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[QUOTE=gonedead0;34491526]Isn't this car just a rebadged Toyota Corolla?[/QUOTE] It is a Corolla, yeah. The interior in them is the same as a Corolla save for some Chevrlet badges. [editline]1st February 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=matthaios;34492089][img]http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3404/3558037442_59053fc120_z.jpg[/img] Doesn't look good at all, imo. [editline]1st February 2012[/editline] It's a Lamborghini Countach, by the way.[/QUOTE] That is far from terrible. It's plain and simple, gets the job done and doesn't flaunt. I mean fuck, it's an [i]80s supercar[/i]. Not many things from the 80s had beautiful interior in the first place. But that's far from bad. It's not [i]great[/i], but definitely doesn't deserve to be on a "worst interiors" list.
I just realized you're right. And now that I look at it with another perspective, it's interior actually looks pretty cool.
[QUOTE=gonedead0;34491526]Isn't this car just a rebadged Toyota Corolla?[/QUOTE] Geo was just comprised of re-branded cars. Geo was later sold to Chevy, to where it eventually died in I believe 2002.
[QUOTE=CrispexOps;34495883]Geo was just comprised of re-branded cars. Geo was later sold to Chevy, to where it eventually died in I believe 2002.[/QUOTE] Geo was owned by GM. All Geos were re-branded Japanese cars, mostly from Suzuki and a few from other companies (Isuzu and Toyota). Some Geo cars continued to be sold under the Chevrolet name after Geo was shut down by GM.
Yeah Geo was an inside job, badge engineered Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Corolla, and Isuzu Impulses. Oh and the Suzuki 4x4 thing, but those are garbage... The actual Suzuki-badged model was equipped far better than the Geo badged one.
[QUOTE=Pat the Bake;34470923]Original Infiniti G35's interior had the ugliest center console I had even seen in a luxury car [img]http://www.chinatownconnection.com/images/infinity_g35_7.jpg[/img] Luckily they fixed it after the first 2 model years: [img]http://images.webmakerx.net/Edmunds/VEHICLE/2006/Infiniti/InfinitiCompliantPhotos/06.Infiniti.G35.Coupe.interior-E.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] They look nearly identical.
Everything doesn't look quite as fat in the second one, I like that. USDM skyline interior lol
[QUOTE=Ollih;34473639][img]http://www.arpem.com/coches/coches/toyota/auris/fotos/2009/toyota-auris-interior-psp1.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] That handbrake was definatly designed with bored housewives in mind As for my personal most hated interior I give you the Chevrolet Spark - its just trying to be too sporty looking [img]http://photo.netcarshow.com/Chevrolet-Spark_2010_photo_48.jpg[/img] Which is made worse when you see what the outside looks like [img]http://photo.netcarshow.com/Chevrolet-Spark_2010_photo_22.jpg[/img]
The Spark and its grim gear stick.
[QUOTE=Dip;34516842]The Spark and its grim gear stick.[/QUOTE] And I can speak from expirence when I say it does not feel safe when driving at 100mph + :D
[QUOTE=Doritos_Man;34487709][IMG]http://image.motortrend.com/f/14531498+w1500+ar1+st0/112_0904_10z+2009_mini_cooper_s_convertible+interior.jpg[/IMG] The Mini Coopers S speedometer[/QUOTE] these cars are hella fun to drive there's a digital speedometer on the tach
[QUOTE=Angus513;34517408]And I can speak from expirence when I say it does not feel safe when driving at 100mph + :D[/QUOTE] Damn I wouldn't trust a Spark on a roundabout, let alone at 100mph!
I wouldn't trust a Spark in my garage. Normally sparks lead to fires if exposed to combustibles.
Took some pictures of my car's [I]glorious[/I] interior: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/8ZVQ7.jpg[/IMG] The A/C and radio mount is fractured in two places from the Florida heat. The plastic covering the mechanics under the steering wheel is warped. The plastic connecting the glovebox to the center column is warped. The steering wheel is turning black from who-knows-what. The gear indicator is a piece of thin plastic that is misaligned - when I'm in Drive, it says I'm in Neutral. The A/C vents are pointing as far as possible towards the driver seat - and they still blow past my shoulder. Basically, the whole interior is held together by caulk. (Ignore the signal stalks being fucked up, that's from me fixing one of them and re-attaching it badly. :v:). Radio is aftermarket, with the plastic bit covering the innards removed. [t]http://i.imgur.com/NuJ0L.jpg[/t] The vinyl around the handbrake is loose, turning the handbrake area to turn into the land-of-no-return, like the area between seats. The storage bin is so shallow that I can't reach the handbrake when I have anything besides my clip-on-sunglasses in it. The seats are fine, I just have some $5 seat covers on them designed for a different car. [img]http://i.imgur.com/dodnv.jpg[/img] My dashboard is doing an impression of the Florida beaches. The black vent is cracked in half a dozen places and constantly makes popping noises when it's hot out (so basically, 70% of the year). If you stand by the front left fender and look over the windshield, you can see the innards behind the steering wheel in a hole where the plastic has warped upwards and back.
What else? [img]http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3579/3486080681_5d6234e9a6_o.jpg[/img]
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