• Opinions on Peak Height
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lol who gives a fuck unless ur a manlet, sucks for you. gl on ur height goals in 2011 fp
w/e they are trying to sell a supplement I guess. Those are pretty common ingredients. Amino acids, vitamins and minerals yay. Regardless, they are not going to circumvent genetics. My friend ate infrequently and not all that much throughout puberty and he still ended up 6'4. If you're really worried about your height, and are still in puberty/ephyiseal growth plates haven't closed, you could use an AI like aromasin to prevent growth plate closure and increase your adult height by a few inches I guess.
they have this thing where its like poles screwed into your leg bones and stretches the bones and it will make you taller i mean idk how youre going ot get the money condsidering shorter people statistically get income. guess youre shit out of luck. i mean how many girls like to bend down to kiss a guy? atleast you can look more muscular than taller people easier but with that height youre going to need more than muscles to impress
You can probably meditate to gain height. Regardless of if it physically had any effect, it'd make you certainly not give a shit anymore. Also read about Qigong that can do a similar thing, but be careful with that (maybe meditate for a bit to build a foundation) or you might fuck yourself up. This is not a fast solution in any case, especially seeing as you've never done it before.
I'm 5'5, you're just gonna have to deal with your damn height man.
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