• Which Guns Do You Whish Where Made Into Airsoft?
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Thread title. Personally, I wish there was a VSS, OC-14 Groza, and clone M1919. So Facepunch, what do you want to be made into airsoft?
Aek-971, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
I wish there were more of H&K UMPs.
[QUOTE=Ehmmett;24121228]I wish there were more of H&K UMPs.[/QUOTE] There's three. How many more do you want?
[QUOTE=FPKawaii;24121233]There's three. How many more do you want?[/QUOTE] There's 3. Compared to the 101233746 M16 and AK47 clones.
True. I also wish that someone would make an MRC. Although it would cost buttloads because Ubisoft would want to charge for the design of the design of the gun making it at least $300 more expensive.
Hmm. I'd say the VSS or SVU. And my Love Gun needs to be made into an airsoft friendly weapon.
[del]M63[/del] fuck yeah it's been done RPD (not the shitty HSC one) [del]a correct RPK[/del] fuck yeah it's been done Over-Under Shotgun Tabuk Gas SVD Saiga
The CYMA RPK is coming soon, and it is correct. Also, Tabuks are pretty easy to make.
Mini-14 Striker SKS XM-26 Any Mossberg VSS/AS Val (So I can do some Stalkin')
Spring-Powered or Gaspowered Remington shotgun. [img]http://scottystarnes.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/remington870.jpg[/img] If it's spring it needs to be semi-affordable and use shotgun shells for magazines.
VSS OC-14 AN-94 PKM Sako TRG-42 AR-10, not the tactical version CA makes but an original AR-10 clone Tavor clone Type 97 And this is already being made by G&G but they're taking a ridiculously long time for how similar to an AK it is, an RK-95
I swear i posted Pak38
Wrong thread bro
AEG M1 Garands and Carbines. Also, a correct CZ75.
[QUOTE=FPKawaii;24121444]The CYMA RPK is coming soon, and it is correct. Also, Tabuks are pretty easy to make.[/QUOTE] They have photos of it already
[QUOTE=Kman1;24122165]They have photos of it already[/QUOTE] Which is old news. Either way I want to know why the hell they haven't released it yet. There was this one Ukrainian surplus store that sold them for about $700 USD but why the hell would you pay that much?
Oh, and any idea on the price? I'd totally buy it if it's less than $250 or so.
No idea yet. Rumored to be around $250-$300 USD, but it's not confirmed.
I'd probably go for it. For some reason I'd like an RPK, but not an AK.
I'm considering getting me one of them A&K Dragunovs once it comes out in wood. I would tap dat soo hard...
I would love an AEG RPD with drum mag that has fake bullets. That would be an instant buy from me.
200-250$ is attempting price, Remember guys CYMA got raided last year. All there molds were ruined so if they even make a comeback (And theres been zero Cyma restockings as of lately but Dboys has come back in a few stores but i think it's just scares wholesales left in the corner.)
I'd like to see: -Semi auto gas powered M1014 (using TM shells would be a huge plus) -GBBR G36 (in the works by GHK) -Magpul Massoud, the big brother of the Masada -Magpul PDR -Remington MSR
That Remington MSR I could get into. I assume it's pretty much an M700 with a new stock?
Magpul PDR Dat gun
Remington MSR [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W-LJ0Bz-1M&feature=related[/media] Honestly I want to figure out how they managed a forward mag release on the PDR, it blows my mind.
Look at that gun it shoots music
Badass. Do want. [editline]03:26AM[/editline] Could be easy to make as well. Ender you should suggest that to a company and they like pay you or something to design it and stuff.
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