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so no cell 0.. [editline]05:09PM[/editline] take a bit of thread from the rug and attach it to both sides of the shotgun shell... put it round your waist as a belt it looks awesome :D
You open the door and slowly enter cell 01, the lights are on... [img]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/3267/progress00311.gif[/img] At least now we know what happened to the guard. It looks like there is a prisioner on the loose. A evil one. --- Plus, you guys already didn't figured out the code thing? [sp]The numbers 9 and 7, look at them closely, there is a mess of blood around them that leads to the hanged corpse. Which means, he started losing counciousness and started making a mess of blood, look at how perfect the number 8 and 5 are. Do you know what that means? The code to the door ins't 9785! It is 5879![/sp] If you guys don't start working your heads around these little details, you will never make through later puzzles.
When you start to exit you notice the windows cracked it floods and u die :D
Well If I went into It I would've figured out the Password faster. I just wanted to screw around with the console.
Ok. Well i am going to eat something, i will be back in a few minutes. You can post sugestions of what to do now, and that console is only for the jail, you can mess around with the high clearance console later. For now, post the (obvious) sugestions. [editline]01:41PM[/editline] I am back and no sugestions yet. =/
Well The most Obvious one is type 5879
Lick the floor after seeing a bug
You pray and use the code... [img]http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/1324/progress0038.gif[/img] You laugh, your freedom is probably right beyond this open door, but this time before you enter you will look first. [img]http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/844/progress0041.gif[/img] ... You have a feeling the guy who killed the guard is a psycho. You have a feeling he passed through here. It is a long corridor with a elevator at the end, and before the end a door. You don't think you have the courage to reach the door. You feel like screaming "WHAT THE FUCK!?" very loud, but you are afraid someone will hear you.
whisper waht the fuck... and lick the floor hoping its just dry paint [editline]05:52PM[/editline] also remember the numbers 4 and 3 its written in the wall
There is no 3 and 4, only strange letters, and it's unreadable. Also, it is all blood. Fresh blood.
Try [cpp]foreach(cell in jails) { cell.open(); }[/cpp]
It's useless. You are paralized with fear and the worst is that the only way to go is foward. (Offtopic: Also yes, plot deveploment begins here.)
Take a closer look at the [I]strange[/I] language.
fall on the floor crying and sobbing "Momma.... i want my momma!" and suck your thumb
[img]http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/7272/progress0042.gif[/img] Yup, it is a [i]strange[/i] language. It have letters in letters in letters. It is unreadable, even if you knew this language. However you notice a single, pure, readable letter(Blue Circle). You still do not understand what it means.
Lick it to see what it taste like
Charge forward arms flailing.
It's an M on it's side. Take closer looks at other places. See if you can right down the M somewhere.
Fine lick it to ssee what it taste like AND charge forward arms flailing
Oh wait. Back out and look at the Word [I]"Lie"[/I] [editline]10:21AM[/editline] There seems to be 4s and Ms alot. Maybe that's a recurring letter like As and Es
i dont see lie... [editline]06:21PM[/editline] your lieng [editline]06:21PM[/editline] lol lie lieng [editline]06:24PM[/editline] plz make him lick it! JUST FOR MOI
[img]http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/8367/progress0043.gif[/img] You charge foward and quickly enter the door. On your run you noticed the elevator needed some kind of activation, this is the only room to search for something. Also, this looks like a engine room, and to your right you see the blueprints of a submarine.
look in the cabinet on the machine and press some buttons
That ain't a cabinet, and messing up the machine that controls the engine is a bad idea.
read the words above the blueprint
Here. I singled out all the parts that may be something you can understand later. These are things that aren't all jumbled up. [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/704a00letters1.png[/img] [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/883800letters2.png[/img] Wipe the [i]The red stuff[/i] off the blueprint after doing this.
oh THAT lie lol didnt notice it :P
Hit your head on the wall repeatedly thinking this is some sort of vr exercise
I can't believe it. I told you to pay attention to details, not to go around looking in things that are cleary gibberish. Yup, that ain't suppossed to be like a puzzle, the meaning of it will be revealed later at the story.
i think i just broke this entire storyline [editline]06:34PM[/editline] if i did i will snip it :) [editline]06:36PM[/editline] [QUOTE=Gmodpanda;16307455]I can't believe it. I told you to pay attention to details, not to go around looking in things that are cleary gibberish. Yup, that ain't suppossed to be like a puzzle, the meaning of it will be revealed later at the story.[/QUOTE] thats only cos im a little boi that DOESNT SEE THINGS WELL RAWR >:3
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