• My opinion of WW2 - What really happened!
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Part One, The Beginning Hitler got really mad one day after being really hungover from WWI, so he decided Poland was a bunch of fags and he decided to give them pink eye. He took control of Germany by Inventing JewO’s, a tasty breakfast cereal that all Germans loved, Hitler told the Germans that Poland was really gay, so they invaded Poland and Farted on every Pillow. After giving all of Poland Pink eye, Britain declared war on all pillows; however the only pillow factory was in Germany therefore forcing them into war! After the teapot tanks that shot crumpets rolled out Britain had no flour or tea left so they decided to starve instead. Part Two After declaring war on Britain, Japan created an army of Japanese porn about schoolgirls to attack the teapot tanks, the assault was not successful as all the Japanese men captured the army of pornography and kept it in their cellars. The USA decided that Japan needed to be Blown up and enslaved, as monkeys should not allowed to have free will. Meanwhile in Germany Hitler got sick of JewO’s and said they were shit then banned them, the German population gassed all the Jews and then ate them as they still wanted JewO’s, The secret ingredient was slow roasted Jew. After America dropped a bomb made from banana skins and paint on the Japanese people, the experiment did not succeed, they did not turn into monkeys, instead they all died, America celebrated anyway. Part Three After getting sick of the Countries throwing shit at each other Jesus told Hitler to take some aspirin and go back to bed, he then prepared crumpets for Britain, He looked at Japan and laughed as they were all dying and not a single fuck was given that day. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Crap thread." - postal))[/highlight]
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