• Nissan Silvia S15 full side graphic [IRL car]
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ITT: A cool Facepuncher.
Very nice! You're very skilled at graphics design. +1 artistic to add to your large collection of palettes. :3:
Rated heart because your pictures and designs stole mine. :love:
Thanks everybody! I'm working on another graphic for the second corolla on the team.
I love it. Good luck on your next design, When it is done, check for bubbles. Good luck man [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/heart.png[/IMG]
That's fucken cool.
Impressive, Wish I could do that.
Another massive bump: A guy from Speedhunters photographed the cars from the team at a driftevent in Sweden. I know he made a full feature with the S15 aswell, I just don't know when it's gonna come online. Also, the team manager says that he's gonna go big, and he's seriously considering coming to the states for drifting. So maybe you might be seeing the car IRL in the years to come. Speedhunters pics and article: [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/2010-AlokPaleri/Sturup/JPEG/DSC_2899.jpg[/img] [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/2010-AlokPaleri/Sturup/JPEG/DSC_2873.jpg[/img] [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/2010-AlokPaleri/Sturup/JPEG/DSC_2532.jpg[/img] [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/2010-AlokPaleri/Sturup/JPEG/DSC_3038.jpg[/img] [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/2010-AlokPaleri/Sturup/JPEG/DSC_2990.jpg[/img] [url]http://speedhunters.com/archive/2010/10/25/events-gt-gt-a-trip-to-sweden.aspx[/url]
Hooollyyyyy shhiiiiiiiiit Nice work
Fantastic, bro.
Damn, that's awesome. Good work bro
Thanks bro's
For satan, det er svedigt det der!
This is amazing.
looks like some generic sportscar good work
It's very minimalistic, which is good. I like it.
For those who might be interested, here's some videos with the cars [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKMMzn_Efjs[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx6BI12MD8k[/media]
Sick. Can I... like... have the Silvia.... Please...
The driver in the AE86 is pretty good as well, how much power does he have?
[QUOTE=Mystery Penguin;26931075]The driver in the AE86 is pretty good as well, how much power does he have?[/QUOTE] 120 horses lol. That's the beauty of drifting. a 26 year old Corolla with a stock engine, and a heavily modified S15 at the same team. The other Corolla is turbocharged and has about 400 hp.
So, new stuff is happening. The driver and team owner wants a new design. This is the first version of the new design. I'll keep updating in here: [img_thumb]http://www.spphoto.dk/upload/s15.jpg[/img_thumb] Another new design [img_thumb]http://www.spphoto.dk/upload/s15v2.png[/img_thumb]
Your designs are great, no doubt about that. My only concern is that the first one looks like it ran over something, and the second one is dominated by a dark upper. I'm guessing red is a must? Looks great.
Thanks. The first one is pretty much a no-go. The second one, I like my self. Also the drivers on the team. But the team chief doesn't approve, he doesn't like the hawaii flowers. He wants something more in the style of this, so I'm gonna try and do something like it [img]http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/Dino%20Dalle%20Carbonare/2011/MAR2011/Others/Kaz.jpg[/img]
That's ugly.
I think so too, but it should be an inspiration to me. I can do better than that I'm pretty sure.
He probably wants sharper forms [editline]13th May 2011[/editline] Also, love the designs in this thread, that's awesome.
This was greatly appreciated by the drivers! [img_thumb]http://www.spphoto.dk/upload/boobies.png[/img_thumb]
The new design is definitive. The races we're going to participate in this year is gonna be in Ireland, two times England, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania two times and Malta. [img_thumb]http://i.imgur.com/lJ3w4.jpg[/img_thumb]
thats a really nice design, although the bit where it tails off looks a bit strange, maybe have it wrap around the car?
Oh wow, looks good dude. I realized the thread is really old, do you think you can re-upload the dead images you posted back in May? I wanna see what you did. :B
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