• Which Guns Do You Whish Where Made Into Airsoft?
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[QUOTE=FPKawaii;24121444]The CYMA RPK is coming soon, and it is correct. Also, Tabuks are pretty easy to make.[/QUOTE] Oh and i've only been waiting for the CYMA/E1 RPK for 3 or 4 months now.
You are entirely correct. Who knows when it actually will release.
Not sure if this is what you're looking for Dark. [url]http://www.everything-airsoft.com/blog/2010/05/31/jing-gong-rk-74-rpk-74-blowback-aeg-due-september-2010/[/url]
A Molotov cocktail. Wait, what?
[QUOTE=Identity;24124596]Not sure if this is what you're looking for Dark. [url]http://www.everything-airsoft.com/blog/2010/05/31/jing-gong-rk-74-rpk-74-blowback-aeg-due-september-2010/[/url][/QUOTE] "...based on the [b]7.62×39mm[/b] light machine gun of Soviet design, the [b]RPK-[i]74[/i].[/b]" 74 series uses 5.45x39mm Incorrect upper receiver too.
Don't ask me. lol Just found the gun.
Makarov pls.
A Galil SAR done by ICS. For some reason, they're the only ones to get the Galil done right with the ambidextrous selector switch.
Another vote for a Garand AEG or something. Or a Lasgun
A plasma rifle in the 40 watt range
Rail gun.
MAC M11 All the guns from CnC Renegade WA2000
WA2000 is already made by ARES.
[QUOTE=Identity;24134973]WA2000 is already made by ARES.[/QUOTE] And the M11 is already made by KWA. (Well, its actually an M12, but its reeeeallly close)
I'd like the SMG from Quake 2.
The original Israeli Uzi with the 10 inch barrel. Also, the Sten would be pretty cool.
AGM makes a Sten already.
Good XM8 w/ flip-up iron sights Aug A3 w/flip-up iron sights AN-94 9A-91 PP-2000 PKM
^I like the way this cigar smoker thinks.
Ar2, Phantom, perfect dark guns. A few other sexy game guns.
[QUOTE=rosar0980;24139111]^I like the way this cigar smoker thinks.[/QUOTE] I know whose kneecaps I won't break ;).
Bad joke incoming! CaPWN'd anyone lately?
Ahaha, I approve.
I also want a PDR. Of course if it does get made it would be at least $300. I still want KWA to finish their AK. Oh and an AR-18. If I had one of those I would make a PIRA loadout.
I can see a PDR conversion kit coming out. It's so similar to the P90.
[QUOTE=Kman1;24137291]Aug A3 w/flip-up iron sights [/QUOTE] JG already makes an AUG A3, though the upper rail isn't true to the real one. Quite a nice gun too, bought it at ASGI's boneyard sale, just front heavy.
the AR2 from HL2, and a sub 200$ MP7
Like Kman said, a good XM8 would be fucking awesome.
Just realized how badly I want an AN-94 now.
[QUOTE=venom;24149695]Just realized how badly I want an AN-94 now.[/QUOTE] You can't use the AN-94 with the stock folded, in fact you can't even hold it by the grip if your right handed with the stock folded. So even though it would be nice to have, it would be somewhat impractical with the poorly thought out design of the stock.
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