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iknowthatfeel v3 is cool but dat trigger mech
actually i figured out a sekrit ninja technique passed down 13 generations of shinobi in japan to get that trigger spring in. It was the plastic part wasnt fitting in the gearbox so I was shaving it down then i spilled gears everywhere. should i do a video about how 2 trigger mech?
yes pls. The trigger is the only thing that bothers me about V3
I never had a problem with a V3 trigger mech. What I always do was set the spring in first then put the trigger and the other bits and bobs.
I would also be interested by your video, especially if you focus on the trigger spring and arl along with shimming.
wtf is with all these russian dudes dancing in the avatars?
its from [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oftY2s7OiqI&feature=related[/media]
[QUOTE=the_killer24;34689197]its from [/QUOTE] I was dying at 1:11-1:40
wtf did i just watch?
[QUOTE=DarkZero135;34689224]I was dying at 1:11-1:40[/QUOTE] best part of the entire thing i need to find the full series of this or something
I wanna know the song. It's in my head.
bobi boba [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwbLRqqLShk[/media]
That video is weird.
i was like 20 minutes into recording the shimming bits and the battery puts on its troll face and dies. It wasnt going to be that long I would have time lapsed the bits where im just screwing/unscrewing the gearbox and motorcage, but fuk.
Seriously thinking about buying GI's valentine package with the two M4's (One being the pink ones)
The G&G Femme Fatale is just fine, its the Javelin M4 that I'd be worried about.
[QUOTE=felix the cat;34685622]How much does M90 cost in Sweden? I want some M90 pants really fucking bad[/QUOTE] All of them got it for free from the Swedish Försvarsmakten, as they are in this thing called FBU, which is kinda like a youth program (???) where you do stuff, I don't know because I'm not in it. Or they got it from their school, as some of them are in this uniform school. But, you can get either real unused real issue M90 for 499SEK (ca $72), or some clone for 299SEK (ca $43) [QUOTE=felix the cat;34685671][QUOTE=FloaterTWO;34685636]Is that an AK-5? Where did he get that?[/QUOTE] Probably the G&G FNC[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Taepodong-2;34685775]It's probably this [url]http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandg-gf85-gl-ak5-aeg-green.html[/url][/QUOTE] The gun is this [url]http://www.strikerairsoft.se/airsoftvapen/gevar-aeg/gg/gg-gf85-gl-ak5.html[/url] and he got it for 3695SEK (ca $532(Fuck Sweden (and Canada) for extreme airsoft prices))
Is it possible to send the M90 out of country? It looks badass.
Anything is possible with the person willing to pay the shipping or find a company that specializes in exporting items. Right now im selling some stuff and hte person who wants it lives in Czech, He is paying a company for me to ship to the company and the company ships to him so I don't deal with the hassle of international shipping and etc.
[QUOTE=jomt1234;34690431] The gun is this [url]http://www.strikerairsoft.se/airsoftvapen/gevar-aeg/gg/gg-gf85-gl-ak5.html[/url] and he got it for 3695SEK (ca $532(Fuck Sweden (and Canada) for extreme airsoft prices))[/QUOTE] That's still a really good price compared to Canada.
[QUOTE=Jenkem;34683242]Actual brick-making factories? Or old demolished factories made of brick? One of our fields, the winery, fits the bill for a "demolished brick factory" type field. It's a bare plot with tons of dry foliage and piles of dirt/rubble from the former building (which was at one point actually being used for airsoft as well).[/QUOTE] every time i've heard about airsofting in a factory, it's always been a brick factory (where brick is made)
AK arrives today. so happy.
airsofting in an airsoft factory
I've airsofted in a cracker factory, but most of the time it's old mills. But then again I still think the UK has some of the best sites, like schools and a shopping center.
[QUOTE=notrabies;34690444]Is it possible to send the M90 out of country? It looks badass.[/QUOTE] [quote=Garderoben]International Orders We deliver our products all around the world. Please contact us via phone +46 8 31 44 40, mail: [email]info@garderoben.se[/email] or fax: +46 8 31 44 15 for freight costs or questions. Knivnet Garderoben will add freight charges to the customer's invoice for all orders, unless otherwise specifically agreed to before the order is shipped.[/quote] The $72 ones: [url]http://www.garderoben.se/m90-byxa-camo-p-208-c-408.aspx[/url] The $43 ones: [url]http://www.garderoben.se/bdu-byxa-m90-camo-p-157-c-411.aspx[/url]
The place was a demolished brickfactory, it was built in the 1920s, demolished in the 1960s or 70s(nature has taken over) with most of it cleared away and the last silo or tower whatever was taken down a few years ago but there are huge mounds of rubble there and some metal ribbons in one area. There's also a hill there that's great for sniping and it is covered in foliage so woodland camo will come in handy. It's sort of like a post-apocalyptic setting. There's nature and urban ruins. The biggest downsides to it are that there are a lot of broken bottles because teenagers like to get drunk there, and a few people like to explore there. In fact, two groups came by and they were cool about it.
Selling my AK and buying an FNC
[QUOTE=felix the cat;34698463]Selling my AK and buying an FNC[/QUOTE] no wait no wait WAIT thats the most sexy ak ever nonono ps. i want it
So, notrabies, you're getting M90? He're the jacket $72 real issue [url]http://www.garderoben.se/m90-jacka-camo-p-210-c-408.aspx[/url] $43 clone [url]http://www.garderoben.se/m90-us-bdu-jacka-p-1049-c-416.aspx[/url] Or the whole kit, pants + jacket, clone $72 [url]http://www.garderoben.se/m90-klader-us-bdu-byxa--jacka-p-125-c-268.aspx[/url]
[QUOTE=felix the cat;34698463]Selling my AK and buying an FNC[/QUOTE] When, what kind of ak, details?
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