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Enter the room behind the recently opened door
Well It's only Ohforf and I, seeing as we are seasoned drawers. (Mainly Ohforf.) We don't mind seeing a few dead bodies. Use Command Override Admin_security Password 120034 [editline]08:13AM[/editline] On the Console... Of course.
[img]http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/5448/progress0033.gif[/img] You go out of the room, use the console and quickly close the door, you hope you don't see anymore of that for a while. Also you try to use on the console "Command Override Admin_security Password 120034". The console blinks with a message: "Command does not exist"
Open cell number three
Command Open Door_1 Section_4
Cell number three is YOUR cell. And it's flooded. The console already said it is unable to open it. [editline]12:30PM[/editline] The console tells you it can't acess other sections, only the Jail.
Oh shit, you're right. Well try opening the door leading outside of the room
Command Open Door_1 Section_Jail
In the console, a message appears: "The only way to open Jail_Entrance is to use the KEYPAD close to the door. If you do not know the code, ask for a SECURITY GUARD to help you."
Try punching 9785 on the keypad
(Offtopic:God i knew you where going to say that so i already made the image xD) [img]http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/5700/progress0037.gif[/img] The keypad display a error message. You believe the code is wrong. ---- If you guys want to know the solution to this puzzle just ask me, i don't think i made this puzzle very visible.
type call_technicalhelp_noguard Noclip out of the room?
If Ohforf's code doesn't work, type Command Override Security_main_Systems OFF or without the override
What's that blue stuff on the floor?
Call technicalhelp_noguard display a message saying no guards are available. The console also seems useless at this point.
water im guessing
The blue "stuff" is a rug.
so your not gonna noclip to safety?
Try looking under the rug
try swimming on the rug thinking its water
write penguinplayer sucks dick
i was gonna say type sv_cheats 1 into the console but your not the server owner :P
The rug is glued to the floor, it is impossible to hide anything under it. Also, you can't noclip to safety. [editline]12:46PM[/editline] Also, sorry guys for all the pages of writing and no page of drawing.
its ok :razz: [editline]04:49PM[/editline] Punch the glass of the cabinet..
[img]http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/4884/progress0039.gif[/img] You use all your anger and power again as you try to pull the lock, punch the cabinet, and everything you can think to break it open. All fail, it is bulletproof glass, and your hand hurts like hell now. Also, you wonder why the fuck you want to open a EMPTY cabinet.
because it looks pretty [editline]04:59PM[/editline] out of frutsation you shove the shotgunshell in your eye and it bursts in pain... If not that try to open the shotgun shell it could have something inside :D
Open cell 1.
Even better.. Open cell 0...
[img]http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/3849/progress00310.gif[/img] You use your remaining anger and try to open the shotgun shell. It does not work Also, Tropical you came out of nowhere, wait a sec, i will draw yours.
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