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I know, "HALLOWEEN IS FOR FAGGOTS," but seriously, I just had a fucking awesome idea for a costume. The Slender Man, but with a twist. My sister is only about five feet tall, maybe four foot nine or ten, and I'm five eleven, so right there's a foot-tall difference. What I was thinking, was I would wear stilts or something to make myself eight or nine feet tall and dress up as Slendey (Blazer, slacks, sanded-down feature/colorless skull mask thing, creepy fucking stringy hands like in that playground picture, etc.) and have my sister dress up like a little kid. We'd go to all the old and white trash people's houses and knock on the door, and when they answer it it's the Slender Man holding a little kid's hand. We wouldn't say anything, just stand there until they went back in, then maybe look in their windows and climb on their roofs or some shit.
i smell arrest
[QUOTE=sonnysonny;17012793]i smell arrest[/QUOTE] It's not like I'm going to be raping them I'd take them to the forest first, but there are no pines here anyways [editline]08:54PM[/editline] [media][img]http://image.wetpaint.com/image/1/l8npmuxsSJOqUaP-Q0IHoA221336/GW500H642[/img][/media] [editline]08:56PM[/editline] How do I media tag shit, I want to post the playground one ([url]http://image.wetpaint.com/image/1/l8npmuxsSJOqUaP-Q0IHoA221336/GW500H642[/url])
What the fuck is it with shitposting this week? I'm talking about Decisionz.
You're going to get detained.
[QUOTE=Decisionz;17013274]OH SHIT!!!! SLENDEY WOOT! lol[/QUOTE] Sup mang
Dog-gy ur mom is gay fuck u i posted to mess around bitch [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick account" - Dragon))[/highlight]
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