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Aris said that on the radio, but before he could finish suddenlly someone started speaking: [b]Moshi moshi? Oh, i belive it is hello, not like that. That would be Japanase, i am too stupid, the guy i just killed must be Japanese them. It's strange and cool at the same time to be on the submarine full of the greastest minds of the world, all with different languages and...[/b] Aris froze. The voice was extremelly familiar, yet he could not remenber where he last heard this voice. But he remenbered one thing : Christopher said Victor's radio was actually a feature of his Pocket PC. And Victor said his Pocket PC was stolen. It was simple, Aris was talking to the psycho who killed the guard. [b]Ah and then, i remenber one day, they gave me sushi and it was pretty nice and all. Oh wait, what you talking about? Oh yeah, 002 coming to kill me! THAT'S INCREDIBLE, today's technology is really incredible, i didn't knew myself is coming to kill me. Thanks for telling, but i believe if i kill him i die, and if he kill me he dies, hmmm...oh wait, i just saw a guard. Sorry, i have to work. Bye. [/b] ...what Aris was confused, but he dind't care anymore, there is no way to contact Victor. [img]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/9106/progress0081.gif[/img] The tram reached it's destination. What should Aris do now?
Read whats on the wall
It is a warning sign telling you to be careful with the escape pods. Also, it seems it is the instructions on how to use the escape pods; (Offtopic: Sorry guys for today, but i had to take a break.)
Ctrl alt delete Processes Click *MS paint adventure* End process Yes.
peek into window, then go and read the calendar
[QUOTE=riddick3(lost riddick2 pw;16395316]Better version of raygen's post.[/QUOTE] ... ಠ_ಠ Oh well.
Look through the window, then exit through the door to the right of it.
Sorry guys, today i have something important to do, so i will come back tommorow. You should keep posting sugestions.
Examine that open door. Also, inventory.
[QUOTE=Raygen;16411272]... ಠ_ಠ Oh well.[/QUOTE] Sorry. didn't mean to offend you. :(
Kill yourself.
Off-Topic: Suggestions? Maybe ask the forum designer to add a ban from thread option XD. Back On-Topic: Carefully head through the black... door?
Kill yourself with a wall.
fuck off turrngait, you are no annoying, 09'er, Grr...
Our hero goes crazy and kills himself. The end. [img]http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1543/brainzzz.png[/img]
no. Just because theres loads of interactives, doesnt mean you should spam them all with LOLO KILL YOURSELF
I am back guys. You look through the window, it looks like a door but it's locked. There is a room next to you but it is pitch black inside.
[img]http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/9748/doit.png[/img] You tear your own head off in a fountain of gore and arterial spray. Blood flows down your shirt in rivulets as your eyes begin to dim. You finally did it, You finally did what the voices were saying all along and KILLED YOURSELF. [editline]11:51PM[/editline] [QUOTE=R4iden;16442662]no. Just because theres loads of interactives, doesnt mean you should spam them all with LOLO KILL YOURSELF[/QUOTE] That's stupid and so are these threads, The more people that ask them to kill themselves the more likely we won't ever have to see the likes of shitty fucking threads like this any more.
No Arbitration. Some Interactive Stories are good. Go spam the bad ones.
Looks to me he already is boss
[QUOTE=Joshua-029;16445522]No Arbitration. Some Interactive Stories are good. Go spam the bad ones.[/QUOTE] I am.
This isn't bad.
[quote=dum-buss;16439283]our hero goes crazy and kills himself. The end. [img]http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/1543/brainzzz.png[/img][/quote] enough.
[quote=joshua-029;16445817]this isn't bad.[/quote] wrong!
Gtfo this thread must survive.
No real sugestions after my last post. Just ignore him, and if he doesn't like it, he should exit and go see other threads. Just because one guy want this story to end with the main character killing himself(Sure, maybe he will, but you will have to play to the end to find out.) the story ins't going to simply end like that. So, keep posting sugestions.
Try to go to the door on the left.
eat the sign on the wall :razz:
Contact Victor, say you want to work with him.
contact victor, ask if he has any spare viagra
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