• No Fap November
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It's November now folks, those of you who failed can have another go, as can those with a will of iron. Tell me if you are participating, and I shall add you to the list. I think it is important to exercise your will each month, and not your penis. our peni deserve a well earned rest. [quote] Easy Difficulty - Convert to christianity or some shit and keep yourself busy with other shit for a whole month Normal Difficulty - Keeping your mind off of fapping manually, sneaking past the occasional piece of erotica that slips your way. Hard Difficulty - Your hand almost possessed by your urges, you have to barge through the endless hordes of porn that engulf your screen. Legendary Difficulty - It's just you, your favorite hand, and your dick. One whole month of your year, marooned on a desert pornsite. Goth chicks? Busty blondes? Cute amateurs? Only time will tell wether or not you can resist the iron army of pornography that swamps you. [/quote] Let's see how many boxes I get from people without the balls to participate. If you don't like it, ignore the thread dumbfucks. we don't need your ranting. Rules: You're fine jerkin it as long as you don't jizz. Don't lie, tell us if you fail. You are allowed to have sex. Foreplay is now allowed(bj/hj) - AS LONG AS YOU DON'T CUM. Feel free to post porn. Good luck all! Participating: [quote] FullStreak12 wewt! tommo400 elitehakor v2 JeffAndersen Captain Lawlrus VvVEliminatorVvV Dude902 Mystery Penguin i-am-teh-sex 8BitLord Morbo!!! Sobotnik marlkarx Jay1ty0 zzzZZZZ SystemGS Foda Sinbues Firegod522 apurplerock Dirf Pikachu231 Doomish Andru91 Barnhouse Glitch360 Chaotic Lord xpod1 reardon_e12 tarkata14 R3mix - Forfeited Bran da_maul Kab2tract - Forfeited killerjak7 phobia-_- Slacks3000 Birdman101 ItchyBarracuda Stud Muffin leadpill42 dunkdude3 Snail562 Hellghast RuddLink PyromanDan spacedooky xKiLLioNaiRex PaperStrike NecroBiologist spaghettiarms Heinserver Mryamanami Toothpick theLazyLion Rzor luke7dude D3N1ZFTW Paravin Legolas Pachengo Birdman101 collegegrad Whittall Terminutter spree AlphaGunman Chris220 samframpton Smasher 006 heavy2 ineedateam1 Storebror Dbuhos Water Bear Anonymuzz Deac Octo pie Durzo_Blint orbitrek JC Denton Stathis QuinnithXD YoMother the_grul Warlord_1011 Runar CrumbleShake smfE Zambies! yourshadow Chompster BlueUmbrella FuhFuhFresh Nerdrage McFlurray Adventbishop nirra titopei T1dal Psycho_Shadow Ponator ElementalOwnage joost1120 Dimitri Adius Shadow Nexus651 iusehax Mbbird Dysentery Erwin LordLoss ineedateam1 [/quote] Failed List - You people are bad you should feel bad, ALL OF YOU [quote] myalt22 Tokii Jericho_Rus fish puncher Asphyxia Ali Legend MrJazzy B-hazard Meefa madnath619 Extinct AnemoneS2 Pretiacruento Zappelin JamesBaum7747 tesher07 Werem00se Thirteen Vengeful Falcon Naruto Sucks wlitsots lukepker Fycix Onyx3173 junker|154 Assburgers Dysplasia CorpseRida darkavenger EvilZx Zorus nemmises5 ROFLBURGER The Salmon Computermaster J. Jett Tomaster Hydro kalkun lemongrapes dirtydirtypanda furious_d Obifux Zombeh [ToRn] billyman Zedo Mann flyboy463 Broryt Sgt.Kiddles Kirbyfactor Summer_Gun SteeleCratos BobbyHill Blackfilm Ryuken double T orbitrek [/quote] [img]http://www.meh.ro/original/2010_01/meh.ro3327.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.chan4chan.com/img/2009-02-19/1235017762202.jpg[/img] [img]http://frankie23.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fap_fap_fap.png[/img] Everyone ignore these guys. They've just crabby because they've got a little sand in their Vaginas. [quote] Lightbourne JerryK JackBlacknes Nautsabes lockdown6 Europe verynicelady Richard Simmons [/quote] EDIT: YOU HAVE UNTIL THE END OF TODAY TO SIGN UP, AFTER I HAVE GONE TO SLEEP I WILL STOP ADDING TO THE LIST KTHXBAI.
did not make october shall make it up.
I was gonna go a week fap free, I already passed last day without doing it.
What happened to it just being in December?
No fap 2011!
Hell no! HELL NO
If the 3rd world war happens, can I fap then?
No, you lose.
I'm in
I'm gonna give it a try. I'll probably last about 3 days...
I'll do it.
Whoa, don't be a dick adding those tempting pictures. actually fuck it, in my place it is eight o clock.
im in this time
I'll go for it but I'm sure I'll break it towards the end.
I'm in
It's just turned November here in Britain. Bye guys, I'm off to fap.
[QUOTE=SergeantDead;25775265]facepunch, where every month is "no fap month"[/QUOTE] Why not? I think it is important to exercise your will each month, and not your penis. our peni deserve a well earned rest.
These threads are stupid. Also you've obviously never had sex if you think there's no foreplay beforehand. Imagine explaining that one to the girl (oh, sorry, it's no fap November on this website called Facepunch).
I'm in.
I am totally not going to make this but will sign up anyway.
Ummm, its no shave november.
-snip- Goddamn ninjas! :argh:
K I'm in.
It's No Shave November. :colbert:
alright my annual porn thread
Wait you can have sex? I got this:smug:
[QUOTE=Mac2468;25775406]It's No Shave November. :colbert:[/QUOTE] Irrelevant. As I have explained before, This is simply a test of our willpower. It doesn't fucking matter what month it is, it could be January and still not matter. Deal with it.
I'm in.
Looks like somebody is mad.
No, I am perfectly relaxed. I just had a nice poop.
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