this one too for many reasons but it is very underrated.
[URL]http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-686[/URL] Lactation regardless of gender... ... Okay, whatever. [editline]23rd September 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Combiner8761;32439580]It seems that the guys at the foundation loves [URL="http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-503-arc"]pasta[/URL] as [URL="http://www.scp-wiki.net/retrieval-log-db-503-b"]much as I do![/URL][/QUOTE] It seems like a strong reference to this book. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Iv2YM.jpg[/IMG] [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strega_Nona[/url]
[url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/skybluesky[/url] I quite like this one
[quote]Input: A teddy bear of insignificant make, brown. Setting: Very fine Output: A brown fluffy ball of synthetic material, resembling a symmetrical wad of cotton approximately 10cm in diameter. Is shown to be waterproof, fireproof and displays extreme durability. When squeezed roughly, ball steadily expands into shape of a juvenile harp seal, changes colour to grey. Object appears animate like in previous experiment, but did not speak. Displayed standard behaviour of a juvenile harp seal, appeared to regard researcher as parent. Researcher comments that "it was the cutest thing [he] had ever seen!" Upon forceful retrieval from researcher's grasp by Agent █████, citing possible memetic effect, the seal immediately contracted into its original state and expanded into animate blue four-legged creature resembling a mutated mudskipper. Agent █████, despite previous actions, instantly hugs object, squealing in apparent glee. Agent █████ then requested object for personal use, request denied. Object is now in possession of Researcher Min.[/quote] [img]http://i.somethingawful.com/forumsystem/emoticons/emot-3.gif[/img]
[url]http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-993[/url] I fucking hate clowns.
[quote]Input: 1 (one) ██████ brand 'Super-Duper Bouncy Ball' Setting: Very Fine Output: One ball, that appears unchanged from the input. There is however, a difference in its [REDACTED] properties, exhibited when dropped by Researcher █. ██████ [REDACTED] forty-five casualties, twelve injuries [DATA EXPUNGED] ███ escape velocity, [DATA EXPUNGED] spotted orbiting Mars.[/quote] Isn't this just [url="http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-018"]SCP-018[/url]? [editline]23rd September 2011[/editline] My automerge, you broke it [editline]23rd September 2011[/editline] [quote]Name: Dr. Bridge Date: ██/█/20██ Total Items: 1x laser pointer, 1x container █████-brand simulated bacon bits. Input: One (1) 200mw laser pointer pen, one (1) container █████-brand simulated bacon bits. Setting: Very Fine Output: Resultant instrument weighed 99% the combined weight of both Input objects; when activated, produces a ray that caused affected foodstuffs to carry a strong hint of bacon flavour. If aimed at a living object, target will produce a strong bacon scent for approximately four and a half hours.[/quote] what
The nigh-impossible-to-kill-lizard is a very interesting concept and I enjoy reading about it.
I enjoyed reading [url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-701[/url] Spooked me dearly.
[quote]Item: One mature SCP-504 tomato Subject: D-504-3 Spoken: "So, I was going to bed, and my brother told me, 'Goodnight! Don't let the bedbugs stick their proboscis in your skin and suck your blood!'" *pause* "Good luck on a healthy dermis!" Result: Two-second pause before activity. Tomato clocked at [REDACTED]. Sound barrier broken. Subject killed. [/quote] [quote]Item: One mature SCP-504 tomato Subject: A portable computer playing a partial audio recording of the Monty Python sketch "The Funniest Joke in the World". Transcript: "Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!" Result: Tomato explodes. Debris clocked at 137 mph. Computer heavily coated by debris. Keyboard ruined by exposure to liquid matter - all other components proved functional after cleanup.[/quote] Oh god my chest why
I never really liked SCP-076, it sounded like whoever wrote it watches too much anime.
[url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/duke-till-dawn[/url] Oh god it's this story best one.
[QUOTE=latin_geek;32445058][url]http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-993[/url] I fucking hate clowns.[/QUOTE]Episode 5 is the best one. I kind of want someone make a full-length recreation of it.
BEAWER the newest SPC on [B]the line[/B] [img]http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/8251/scp4hj4.jpg[/img]
Oh god what, this is hilarious [url]http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2383-j[/url] I'm looking at one of the experiments: [quote]Date: ██/██/████ Head Researcher: Dr. Bright Test Item(s): Dr. Bright, Access to a standard Foundation research laboratory SCP-2383-J Color: White Test Results: [REDACTED] The next person to comment "Science for the Science god" is getting demoted. - Dr. Aeish [/quote]
the mass transit ticket one is creepy
I've always thought a properly developed video game on this would be probably the best horror video game ever.
Oh come on, it can't be tha--NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE *runs out of the room* NOPE NOPE NOPE [editline]23rd September 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=HawkeyeTy;32447461]I've always thought a properly developed video game on this would be probably the best horror video game ever.[/QUOTE] [B]The SCP Foundation: The Dark side of Humanity[/B]
Warehouse 13
[QUOTE=implaying8;32447746]Warehouse 13[/QUOTE] Warehouse 13 is way too light-hearted to be effectively compared to SCP.
[QUOTE=HawkeyeTy;32447461]I've always thought a properly developed video game on this would be probably the best horror video game ever.[/QUOTE] I think a movie would be best.
[QUOTE=HawkeyeTy;32447461]I've always thought a properly developed video game on this would be probably the best horror video game ever.[/QUOTE]Who would you be controlling, though? An "optimal" SCP game, I think, would be a sort of survival horror-ish deal where you're a standard-level human encountering multiple SCP's. Most of the researchers who delve into the more bizarre stuff are isolated to single projects at a time to avoid cross-contamination; or are those higher-level guys with enough quirks to almost count as supernatural themselves, and thus unsuitable for maintaining the uneasy caution vibe SCP scenarios are built for. I can only think of one sentient SCP off the top of my head who has the sufficient combination of baseline-human traits and freeroam permissions to possibly fill the role, but he'd probably get sidetracked indefinitely due to the reason why he's an SCP in the first place. And if a civilian ever encounters more than one SCP in a lifetime, then he's either been recruited for D-class or there's been a massive breach and a large area of land is about to get [i]glassed[/i].
Does anyone know which one was the window that you could step through and go into like a forest?
Item #: SCP-1029 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Each contained specimen of SCP-1029 is to be kept within a standard holding cell, but with wall thickness of at least 2 m. The cell is to be at least 3 metres tall, with all observational equipment installed within the ceiling to keep it out of SCP-1029 area of influence. SCP-1029 is to be fed 3 standard meals per day. Interaction of SCP personnel with SCP-1029 is allowed onloy in heavy-duty protective armor, and physical contact is to be avoided as much as possible. Description: SCP-1029 collectively refers to a species of apparently extradimensional entities that display a staggering spatial properties. SCP-1029 seem to be essentially 2-dimensional in appearance; measuring exact physical volume is impossible due to overwhelming measurement errors, invariably induced by their area of influence (see below). Most SCP-1029 are approximately humanoid (with the exception of SCP-1029-4 "Peaches"), though described by observers as "monstrous" and "abominable" in appearance. Each SCP-1029 emits a spherical area of spatial distortion around itself at all times, measuring approximately 2 meteres in diameter. All objects within this area, including SCP-1029 itself, undergo severe deformation, such as blurring of outline, warping of shape, chaotic changes in size, visual anomalies (disobedience to laws of perspective), and discoloration. The objects go back to normal when they leave the sphere, but some damage remains, and repeated exposure to SCP-1029's ability will eventually transform the object permanently. (For an example, see also SCP-████-█, "SORD....."). Human beings and animals are affected as well, but any species other than SCP-1029 exposed to the deformation area for a prolonged time (as much as █ minutes at a time is typically enough) invariably suffer catastrophic biological damage and permanent disfigurement, resulting in death in 41% of cases. SCP-1029 are able to communicate in English and understand statements in that language, but speak a form of unusual slang, obsessively mispronouncing and, in writing, misspelling certain words, always in the same way. The statements from SCP-1029 directed towards Foundation staff or each other are mostly insults or borderline nonsensical ramblings. Prolonged exposure seems to cause a memetic effect in listeners who begin involuntarily and unconsciously repeating certain phrases often used by SCP-1029.
Duke till Dawn (Actually, either of the Dr. Kondraki Stories) is probably my favourite thing to come out of the SCP, although it's bloody hard to choose.
[QUOTE=HawkeyeTy;32447461]I've always thought a properly developed video game on this would be probably the best horror video game ever.[/QUOTE] INFINITE DLC!!
[QUOTE=NanoSquid;32447931]INFINITE DLC!![/QUOTE] Only A Chunk of your Spare Time per unit!
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