• You are a tiger.
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I honestly think this should be in GD. He is a god.
> Convince Indians that they are tigers.
> change the graphics settings to lowest
>Remind the 'Natives' of your Admin Gun.
>plant a tree
> Promote the Lioness and your cubs just to rub it in.
> Ragdoll the indians.
I am a tiger.
>Move an indian around with your magic admin grabbing powers to show who the fuck is the boss up in this shit
>do a full aileron roll
>Have them build casinos on the moon and give the Indians no choice but to work there.
Provoke the Mars Lions.
>Realize the Moon is now boring - set it on fire and head to Mars
> Eat the entire moon. All of it.
// comment : I fucking love you
> install stupid hat addon with lots of effects, only for admins.
> Convert tiger moon kingdom to communism. (I'm being serious here)
> Begin the monster truck crusades.
>Teach indians how to draw rainbows! Create a tigerpunch forum.
I think I've come to terms with myself. Maybe... Maybe I [I]am[/I] a tiger... Thank you for this thread leading to this new self discovery. I shall use my new knowledge for good, not evil.
> Begin to abuse the other indian with your liger cubs
> Use the indians as your own personal sex toys.
> Establish fallout shelter, nuke moon with your previously forgotten nukes that were in your base this whole time. :smug:
>Use your admin powers to silence the indians so they stop bitching about admin abuse.
Take over every planet in the solar system and raise them all with opposing ideals.
>Retrieve Arms from Magic Moon Chest
>Share your culture with the Indians, and your smallpox.
> Make love to indians and make all the furries happy
> make the next picture already?
> Stop having a life
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