• To all the Swedes, what is Sweden like?
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kam tu finland vii spiik gud inglis
[QUOTE=Kalkka;32370159]kam tu finland vii spiik gud inglis[/QUOTE] you guys can't say Fs so it always comes out like vinland
jees finland guut finland is pest in wörlt
[QUOTE=SwedishSpy;32369940]Malmö is pretty on actually. OP should just stay out of areas like Rosengård. It's almost like the freetown Christiania in Denmark.[/QUOTE] I thought that Christiania is a place where hippies live and sell weed, and Rosengråd is just well uhhh... immigrants. Not the good kind.
Don't cops raid Christiania almost on a daily basis? At least that's what I heard from my friends that had actually been there once.
christiania sounds like a made up place
[QUOTE=abcpea3;32370329]christiania sounds like a made up place[/QUOTE] It kinda is. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freetown_Christiania[/url] Have their own inofficial flag too :v:
I'm a swede and you should totally come here, quite cool actually :D (There is actually no polar bears) Just pm me or anything if there's something you wanna know :)
Sweden's a nice place, rainy as fuck atm tho.
It's okay I guess... Everything is expensive as fuck and I believe something was changed around recently regarding the cost of education for foreigners though.
"Jag är född i en formsvacka och har bronsspår i mina kalsonger" is another good one to know. It's perfect to hit on chicks ;)
"jag är bög" is a great pickup line too
You should totally come to Belgrade bro...i mean, if you dont like weather in Sweden
Come to Denmark instead. As already mentioned we have Christiania, totally covers all your need for weed, and we just elected a new government which is guaranteed to make immigration easier, although there is a slight chance of it fucking over our economy. We have everything the Swedes have except for mountains, plus it's warmer here by, like, 2 degrees or something. [editline]19th September 2011[/editline] And then if you reaaaally want to go to Sweden it's like 30 minutes away by car (if you live in the sensible part of Denmark, Copenhagen)
All of the contries in Scandinavia are pretty much the same. Only difference is the weather and the landscape. Danish, swedish and norwegian languages are almost the same. It's a bit warmer in Denmark than in Sweden and Norway. I don't know much about Finland, though.
Do you have to be a swedish national to join their armed forces?
[QUOTE=Kalkka;32371194]"jag är bög" is a great pickup line too[/QUOTE] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGaucDp9Rls[/media]
[QUOTE=HatredViral;32371344]Do you have to be a swedish national to join their armed forces?[/QUOTE] You need atleast a Swedish citizenship.
My country is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy the candy fish.
[QUOTE=Seiteki;32371660]My country is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy the candy fish.[/QUOTE] It's just fine. [editline]19th September 2011[/editline] Don't you want more? Don't you want [B]PERFECTION?![/B]
[QUOTE=Seiteki;32371660]My country is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy the candy fish.[/QUOTE] [img]http://www.torebrings.se/bilder/artikelbilder/10363.jpg[/img] One of the best candies around.
[QUOTE=pdkm931;32371672][IMG]http://www.torebrings.se/bilder/artikelbilder/10363.jpg[/IMG] One of the best candies around.[/QUOTE] but the black ones aren't tasty :( i like the red-ish ones
[QUOTE=Carne;32369969]Come to Norway instead! It's like Sweden just slightly better. Actually, 91% of the population in Norway speak English :v:[/QUOTE] To be fair everyone country in scandinavia requires it's students to learn English in elementary school.
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPsCLHyRO-Y[/media] Finlandssvenska!
its cold thats about it
[QUOTE=pdkm931;32371672][img]http://www.torebrings.se/bilder/artikelbilder/10363.jpg[/img] One of the best candies around.[/QUOTE] Even better [img]http://anderscarlsson.blogg.se/images/2010/51844-20090402150449_103548270.jpg[/img]
it's sweeeed!
Sweden is pretty sweet, actually. I love Norway too, but it's really expensive compared to the rest of Scandinavia. If you ever visit, you should totally come to Norrköping. We have a cactus park!
Or go to Gävle were Gevalia (coffee), Läkerol (throat pastilles), Ahlgrens Bilar (The worlds most sold car!) were founded. Otherwise Sweden is really nice, you can fish in any lake (as long as it's not private or require a fishing card), pick berries and mushrooms in any forest and camp once a day almost anywhere (as long as it's not inside a city or on someones lawn) without permission. And it shouldn't be hard to get around since most people know English and use quite often. So it's actually no need to learn Swedish, but it helps very much.
[QUOTE=GREN EYGS N HAM;32369470] Lots of homophobes[/QUOTE] pretty sure umeå was gay capital once [QUOTE=Crazy Knife;32367044]What about switzerland? I would love to hear a Switzerland vs Sweden economic and social lifestyle comparison.[/QUOTE] i live in sweden, got some relatives in switzerland so i've been there a couple of times. switzerland is beatiful and a very rich country. still very religious, almost every village & city got a large bell tower that rings every hour. the politics are very conservative but overall it's a great country. their english ain't the best tho.
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