• Cyma cm040 and MAG ak74 mags Review
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So, I've had my cm040 for about a month and thought I'd review it. I'll skip the history lessons, Google could probably say it better than me. Either way, the cm040 is the skeletal, folding stock variant of the AK74, better known as the AKs74. The cm040 is one of cyma's newer ak's. They use vfc style bodies, and a slightly different gearbox along with it. I mostly bought this gun for externals, as I had extra 02b gearboxes out the ass. [img]http://i.imgur.com/TvewU.jpg[/img] The externals are simply great for a clone. Nearly everything metal is steel, minus the rear sight/ rear sight block, the front sight, the outer barrel, and the gas block. Obviously the grip and hand guard are plastic, with a decent feel and finish. However if you really needed to replace the pot metal, parts aren't too hard to find. It weighs around 7 lbs, not overly heavy, but nice and realistically weighted. Even as a full sized rifle I manage to use it in cqb, so you field users should have no problems. Cyma's ak internals are pretty good for a clone, and this model's are better than their previous offerings. Mine shoot 410+ fps, so a spring swap is a necessity. I haven't cracked open this particular gearbox yet, but I noticed a steel spring guide immediately, compared to the usual plastic one on cyma's. Right now I have an older cyma gearbox in it, simply because I had already swapped that spring. That hasn't had any issues so far, minus the shortcomings of my own technical skills. cm047d gearbox (bottom) and cm040 gearbox (top) [img]http://i.imgur.com/6TMaU.jpg[/img] The accuracy is great (when compared to other stock, clone guns) It has a full metal hop up that stays put. The barrel did have some mysterious Chinese gunk in it, so always clean that out. [img]http://i.imgur.com/BaSnq.jpg[/img] In addition to my cyma, I bought MAG brand midcaps. At around $50 for a set of five I jumped on it. They come in a decent brown-orange finish (left) but I personally like refinishing them (right). [img]http://i.imgur.com/FTucd.jpg[/img] They fit without nearly any modification, 2 of them just needed a few seconds of sanding. Out of my five however, one has a screwed up spring that feeds a total of 1 bb after breaking it in. The others however have had not problems after break in, even with me dropping them. If you think I should add anything to the review, let me know. [img]http://i.imgur.com/Wbsys.jpg[/img]
Psycho want.
i have no doubts in my mind that that is a solid gun cyma makes a good product also thanks for reviewing the MAG mags also. i heard the cmo50 is finicky with mags and i needed to be sure what to get.
I have the same gun stock latch broke on me day 1 gearbox is overgreased as shite fps is too high but overall a nice gun
My stock hinge is crooked but no other problems yet. Ya the gearbox had a shit colored grease that I assume had petroleum in it. That should be replaced also.
I love my CM040 to death. I also have plum colored MAG mags which are also great.
I have to echo the CM040 praise, it's really about as good as clones get. It has the usual clone issues like bad shimming and grease everywhere, but it's pretty easy to get in good working order.
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