• Anyone using a GoPro to record his car has ever had this problem?
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So yesterday I was test driving on a race track with a Mercedes sls amg, and my gopro camera seems to have the ability to detect invisible fog. Never had this problem before the video quality is fine but about 1-2 minutes in it start to have the quality, now the camera works fine again. It wasn't on a foggy day it was about 25 degrees with sun. [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2ywam52.jpg[/IMG]
Maybe the lens is just dirty ?
[QUOTE=cNova;31803531]Maybe the lens is just dirty ?[/QUOTE]The strange thing is this doesn't happen instantly after 1-2 minutes of video it slow starts to get foggy until the whole screen is white.
I have no clue. I would say its broken/damaged ..
send it to them, afaik they replace shit like total bro's
Well it's fine now, so hmm.
My CCTV camera did this a few days back, I thought it may be the sun. giving the camera a sort of "Sun blindness". Subsided over the course of the day.
How can you guys not know what this is? It's classic moisture build up/window fog. Doesn't matter how sunny and hot it is outside if the humidity is right. If there was any form of moisture inside the case when the sun hit it, it evaporates and covers the lens. Basically the same thing that happens when you drive your car on a cold day and the windows fog up. Just over a larger area.
You lucky bastard, I wish [B]I[/B] got the chance to test drive an SLS
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