• No Fap November
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Fuck that, I already did no fap October. I deserve a decent wank or two through this month :P
Put me down
I've already lost.
Add me to the list, I'll give it a go though I might not last more than a week. The longest I have ever gone was just a bit more than 2 weeks.
i made it the month of october also this thread should be a bannable offense in any month other than the month of december, since that's when the original thread took place
Sign me up for this. Wonder how far I'll make it.
great, another one of these completely useless threads if you want to exercise your willpower do it yourself, seriously
I just survived the second night.
Sign me up.
I'm in.
Sign me up. Need to test my patience and will once more.
Alright i'm in....
Okay, sign me up, i gotta try this, bet i'll fail soon tho :frown:
Count me in on this shit.
I'm in! =3
I'll try.
I lost so fuck
Guys stop with all the no fap months, this is how world wars begin. [editline]1st November 2010[/editline] also, I'm in.
Count me in on the list OP, I'm game!
Im in
Aw fuck, first day and I lost. Nobody told me about this v:v:v
Ill try for the 10th time. I always fail. :(
I'm in
Sing me.
I'm in. I need to hold up my sexual energy before I visit my girlfriend for maximal pleasure. :q:
I lost.
I'm in! :v:
Why the fuck would you allow sex that defeats the whole purpose of this
[QUOTE=MisterMooth;25784095]Why the fuck would you allow sex that defeats the whole purpose of this[/QUOTE] Or else your girlfriend goes butthurt and constantly asks why the fuck do you refuse sex?
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