• No Fap November
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[QUOTE=loco;25800640]No fap november? How about no fap for life :smug: .......... I can't fap :saddowns:[/QUOTE] ha, loser. [editline]1st November 2010[/editline] you're broken.
[QUOTE=Makol;25800645]ha, loser. [editline]1st November 2010[/editline] you're broken.[/QUOTE] [img]http://www.newsgroper.com/files/post_images/bush_crying_medal_of_honor.jpg[/img]
[QUOTE=loco;25800640]No fap November? How about no fap for life. :smug: .......... I can't fap :saddowns:[/QUOTE] call a plumber and by plumber I mean prostitute
Yeah, so I just failed. I'll try again, even though it won't be a true month anymore.
I'm late but i'll join
I am signing up if its not too late, here we go!
Still going.
Almost lost. Mother fucker, how do you people do this shit?
[QUOTE=Toothpick;25802760]Almost lost. Mother fucker, how do you people do this shit?[/QUOTE] Lots and lots of Rock Band 2 seems to help me.
[QUOTE=AlphaGunman;25785322]I'm gonna do [highlight]N-N-NIGHTMARE MODE!!![/highlight] I'm gonna look at porn every day but not fap.[/QUOTE] That's me all over. I found out that when ever I try to not fap, I tend to look and download ALOT more porn than usual. Why? When I fap, I just grab a few porn here and there, fap, and that's all. When I don't fap, my sexual urges aren't satisfied, hence I look at huge amounts of porn. I work out and take a protien shake which also raises natural testosterone, hence making me even more horny. I will be swarmed with porn everyday due to this game, infact I have porn open right now. Taking a protien shake that helps raise testosterone ... but I'm confident that I'll win!
I already lost multiple times. That's exactly what I said I'd do though. It was good. Better than winning.
[QUOTE=Onyx3172;25803173]I already lost multiple times. That's exactly what I said I'd do though. It was good. Better than winning.[/QUOTE] Hahaha
[img]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/2079/scarderp1.png[/img] Derpa hurr durr lost.
This no Jizz rule needs to be revized. You'd be surprised how much stimulus you can get before you blow your load. Also it kind of kills the purpose. I say keep your hand away from your pecker unless you're taking a piss. [editline]2nd November 2010[/editline] Also I passed day one. Twenty Nine to go.
Sign me up.
[QUOTE=fish puncher;25798471]I haven't fapped today, so I might as well participate.[/QUOTE] I failed
Alright. I'm in. (2 Nov - 2 Dec.)
Master would punish me if I masturbated. Haven't fapped in a month or so already.
[QUOTE=Ryxypo;25806359][B]Master would punish me if I masturbated.[/B] Haven't fapped in a month or so already.[/QUOTE] the fuck
[QUOTE=myalt22;25792455]Chicks can't participate.[/QUOTE] Fuck that, I see "fap" simply as masturbate. My name is already on the list and imma do it.
Wow fuck you. First of all, I signed up on page 2. Second of all, you fucking changed the rules. I can't get head or a handjob now? Oh, as long as I don't cum. Yeah because I fucking want blue balls. You suck. Edit: I'm still in. Now I just have to fuck a girl every 4-5 days instead of foreplay.
almost lost, but still in. it aint that bad, for now.
[QUOTE=Deac;25788695]We're you in the midst of whacking when you came across this thread or something?[/QUOTE] Nah, just wondering.
Well I'm doing better than october so far.
I failed. :( DAMN PHONE SEX!!
Does it still count if I have not fapped yet but did not join when it started?
Count me in. Officially, you can join until 4 days after the month started.
I'll just leave this right here [img]http://4gifs.com/gallery/d/133610-2/BeachballLesboTittyfuck.gif?[/img]
I lost Fuck you
I am forfeiting this competition as I will be doing the Fap once on Friday each week thing instead. So, remove me.
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