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Declare: "OK, guys! I'm gonna start making a bridge and you continue with the house i'll help you later." [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/5u22n93.png[/IMG] Jura takes some wood to start a bridge. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/7m7hgrd.png[/IMG] Jura makes a little bit of bridge. The bridge will be finished in about 3-4 turns building, it means I might stop at some point, e.g. night, attack. [editline]28th January 2012[/editline] Badboyuk, I think you deleted Krinkel's horses and people. I just noticed it.
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/RVk6z.png[/IMG] A concrete pillar lands in the water,with a large human-like creature on it. It appears sad... Whoa,ninja'd! Can somebody fuse my picture or i shall do it myself,howewer it might not be good?
Dude, this picture is a 2 second crap. Please, if you wanna contribute in this, try to take your time and do it nice. It fucks up the picture. Go troll somewhere else. Agree to skip. Disagree to do otherwise.
Declare. I'm skipping you for numerous reasons, for now, go read the rules. Tell me if you would like the reasons. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/2i72xc2.png[/IMG] Elxan notices that the ceiling is about to collapse.
Dammit how do you do it? I gues i will need to craete my own topic because i can't draw good!
Declare: [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/v09a0yu.png[/IMG] Jura runs to help support the ceiling but its too late. "Come on, uh, puff, noooooooooooooooooo! I have to use my power. Arhhhh" Jura's eyes glow once again, revealing more marks on his body.
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/zzzzzzzzzzzzzz1.png[/IMG] Justin pulls Elxan out of the way of the falling cielling just in case . [B][U]In 5 turns it will be night time :)[/U][/B] And i deleted the horses because he said that they were going to pillage another place but he didnt post a picture :)
Declare: [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/9g5z0kf.png[/IMG] Jura places the dirt next to a tree. He made a ladder and a ceiling to support the house, it is not yet complete. (the house) Jura's marks haven't faded away still, what could it be? Mystery. lol, didn't know I can rhyme.
Declare- [IMG]http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z472/Alex_Turik/BuildACivilizationV3_02.png[/IMG] A Cyborg version of Justin, (with the intentions of hostility) teleports from the future! (On Dock)
Declare- [IMG]http://i1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii510/lights38/BuildACivilizationV3_02.png[/IMG] Sun goes Red Giant due to the aliens manipulative abilites. Cyborg creates shield to deflect, unidentified figure jumps in water, plant life burns, and jura goes in ditch.
Declare. I'm skipping the last 2 for numerous reasons, such as 5 second shit and blurring everything. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/txx3446.png[/IMG] Elxan goes outside and thanks Jura.
[QUOTE=gregmasterx;34442379]Declare. I'm skipping the last 2 for numerous reasons, such as 5 second shit and blurring everything. [IMG]http://yourimg.in/m/txx3446.png[/IMG] Elxan goes outside and thanks Jura.[/QUOTE] Ok, I can see how the red giant was stupid, but what was wrong with MY character?
[QUOTE=CAPT Opp4;34444672]Ok, I can see how the red giant was stupid, but what was wrong with MY character?[/QUOTE] If you look closely, you somehow managed to smooth/blur everything out in a weird way. Your character is fine tho. Feel free to add him again, so long as you don't blur everything again.
Sorry about the red giant guys, first time actually doing something with MS Paint, I dident know if that was bad or really bad. I guess thats what mistakes are for, thanks guys. But good job so far, I hope I can actually get good enough someday to contribute!
Justin smooths out the ground as good as he can. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/txx3446.png[/IMG] Also guys start posting because its starting to slow down :)
Declare Also Sorry Badboy for the stupid shit last thread :L [IMG]http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/1356/mspaint4.png[/IMG] A Shovel busts through the right side of Justin's wall. Someone has been digging a tunnel! Who could it be? A young Tortoise appears on the left side of the lake. It waits there for something to help it cross.
Declare also sorry for not posting i was busy with exams :P [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/mspaint4.png[/IMG] Justin notices the person trying to dig , through the wall,and starts to help him . :)
Declare. A tree person reveals himself with a bow, eyeing the turtle. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7XsCQ.png[/IMG]
Declare. A drone hovers above the tree looking around the area to find some lifeforms. He finds the tree person and speaks. "Greetings human. Are you hostile?" [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/H4J0r.png[/IMG]
Declare. [IMG]http://picturewars.net/uploads/dd368c0783.png[/IMG] A man with a rifle appears out from the dense forest. He appears non-hostile and a scout of some description. He stops when he sees the two humanoids.
Declare [IMG]http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/7691/civ18.png[/IMG] Elxan's sensors have detected 3 possible threats. He proceeds to put the humans in a pacifier shield and a normal shield on the drone. He says this to them: [release]Greetings. You have all been detected as possible a threat. Me and my allies only seek peace. What is your purpose here?[/release]
Declare. The drone stays in place and acknowledged the shield around his body. He speaks calmly. "I assure you I am not hostile to anyone here. I just flew in from a crash site far away from here.. My energy is running low so I seek refuge. Please.. Can you allow me to join you? I have no where else to go." [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hlhip.png[/IMG]
I gotta go soon, so pictureless declare: *Elxan releases the drone* Elxan:[release]I accept, I can probably help you recharge as well.[/release] (You can copy the right half of the previous declare and paste it over the shielded drone, so the rest are still in shields, if you declare)
Declare. The drone hovers near the dock and goes to ground level. He then thanks elxan. "Thank you sir. You are a very nice guy if you ask me." [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qop9x.png[/IMG] (Alright then. )
Declared [img]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/4043/hlhip.png[/img] Hey guys im kinda new to paint so if my detail is sucking please tell me so. Anyways so I added some resources so people will decide to go underground to gather them. Do remove them if you feel like you guys dont like it. Story- A small pod of some kind has apeared under ground. [B]FIXED[/B] Ignore the three bars those were templates I made early and I forgot to remove them. Sorry
Declare. The drone stabs his weapons into the ground and begins going into sleep mode. he turns off his weapons and begins sleeping. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/OmALS.png[/IMG] (Hydro your art seems pretty damn good. I think you might be accepted in this thing.)
[QUOTE=zxmadkiller;34626092]Declare. (Hydro your art seems pretty damn good. I think you might be accepted in this thing.)[/QUOTE] Thanks for the compliment but Im horrible at making my art smooth or that transparency merge crap is what I was meaning to say about my detail.
Really you should have kept all the houses or whatever and made them like all old and stuff or the same except everyone is now descendents of the old characters. I won't be participating in this, V2 was the best...
-snip- "See next post"
[QUOTE=HydroPant;34627873]Declare. Last one for tonight -snip- Alright so now what seemed to be a capsel was actally a small stasis capsel. A old man pops out of this capsel and throws two items. A Pickaxe and a Hammer. Then a storage crate aprears! Also guys if you look carefully next to the little cave you will notice a crowbar. This is my first time trying to shade somthing in darkness it also opens the crate. Also there isnt much in the crate so dont think its OP. Fixed[/QUOTE] You did it wrong. I did my turn first.. Erm.. Can you fix this?
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