• How do you use custom font in steam name?
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Yea I want to use custom font in my steam name but i don't know how so can anyone tell me how, if it is possible???
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♀ alt+numpad ascii range
you get a smiley ☺
you can’t do that it’s impossible.
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Anyone Care to post something useful -.-?
No, you can't.
or open up word > symbols
[quote=sh33p;14694199]you can’t do that it’s impossible.[/quote] yes i can.
you can't
[QUOTE=ijyt;14694530]No, you can't.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=AlexDeviant;14694539]yes i can.[/QUOTE] I think you just copied his characters But how do you do it anyway :(
you can only use whatever font steam uses
I think those are symbols.
[QUOTE=AlexDeviant;14694539]yes i can.[/QUOTE] How the fuck...
[QUOTE=SnakeHead;14694824]How the fuck...[/QUOTE] Idk...
[quote=alexdeviant;14694539]yes i can.[/quote] as can i
[QUOTE=dual elites;14696176]as can i[/QUOTE] In steam name -.- not facepunch....
You can't, Steam won't read them.
i can do it
i can t
Type "charmap" in Run.
[QUOTE=Charades;14696391]Type "charmap" in Run.[/QUOTE] That won't work...:/ well it does work but i mean the custome font in steam won't work when i use it...
You can't use custom fonts, but you can use unicode characters, I'm pretty sure that's what you mean.
[QUOTE=SnakeHead;14694824]How the fuck...[/QUOTE] I'm not sure how to generate them, but you can copy them from a full list [url=http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/User:Equinox/Unicode/Halfwidth_and_Fullwidth_Forms]here[/url].
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