• Finally! Airsoft legal in The Netherlands
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Just now we heared the news that airsoft became legal in the Netherlands! As the only country of the EU where it was illegal we finally catched up with the rest. I am extremely happy about this and it means I can finally do the thing I've always wanted to do. I'm currently looking at the [URL="http://www.kotte-zeller.de/UTG-Master-Sniper-Rifle,-AT-Digital.htm?websale7=kotte-zeller-shop&pi=41151&ci=011438"]UTG Master Sniper Rifle[/URL]. Any thoughts or experiences with that one? We also aren't sure yet about the exact rules, they still need to be set up. God, I'm just so happy this finally happened.\ ----- NOTE: This post is old, and a bit stupid, take a look here: [URL]http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1060506&p=39166937&viewfull=1#post39166937[/URL] -----------
Good on you, EU. The UTG-Anything sucks. Your first gun should never be a Sniper rifle unless you're absolutely dedicated to spend enormous amounts of time to upgrade, pay and practice with it. I've had a UTG sniper rifle because I had that phase in my airsoft life too where I thought having a sniper would be 'cool' but it was awful. I can't give the thing away. Rules vary from field to field, as do restrictions on airsoft guns.
Well, obviously, I'm completely new to the hobby. Any 'first gun' recommendations? Something that has to be under the 300 dollar range.
It's not all that obvious. There are a few countries with restrictions like that on airsoft but they still get guns in all the same. The only thing you gave me to work with is a gun under $300. There are hundreds of guns that fit that description. Could you more specifically tell me what you'd like? Models of guns help a lot, M16/M4, AK variants, G36 variants and such would help. Anything you can tell me will basically narrow down a search.
Sure, I've been looking around the M14-ish. Seems interesting. I'm still so excited :v: We got the news around 5 minutes ago.
Now i want it to be legal in Norway.
It took us 7 years. [editline]16th February 2011[/editline] I'd like to pick a gun from [url]http://www.kotte-zeller.de/Gewehre-S-AEG.htm?websale7=kotte-zeller-shop&ci=011462[/url] anyways. Sorry that it's German. You might be able to pick out some words.
Many great-quality AEGs are far under $300 (USD). The cheapest and probably best M14-pattern AEG is made by AGM/CYMA and comes in a variety of finishes. The site has it listed as the first two entries here: [url]http://www.kotte-zeller.de/M14-Serie.htm?websale7=kotte-zeller-shop&ci=011479[/url] Unfortunately, that website doesn't seem to give many details about each gun. For research or just poking around, I would browse Evike ([url]http://airsoftpost.com/[/url]) as they have detailed and pretty good product pages with full-spread photos and reviews that are occasionally helpful. Just look up interesting guns then see if the kotte-zeller.de store sells them. This is their catalog of consistently praised Chinese electric guns that have incredible value and great performance: [url]http://www.airsoftpost.com/index.php?cPath=21_44_211[/url]
And what would be a good budget to buy everything I need for airsoft? Including clothing, protection and BBs?
It's common to use cheap paintball masks when you start out, so you don't have to worry about getting shot in the nose/mouth/ears/etc. Those are usually under $20 and the protection is definitely suitable for airsoft as well. You could also run with full-sealed (covers all entrance to eyes) goggles by themselves and wear a scarf or ski mask or something underneath. It was a pain to find BBs that were both good and cheap before Evike started mass-producing fantastic Chinese BBs labeled "Matrix". I'm not sure if you'll be able to find them in Europe. They look like this: [url]http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_129&products_id=24114[/url] As long as you stick with 0.2g BBs that seem high-quality, they shouldn't be that expensive. They're really the only recurring cost of airsoft besides gun repairs and green-gas if you go that route. Starting out, just wear the most durable, toughest clothes you can find - old jackets, anything that seems protective and comfortable. Military-surplus stores and the like are wonderful for buying genuine camouflage if you want to get serious later. (Derubermensch and I found a wonderful woodland camo jacket my size labeled U.S. Army for $4!). If you want to grab exotic camouflage to build your own loadouts, you'll have to order online and that can get expensive pretty fast. Eventually you might want to buy a cheap vest to hold magazines or a sidearm or whatnot.
Just starting out, airsoft is expensive. A good gun that is (probably) in your price range would be a CYMA M14.
We got a dumpstore here where they have a lot of cheap army cloths, so I will most likely go there, can also get some cheap army boots. And that Matrix CM032 M14 looks very interesting! Especially for only $150
Holy shit, you get to smoke weed and play Airsoft???? Brb going to Netherlands
We can do both at the same time! Imagine a Airsoft battle with weed.
God damnit, that tree isn't calling his hits. [editline]16th February 2011[/editline] LOL COME ON TREE I sHOT YOU :xd:
[QUOTE=eXiv2;28092965]We can do both at the same time! Imagine a Airsoft battle with weed.[/QUOTE] ahaha that would end so badly do that as your first big game and get someone (that isn't smoking) to film the whole thing then upload it
Everybody would just be chilling against a tree, not giving a fuck. [editline]16th February 2011[/editline] I'll be back tomorrow to discuss how awesome this is.
hey if you need cammies [url]www.asmc.de[/url]
Congrats. Just make sure to get the CYMA and not the AGM M14, I've heard some bad stuff about the AGM.
Getting CYMA M14 for sure. I think the law passes in a couple of weeks. I'll keep this thread updated if it interests you. Better start saving up.
Well I'm in the US, but that's really awesome that it's legal for you now.
Alot of Dutch people already played Airsoft, but they'd drive to Belgium and smuggle their weapons over the border or keep them there.
[QUOTE=eXiv2;28108407]Alot of Dutch people already played Airsoft, but they'd drive to Belgium and smuggle their weapons over the border or keep them there.[/QUOTE] damn... that legit
Totally getting a shemagh :v: [editline]17th February 2011[/editline] Does anyone have experience with combatgearing.com? They seem to be quite cheap, giving discounts and free shipping.
I've ordered from them. Expect three-four weeks for shipping but you'll get it. Others I know have ordered to without any problems.
So I've been reading through the debate that they had and I noticed that they said: [quote] We are prepared to make changes to the law before the end of this year for the practicers of airsoft.[/quote] Sorry for the shitty engrish translation, but appearantly it can still take an entire year. :smith:
Still better than nothing for you guys.
Great to hear that you guys got something other than a crummy unrealistic STAR AEG legalized! Just be glad you aren't playing airsoft in Portugal, though. Unless you like neon yellow flash hiders, stocks, grips, and barrels, of course.
Well, we still need to see what they are going to change to the law. Most parties proposed that every airsoft player should have a permit(?) to own an airsoft gun, and either keep it at the shooting club, or keep it disassembled in a save.
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