• Sydney, Australia locations?
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Anybody know any abandoned factories or buildings in/around sydney. I know redfern has some places, but I don't wanna get raped by noongas.
i hear redfern has some places
try to find using wikimapia.org
[QUOTE=abcpea2;34272286]i hear redfern has some places[/QUOTE] It's not exactly the most safest of places.
i think the oil refinery in kurnell is closing down
Maroubra headlands has alot of old world war 2 bunkers just behind the firing range. It is blocked off from the public, but it's easy to get into. It also has some old tunnels connected to the bunkers. Just a warning tho, if your going to visit make sure your wearing long pants, long shirt or something and probably boots. There is a lot of trash there so not sure what could be inside. Also a flashlight if using the tunnels.
I remember me and some mates getting into an abandoned quarry once that had several buildings still standing and tons to explore it was located in Maitland NSW although I think the buildings have been razed to the ground. The best bit was at the actually quarry the lake in the middle had a really steep cliff face with trees growing out the side of it and stuck in-between a bunch of the trees was a volkswagen wedged halfway up the cliff face, obviously someone had stolen it and tried to drive it into the lake... didnt make it lol.
[QUOTE=abcpea2;34287707]i think the oil refinery in kurnell is closing down[/QUOTE] you'd need some serious fuckin balls to go near that place there's stuff all over sydney, check oout middle head and as n30 has said Maroubra has heaps of stuff near the firing ranges [editline]30th January 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=noso;34286971]It's not exactly the most safest of places.[/QUOTE] there's a hospital and a bunch of other stuff tram sheds in glebe are a popular spot, many music clips and shit are filmed there
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