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Aris tries to press one of the buttons, only to find out it's not a button, is pure steel. Looks like the only one he can press is button 9, so I guess we can do nothing but... oh wait, something's happening. [img]http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/8898/progress01324.gif[/img] Oh [i]WHAT!?[/i] --- Meanwhile... [img]http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/5936/progress01325.gif[/img]
Artifact's awakening. Lets forget about the original and move on to escape plan.
IT'S THE ALIENS :tinfoil: Seriously though, just press button 9. Also, this series? :iia:
Push teh button. [editline]03:17PM[/editline] Also, I think someone pissed off the artifact.
Aliens came for dat artifact
Just finished the entire thread and man was it worth it, you have really improved your drawing skills and kept the story original. There is some places that if I was there I would have said differently. Also can't you just have the robots follow you rather than carry then around?
Go back to library and check file 410, the numbers what you found on the clown in the box.
Just press the green button. Obviously something wants you to press it.
Push the button, who knows maybe something like this will happen: [IMG]http://media.libsyn.com/media/mtgcast/bacon.jpg[/IMG] (Not intended as a meme)
By the way people saying search for your original self, we killed him, remember? By the way, destroying the artifact would be a good idea.
Oh yeah, we killed him. Page 17. Try to find Christopher now, maybe this involves pressing the green button.
Didnt christopher mention something like You being a clone just like the other one. Mostlikely it meant that it was clone that we killed, not original.
[QUOTE=WaRRioRTF;24392427]Didnt christopher mention something like You being a clone just like the other one. Mostlikely it meant that it was clone that we killed, not original.[/QUOTE] He said he's you, what would mean that your the real one or hes the real one, so yeah.
[QUOTE=Matt PL;24369408]Go back to library and check file 410, the numbers what you found on the clown in the box.[/QUOTE] Aris decides to ignore the shiny button and go back and try to find file 410. He enters the number in the computer and... [IMG]http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/2598/progress01326.gif[/IMG] Oh shit, something is going on with the PC. And then, a strange transmission begins... [IMG]http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/834/progress01327.gif[/IMG] [b]"Aris...is this what you decided to call yourself, isn't it? At least, that's what my reasearch shows, but even research can be wrong. The fact you are listening to this means the clown did it's job, even though we almost broke space-time continuum, we have sucefully reached you. You are not aware of it yet, but if we didn't do that, mankind would end. You do not know, but you will take part in a fight to decide many things, and you will find out things you never wished to know. Don't be fooled, it doesn't end now, it begins here. But you will not fight, others will, manking must stand on it's own two feet, or history is going to repeat itself. I cannot give you instructions, that would destroy the timeline we are currently, the timeline I hope will be the one in which mankind is saved. But it only depends on you. I only sent this transmission to you, because otherwise you would not search information about it, and if you didn't, the timeline would break. My instructions come from something superior to us, and yet it is crippled enough to not be able to do anything. I believe you have something to do right now. Go do it. And your friend, your little friend also have an important job. It would be a real pain if he died.[/b] The transmission ends. Aris, then, pushes the button. [img]http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5527/progress01328.gif[/img] And here we are.
Where exactly is here?
[QUOTE=GunfighterJ;24400316]Where exactly is here?[/QUOTE] Check Page 9. It's the Escape Pod Station.
Go to the room you haven't explored yet, and maybe check out the room you found Samantha in.
Peek through the door, seeing as that message was like a warning, who knows we can expect here, better safe than sorry. Anyway, the V on the terminal in the library could stand for Victor.
Since your in the escape pod room, just look for an escape pod and get the hell out of this place. To much crazy stuff going on.
The door is unlocked, so Aris enters the room. [IMG]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/87/progress0141.gif[/IMG] [B]"So, we meet again. I am sorry I failed to kill you before, otherwise you would not waste your time on this meaningless quest to escape. Or find the truth. Or whatever you were searching for. It does not matter, you will probably die here. But I could let you go. All you have to do is drop your weapon on the floor, I will take the second escape pod and get out of here, and you and your friend can have fun trying to fix the last escape pod. Your chance of fixing it before the submarine crashes into the bottom of the ocean is slim, but do you really want me to kill your friend?"[/B] [B]"Uhhh...sorry for trying to kill you back there.Are you still in there or have you gone insane?"[/B] A life is in danger here, choose carefully.
Shoot them both, escape alone
Drop your weapon, get revenge later. There will probably be another opportunity.
Drop the weapon, save christopher, the file at the libary said that it's just the start of your adventures, so you will probably have something to do with the artifact/not explored parts of the submarine. Oh and try to record what Victor says about leaving you alone, so later after the adventures end you can get him a nice trip to court.
Tell your three robots to attack him. Or just let him escape and have your robots fix the first pod.
Throw the blue bot as distraction. If Victor gets distracted, Use your Rifle to put a bullet trough his head.
Aris decides he could either do a distraction, on simply surrender, however, before he could decide, something jumps from the vents and uses it's tentacles to attack Victor. [img]http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/7062/progress0142.gif[/img] [b]"I told you... I would come back... to help you."[/b] Christopher stares at the creature, trying to understand what is going on. [b]"But, she, I...forget it. Listen the submarine is going to collide with the sea floor soon, we need to escape, now! Try to turn on the second escape pod using the terminal while I finish fixing it, someone already escaped on the first one."[/b]
Look at the terminal, maybe type in "help" and try to find a list of commands.
Do as he says, but try making sure it needs your verification from inside to escape. Just to make sure he won't betray you.
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